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East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

I am not including HS students in "the District" or the pre-K program. What kids are you including? I am talking about the number of kids that have actually been enrolled in K-8 over the last decade. If I am correct - which I am - the number has increased from 554 to 607, to be exact. So will you please stop spewing this "get rid of 100 - 200 "illegal" kids - malarky . . . the numbers speak for themselves in a data collection report prepared by the BOCES office of School Planning and Research. Ask the School Board for a copy. They have it. " Mar 27, 11 12:06 PM

Again - are you including the pre-K program?!? Let's be honest with the numbers - either you know them or you do not . . . the pre-k program is not K-8 and could be cut entirely to save money . . . I'm not advocating for that but the REALITY is . . . my parents (mother) didn't have a free socializing/babysitting program to send me (for FREE) to while they worked, or just wanted all of us kids out of their hair for 3 hours every day - parents can pay for these programs privately, or maybe some can't and it's a good thing it's "offered" on the taxpayers dime . . . am just asking you to be honest Snapper . . . " Mar 28, 11 10:53 PM

Chris Kelley thinks he does - obviously. Threatening the HS with law suits and building a HS in Springs for Montauk and Springs, and then backing down at the last minute to save the day with "only" a 5% increase and selling out parents and taxpayers on the option to send kids to other districts?!? Putting the blame on the Town Board for not cracking down on those "illegals"?? Great theatrics. Pay attention and applaud if you don't mind getting kicked in your tax bill again . . . just look at who he is making these 'deals" with -- all interrelated, connected Dems - makes me queezy. " Mar 28, 11 11:01 PM

Long Island Farmers Express Concerns To Tim Bishop

He tried to be faithful to his party . . .sometimes blindly. . . gotta give him credit for that. But there is nothing he will be able to do for the farmers or the immigrants here during his waning term -- anyone can just ask anyone him about the legal visa situation being doled out by the Feds (to business owners who want and need them on Long Island) and see what the answer is: "There's nothing i can do". No kidding. Never has been with him, never will be." Mar 29, 11 11:30 PM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Snapper - I am curious as to those numbers I was "wrong' about - your silence is deafening . . . will be looking for you (and your agenda which is obviously not based on facts or backed up by anything other than your "beliefs" and misleading information) in other posts ---" Apr 4, 11 10:56 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

Reality 101 - am thinking that you are referring to the wealthy handful of Amagansett homeowners who brought the suite and claim to "own the beach" when you say that "Amagansett residents don't appear to like the idea of regular people having a good time" in your post. ..? If you are not from there you should look and read carefully . . .it is the same group of self-proclaimed "ACAC" members (and Elaine Jones, of course) who consistently whine and moan about what happens in "their" hamlet - please don't cast dispersions on all who live there due to the deplorable, self-interested claims and clamors of 10 - 20 individuals.

" Apr 6, 11 1:28 AM

Springs Spared the Ax

Please - I know it's a thankless job - but could a sensible person without an agenda and/or political connections step up here to do what is best for all Springs residents and be transparent about the budget/numbers/etc?? Leave us in the lurch Chris Kelley - we will all be better off without you . . . something else is going on here -- guaranteed. " Apr 6, 11 1:45 AM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Hey Brown - perhaps he is W-O-R-K-I-N-G - unlike the past Supervisor who was S-P-I-N-N-I-N-G T-A-L-L T-A-I-L-S to the public on TV while "working" on our dime! By the way . . . you could just go to any one of the 8 or so Board meetings a month and publicly speak your vitriol and/or ask your make believe questions in public - where the Supervisor would answer your questions and speak for himself . . . or is that a little too simple for you . . .?" Apr 7, 11 2:53 PM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Good question . . . it appears they will do nothing until their budget is voted down -- it is simply nbelievable to me that they find "only" a 5% tax increase acceptable . . . it isn't." Apr 9, 11 11:12 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

I believe they tried that . . . it wasn't good enough for the homeowners. Also - what exactly are they "protecting and enforcing" there as opposed to every other inch of sand that is "the beach"? Too many people enjoying themselves on a Sunday? Boo Hoo" Apr 10, 11 7:52 PM

Lake Montauk Study Gains Steam

Better recaption your picture with Keith Grimes in it . . . don't see Wilkinson in it . . . keep up the good work! " Apr 28, 11 11:21 PM

