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Residents Press Southampton Town Board Members To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Revenue

It's not, at least not as easily as the supervisor would like us to believe. Town Code Section 140-7, Disposal of Lands Acquired with Fund monies. A.Rights or interests in real property acquired with monies from the fund shall not be sold, leased, exchanged, donated or otherwise disposed of or used for other than the purposes permitted by this chapter without the express authority of an act of the State Legislature, which shall provide for the substitution of other lands of equal environmental value and fair market value and reasonably equivalent usefulness and location to those to be discontinued, sold or disposed of, and such other requirements as shall be approved by the Legislature. B. In addition to an act of the State Legislature, real property acquired with monies from the fund shall not be sold, leased, exchanged, donated or otherwise disposed of or used for other than the purposes permitted by this chapter, without a local law adopted by the Town Board. Said local law shall be adopted by a four-fifths majority and shall be subject to a mandatory referendum. C. This section shall not apply to the sale of development rights by the Town acquired pursuant to this chapter, where said sale is made by a central bank created by the Town, pursuant to a transfer of development rights program established by the Town pursuant to § 261-a of the Town Law. However, said development rights program shall provide that: (1) The lands from which said development rights were acquired shall remain preserved in perpetuity via a permanent conservation easement or other instrument that similarly preserves community character as defined in this article; and (2) The proceeds from such sale shall be deposited in the fund." Jan 9, 19 2:31 PM

Public Vote To Determine Fate Of Hampton Bays Water District Would Be Final Say

The $1million filtration that was installed last year was paid for by funds received in a settlement from years earlier because of a different contamination (See Southampton Press, September 13, 2017: "Ironically, the money for the filters would come from a $1.1 million settlement that the water district received several years ago from the manufacturer of methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE. That settlement was reached, according to Mr. King, when the chemical—a colorless liquid commonly found in gasoline—was detected in the aquifer that supplies the water district, though the chemical was never detected in its 11 wells.") So, my question is: WHY wasn't the filtration system installed when the settlement was originally received "several years ago"? Perhaps if it had been, (a) the system may have cost less and the enclosure could have been installed at that time and (b) we would not have had the 2018 contamination.

Sorry, but until I see the Water District staff's children & grandchildren drinking the tap water, I will not believe it's safe.

And I'm still waiting to receive the survey in the mail (which is due back to the Town by Tuesday). Funny how the tax bill and water bill always make it to me on time though... " Jan 10, 19 2:08 PM

Hampton Bays Hibernians Honor Steve Lemanski As Grand Marshal

Comhghairdeas, Steve! " Jan 22, 19 4:13 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Proposal To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Money

"All of these things, Mr. Schneiderman has said, will help tourism, and when the town is working to increase tourism, it does not make sense to tear down a hotel" This place is not a hotel where "tourists" are going to want to stay. This place is a disgrace. Between the overcrowding, the roach and bed bug infestation, and who knows what else, this place will only harm any tourism Hampton Bays may possibly have. I can just see the TripAdvisor reviews now about what a slum the place is...
" Jan 23, 19 4:37 PM

Southampton Officials Wait To Hold Water District Vote Until Numbers Are Crunched

WHY is the question of a vote still being debated? Have the vote and let's move on. As for survey which was supposedly mailed, I never received it. I had responded to the survey online though. As for the items which are being deemed as "luxuries" by the HBWD superintendent, SAFE DRINKING WATER is NOT a LUXURY. Frequent, extended vacations in tropical climates, however, ARE." Jan 30, 19 9:29 AM

Scalera Mulling Run For Supervisor In Southampton Town; Schneiderman Will Seek Another Term

Christine, please run! Jay only loves what he does because he lost the County election this past November. Once something else comes along, he'll be long gone (and frankly, good riddance to him).
" Jan 31, 19 1:28 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Kick Off In March

but if office workers, teachers, hospital workers take the train & shuttles, that will reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road, thus still benefitting the tradespeople who need to have their trucks/trailers/vans to carry the 20-foot ladders. I certainly plan to take advantage of not needing to drive from HB to Southampton every day." Feb 4, 19 10:39 AM

There's also a link on this page for the shuttle service info." Feb 6, 19 4:15 PM

Half-Built Massive Meadow Lane Residence Could Be Demolished

"Lots of money does not equal good taste" Amen to that! " Feb 27, 19 11:32 AM

Town Board Looks To Hire Consultant To Assess Upgrades To Hampton Bays Water District; Timeline For Takeover Vote Delayed

