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Westhampton Beach Middle School Gym Teacher Will Return To Court On Monday

Police recovered cellphone video with teachers face on video setting up camera to tape girls gym class. Parent of another gym class told police her daughter saw Sheppard in locker room another day. District parents are happy state police recovered deleted video and are forever grateful to police who have stopped this predator . THANK YOU" Apr 27, 13 1:44 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

The DA also told the judge that the tape of the locker room was able to be recovered and it was clear that it had been intentionally placed to record. The community was well represented in court today to support the students and let the judge know of their outrage. The hope is that this child predator be removed from our schools and that he be forever registered as a sex offender" Apr 29, 13 11:02 AM

Obvious to all ,but to date unable to prove, Sheppard was so comfortable doing this that his own face appears on the tape as he was setting it up ! Parents of soon to be Westhampton Beach Middle School girls should be forever grateful to the alertness of these students and their bravery in the face of school principal and community disbelief ! " Apr 29, 13 12:15 PM

I personally know these innocent girls that found their teacher's cellphone taping them When their teacher's face appeared on the recording after they stopped it they freaked AND LEFT THE PHONE on the table. They didnt set him up they freaked out that a teacher they liked was obviously recording them changing!What a horrible community we live in for not supporting our girls first.Do you have a daughter in Westhampton?Well maybe he did or would have taped her for his enjoyment.These girls faced their horror and stopped a child predator. Believe me,if it was up to the Teacher's Union and Lawyer's we would know nothing" Apr 30, 13 5:29 PM

Thank you Speok mother !!! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for so clearly explaining to tragic consequences of this crime. All parents of little ones should be thankful for the bravery of these girls. Their school failed them, their teachers silenced and betrayed them, their friends and neighbors abused them , everyone had their own personal agenda. No one gave our "little ones" and their only power, their words, protection." May 1, 13 8:54 AM

Plea Deal Could Be In Works For Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Accused Of Filming Girls In Locker Room

This is the Mr. Sheppard the girls will remember all their maturing years. The loss of trust, the shame of violation, insecurity at their own school, wondering always who else could do this to them.
We now all know that pediphiles first endear themselves to parents and kids before they plan their action. He became good friends with the school principal, when the girls came to tell her what they had found she didn't believe them and called home to tell mothers not to believe their daughters.
He had been doing this to girls for a long time. He just got caught !!!
" Aug 5, 13 11:43 AM