Beachgoers Must Now 'Await The Decision Of The Courts'

WHERE ARE YOU TWO COMING FROM WITH THESE MEANINGLESS POSTS? Tito - the power is, and always will be, with those who can fight in a lawsuit - either privately or publicly funded . . . if either of you are really watching what is going on in EH you would realize that the current decision by the Court is one only concerning summary judgment . . . which won't be granted. The real fight will go on for years and years depending on if and who appeals which portion of the Court decisions . . the EH Trustees have hired specialized counsel for the process, which, again, may take years .... support the Trustees by sending them money to pay this guy - or stop wasting space talking about it! " Apr 29, 11 11:22 PM

Yes yes - I don't know anyone who isn't committed to this fight - and am truly baffled about where your comment that the Town may have swept this under the rug and "LET THE LITIGANTS WIN" is coming from .... other than listening to the attempts of the "Dems against Them" Frankle and Mazur to politicize this at a Board meeting. The Board answered as named Defendants in this suit and as far as I can see are as united as you could possibly get, have said they stand behind the Trustees (who have jurisdiction - the Town does not have jurisdiction in this matter and could have made a decision to not answer if they chose to - but they (who represent "us") are certainly involved in the suit. " May 2, 11 10:33 AM

tito - I was watching - and i thought it was a good meeting. I am not minimizing what cfar is doing at all . . . I am curious, however, what you think "recent history" is - because by far one of the largest turn outs at an EH Board Meeting was when the community IN DROVES came to speak about - and AGAINST - the adoption of the Coastal Erosion Overlay District legislation. This was back when all but one Board meeting was/were held during the day, and you couldn't get an agenda to look at the resolutions until 4 minutes before a meeting. There were so many people at that meeting not everyone who wanted to speak could, and public comment was cut off -- those against the adoption of that plan could have taken lessons from cfar! But you probably wouldn't know about that . . . " May 2, 11 10:48 AM

I suppose when you only have half your facts, surf protector, it's easier to resort to name calling than to actaully read an article which says "IT'S IN THE HANDS OF THE COURTS" . . . party propoganda? It doesn't take much COURAGE to say "we want access to our beaches and to continue driving on them", I say that all the time - although I MUST SAY AGAIN I am impressed with Cfars organizational efforts! The Trustees espouse and act on this premise every day and I have heard the entire Board say they stand behind the Trustees over an over again. On a political note, I can't IMAGINE how many BEACH DRIVERS contributed to the REPUBLICAN campaign, and will continue to do so. Your statement in derogation of the current Board that "The issue was headed for underneath the rug" is just plain . . . well, silly. " May 3, 11 6:40 PM

East Hampton Town Weighs 'Carry In, Carry Out' Policy

Although this is the start of a great "idea" - Mr. Hammerle- who won't be here after November (as if he is "here" now) has said "The Town will work out a way to pick up the litter {that people now} voluntarily collect". ??? Talk about empty promises from an empty seat . . . to (hopefully for the Dems) be filled with more Democrats of the same ilk? Must be an election year . . . the devil is in the details.... but he will go out "leafing" that - pun intended - to the taxpayers to figure out -- thanks for yet another idea that you really will and/or cannot do anything about . . . you are a nice guy - but . . . " May 4, 11 9:37 PM

East Hampton School Candidates Grilled In Forum

Fifty People . . . what a sad commentary on either GGG's second homeowner "input" on the community and/or "influence on the vote" -- OR the public's apathy. EH and the "village of" as a voting district has THOUSANDS of voters . . . guess this will be approved -- much to the chagrin of feeder districts once again . . . by the way - goodbye Chris Kelley and thanks a lot . . ." May 4, 11 11:30 PM

East Hampton Town Highway Employee Protests Losing His Job

Have any of the press really looked into this story to see what happened here? While i can understand Mr. Lester being upset that he was "bumped" from the Highway Department under union seniority rules - the "bumper" from the Sanitation Department (who is collecting SS and has another job) also "bumped' his own daughter out of her job . . . and this is, somehow, the Town Board's fault?? Who could have predicted that Mr. North wouldn't take the retirement incentive . . . over his own daughter. " May 7, 11 12:10 AM