This is ridiculous. Stop wasting time and money already. Put it a vote and call it a day. It's only March and Schneiderman is saying this will push it off until 2020? So another year of unsafe drinking water. Maybe you should have thought of this back in the fall instead of supposedly mailing questionnaires (which I still haven't received, but did just get a water bill). Could have saved us 6 months there. " Mar 13, 19 1:53 PM

Dancing On Dune Road

I checked Google Earth, there is already a pool (albeit a small one). House has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 750 sq ft. Property is .95 of an acre. Zillow has the "zestimate" as $8.1million, so the low price is curious." Mar 19, 19 1:17 PM

Just double-checked Zillow; this property is Bridgehampton, not Water Mill. The Zillow listing has photos of the house--it's basically a tear down. The listing does mention that there's room for a 6000+ sq ft new dwelling and that the proceeds from the sale would benefit the Foundation." Mar 19, 19 1:38 PM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

The article regarding the 20% decline in students was for the Southampton school district, not Bridgehampton. Of the K-12 schools listed, Bridgehampton is the lowest proposed budget." Mar 21, 19 1:03 PM

Battle For Southampton Town Trustee Tax Line Exposes Deep Rift Between Board Members

"The other Trustees can’t be trusted with money." What politician can? And how long before that with the "chargebacks" from the Town, the Trustees will be forced to raise taxes more? I can't imagine the revenue they generate from dock and permit fees could possibly equal/exceed the $3/million a year they're getting from the Town coffers already. Stay the course, Ann & Bill!" Mar 21, 19 4:23 PM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

Actually, the enrollment at Bridgehampton has increased annually (source: data.nysed.gov). And yes, while they have the lowest budget, their cost per student is more because that's a simple matter of budget divided by number of students equals the cost per student. As the enrollment increases, so will the cost per student.
" Mar 22, 19 1:46 PM

Edited: As the enrollment increases, the cost per student will decrease
" Mar 22, 19 3:12 PM

CVS Eyes Hampton Bays Movie Theater Location

Bridgehampton National Bank (BNB) is moving to the "old" North Fork site, they've had a sign up for weeks. The Capital One bank has closed already.
" May 31, 19 9:52 AM

Focus At Local Planned Parenthood Benefit At Guild Hall Turns Toward Washington, D.C.

Do you know the first thing about Planned Parenthood? Did you even read the article? PP is more than abortions. Abortions account for only 3-percent nationally of the work they do. Education and healthcare for uninsured or underinsured people. Pregnancy prevention/birth control, menopause care, screenings, STI testing/treatment. Outreach programs to educate young adults. These are all crucial healthcare matters and what comprises the other 97-percent of PP's mission. " Jun 20, 19 1:31 PM

Thanks; my comment was supposed to be a direct reply to PL's initial comment but it seems to have landed further down the chain...oh well, #firstworldproblems " Jun 20, 19 4:36 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Prevent The Dumping Of Household Garbage At Beach Trash Cans

Here's a thought - why doesn't the Town start collecting household trash? And before anyone jumps down my throat because of the additional taxes, we're ALREADY paying the cost - whether we use a private carting company or needing to buy the special bags to take to the dump. I for one am sick and tired of seeing trash bags on the side of the roads every Sunday evening/Monday morning. If we had Town collection, that would cut down drastically on that. I say "cut down" rather than eliminate because some people will always just behave badly. As for the private carting companies losing the business of collecting residential trash, maybe the Town can subcontract the work out to them. There's a way it can be worked out and I'd bet it would be faster, cheaper and easier than trying to set up cameras and going around trying to enforce violations, especially since the Town has enough trouble enforcing regulations already on the books..." Jul 11, 19 10:26 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Proposes Plan To Turn Vacant Storefronts Into An Art Exhibit

While overall I don't disagree with the idea, it certainly beats seeing a bunch of empty buildings, isn't there an art gallery on Jobs Lane? Just a couple of hundred feet from where this photograph was taken? Is it really fair to the gallery owner to possibly interfere with his business? Maybe if it's really limited to only LOCAL artists it wouldn't though." Jul 17, 19 1:16 PM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

before your comment gets deleted: BRAVO!" Aug 8, 19 3:11 PM

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