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No end in sight for fight: East Hampton Library proposal is still in limbo

This Village Board is a disgrace. They cost the Library six years and hundreds of thousands of dollars while they cater to their golf buddies in the Village Preservation Society. The proposed addition, a Children's Wing, (as it has ALWAYS been called) would be LESS THAN HALF THE AREA OF A TENNIS COURT. Meanwhile, their friends build TV studios and sizeable additions on the same street. Shame, shame." Feb 18, 10 4:31 PM

Bid to put East Hampton airport plan in place as summer nears

When the Town undertook the creation of a "Master Plan", they said it would be complete in six months. That was in the year 1994! An entire class of airplanes have 'aged out' of the system in the time it has taken on this study, which STILL isn't complete. Let's hope, this time, they truly finish what was started and get the job done. We can't wait another summer for a Control Tower to get the helicopter noise under control!" Mar 17, 10 9:18 AM

ZBA turns down East Hampton Library expansion

Wake up, PBR: nothing will ever satisfy the EH Village zoning board on this application: the board members are owned by the 'Village Preservation Society" and the Osborne family. NO TAX PAYERS DOLLARS have been spent on any aspect of this application, including legal and architectural fees - all the $$ was raised in private donations. It is true that hundreds of thousands of dollars (NON TAX PAYER money) has been wasted by the Village's requiring countless environmental impact statements and hundreds of hours of public hearings. This decision is a travesty - and I predict the referendum will support the Library." Jul 24, 10 8:05 AM

Professional traffic consultants, including the NYS Dept. of Transportation and two of the Villages OWN consultants, concluded that there would be minimal and negligible traffic impact from this modest, yes MODEST, improvement to the children's library facility. These findings were ignored by the politicians on the Village board . Case in point: the Village requested that the library provide more parking spaces in their application, and then used "too many parking spaces" as a reason to deny the application. What's fair about that?" Jul 24, 10 8:12 AM

How is it the EH Village Zoning board allowed a multi-plex movie theatre that disgorges hundreds of small children onto a dangerously congestion-clogged main street, without a thought for any consequences, but cannot tolerate a modest library addition that might attract an additional dozen kids a week to come in and find a book that might change their lives? Something else is in play here. What is it?" Jul 24, 10 10:03 PM

East Hampton Library sues Zoning Board of Appeals

Dear People First:
Your name is anathema to the East Hampton ZBA which is controlled by a handful of politically powerful 'old line' families. They keep the EH Mayor and his cronies in power, and these people make the political appointments to the ZBA to do their will. They run the Village like it's their own little sandbox - variances to their friends and insiders, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" to everybody else. Be glad you live in Southampton. It's got to be better than this." Aug 27, 10 4:00 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

It is not illegal to be registered in two separate jurisdictions. It happens frequently when a voter moves from one district to another and there is a lag time between when the voter registers in the new district and when that BOE notifies the BOE in the prior district. What IS illegal to vote in two separate jurisdictions." Dec 1, 10 6:44 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson Has Slight Lead

Odds are that Cohen is the new Supervisor. East Hampton dems are masterful at absentee ballots. I got 6 applications in the mail from them!" Nov 9, 11 6:48 AM

East Hampton Town Hails Court Ruling On Helicopters; Pilots Tout Stance On FAA Funds

Actually it is Jeff Bragman who is "confused" and who is trying to confuse the public. This latest case makes it very clear that the Town CAN take federal grants for repairs at the airport (weeds growing up through dangerous cracks in the runway) and can still regulate and limit helicopter traffic. In fact, our chance of doing that successfully are actually enhanced if we work with the FAA. " Jul 17, 13 8:34 AM