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Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

With regards to the other teachers...if the community truly knew the horrible and negligent way the middle school principal handled this from the beginning (in my opinion) people would be people pickiting the school demanding her resignation. The depth of injustice and disregard these little girls faced first from the school and then from the community is abhorrent. Please remember these children saw something wrong and did exactly as they should and reported it to their principal. And to the sick members of this community hell bent on "free Shepp" I say as a commuinty we join together and "keep Shepp away from our daughters"" Apr 30, 13 1:47 PM

He is a sick man who used his authority and “good standing” in the community to prey on those that were entrusted to him. He is a pedophile and has probably been doing this for years. We should rally against this man because what he did was so very wrong.
But the depth of wrongs goes so much deeper than that. It has been eye opening, and ultimately incredible disheartening, to see how the authority figures at the school and ultimately the community has responded to children simply reporting that they saw something wrong.

Isn’t that what we want our children to do?!?!?!

These girls were disregarded by the first person they turned to, their rights of anonymity stripped away by a foolish principal's personal relationship with the accused and then they stood alone as a community ripped them down. A phone call from a principal telling a parent to disregard their little daughter’s pleas of feeling violated should never happen. In what type of society should an indiscretion like that ever take place? Especially after already putting the little ones in the room with the big person they have accused. Face to face. So he may see them.
I understand alliances and I can understand the pain of facing the fact that someone you care about is not who he may seem. But, it also must be said that, supporting someone doesn’t equate to blindly believing them when evidence proves otherwise. And it especially does not, AND SHOULD NEVER, mean that children’s reputations can be tossed around simply because you do not want to believe what they are saying might just be true. Children have the right to speak up against any adult that has violated them. They get this right for one simple fact, they are children. They are the little ones. We are the big people. The little ones only weapon is their voice and the right to speak up if they feel violated. We teach them this (and in this case they listened!). Their voice is their protection. And no matter how loved or trusted or perfect a big person may seem, any little one has the intrinsic, societal given right to speak up without community prosecution... If this right is taken away, our society fails. Why even bother prosecuting sexual abusers or pedophiles if the rights of a child to speak up are scared out of them. I beg the big people in the community to educate yourself on this case and then to rise up, to rage against everything that happened to these little ones (from the perverted gym teacher, to the stupid principal, to the “unlawful surveillance” law that doesn’t take into account the fact that they were children), and to vow to never let it be handled this way again.
" Apr 30, 13 9:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Gym Teacher Will Return To Court On Monday

Read yesterdays Newsday. The DA clearly explained the evidence against Sheppard...including the fact that his face and body were seen as he deliberately hid the camera.
(And 27 east, please do not remove my comment because i sited newsday, their article held the necessary information and direct quotes from the DA to finally get the truth out there...maybe a follow up article might help!)" May 1, 13 2:55 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

She also called some of the girls parents and told them to disreagard anything their daughters came home saying about this " misunderstanding" and that "she had handeled it" thus tampering with evidence. Yet other parents of girls involved knew nothing, so they didn't even know to ask their girls about the situation. The incident happened in the am and by 4 pm the police still hadn't been called. But she knew something was wrong enough that lawyers for the school were called. Way to protect our kids. As I said in this forum before, we should be flooding the lawn of that school demanding answers. Rise up community and show these girls that the world isn't full of sick, pathetic people and that we appreciate their bravery. " May 1, 13 3:21 PM