Plane Blown Off East Hampton Airport Runway

I liked hohums logic . . . odds are 50 - 2 logiic vs. Solusipe from Sagaponack -- and M. O'Connor is right on the mark . . . Am waiting - the next comment might be Arthur French in disguise or the "Imagainstits"!!! "Setup"? .... from Sag? Funny." May 10, 11 8:18 PM

East Hampton Town Board Hears Debate Over Baker House Request

I really took a look at that house for the first time the other day. THERE IS NO HOUSE BEHIND IT . . . DID MR. MASI TEAR AN OLD, HISTORIC HOUSE DOWN HIMSELF? WILL ACAC TRY TO TELL HIM WHAT KIND OF A HOUSE HE CAN BUILD THERE? Is this the same house THE JITNEY stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF? Is this the same house DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM GANSETT GREEN? Isn't there ANOTHER SHOP further down the road on the other side? On the side of the road this house is on AREN'T THE OTHER "NEIGHBORS" the school and the church, and an ANTIQUE SHOP? Isn't the owner restricted in what he can do on the outside because it IS designated "HISTORIC"? Wasn't that house REALLY run down when these people bought it? I wonder if the owner would agree to have covenants and restrictions allowing ONLY the two uses he discusses - which seem pretty benign in that space to me . . . would that quell some concerns and calm people down? Just wondering . . . " May 11, 11 11:59 AM

East Hampton Town Board Scraps Vendor Law At Last Minute

It unequivocally was spearheaded by Julia Prince, who took charge of re-vamping the legislation since last January (watch the tapes) . . . I would hope she takes "credit' for the incompetence, the mistake AND the "fix" as she did privately with Lili rather than allowing John Q Public to blame it on "the whole Town Board". During her time in office Julia has consistently ACTUALLY VOTED for resolutions that were enacted and then retracted her stance when the going got tough . . . a nice woman, a better politician if retracting one's stance is what one has to do to deflect criticism. " May 19, 11 3:57 PM

So you don't believe the problem lies with the law itself, Harbor? I haven't heard Wilky say boo about this - to his credit he's NOT dumping it on Julia, even though it was clearly her baby - so I'm glad it's "fixed" - however that happened . . ." May 19, 11 5:35 PM

East Hampton Independents Back Cohen For Town Supervisor

I like how hohum put it -- "the Jones Independence party" -- it's all about Elaine's personal problems and her personal, emotional, outbursts and attacks on anyone who points out her flawed arguments or disagrees with her opinions - what a shame. And a blow to the Independence party . . . " May 21, 11 12:17 AM

Wilky is doing a good job (Elaine) - the fact is you picked a candidate who isn't necessarily the best person for the TOWN for your own (personal) reasons. If the Independence party really IS a party - what is the platform? Because there truly can't be anything in it that this Board hasn't been trying to tackle and/or clean up. Also, if i remember correctly Mr. Cohen insisted that all the Town had to borrow was 15 million when he was 'analyzing" the budget with Janet Verneille. In fact, there was a 28 million dollar deficit. I am not interested in a 13 million dollar mistake coming out of the Supervisor's office in the future ... or a Chair of a party who makes decisions by looking 4 miles in either direction of her property when deciding what would be "best" for the Town." May 22, 11 12:04 PM

I watched a tape of a Board Meeting (before this nomination) where Elaine Jones (who was against the concert and was a plaiintiff in a law suit against the Town regarding that matter) called Wilkinson a liar (because in 2009 when running against Zwirn he said he would try to reduce the deficit "without layoffs" - long before the true extent of the deficit became known), asked if "this is how it's done in Disney" in response to a (friend of hers?) Town employee getting bumped (pursuant to union rules!!) from a position after another employee (who also "bumped" his own daughter out of a job!!) decided to stay on rather than take an early retirement incentive, and continued to scream things out from the audience to the Board after she had an opportunity to speak. This to me isn't "political" - it is personal. The good thing is anyone but anyone can watch it for themselves (ahem . . . HHS). I think Nasty Nasty is Elaine Jones' slogan!! " May 25, 11 4:18 PM

HHS and Phins - how people treat each other at Town Board meetings is out there for all to see . . . 24/7, at www.townclerk.com. So people's actions speak louder than any words that are printed on blogs or in a newspaper. The whole Town is lucky we don't need your crazy "advice" or political "psychoanalysis"! You guys crack me up! " May 25, 11 11:03 PM

Kelly Tapped By County Republicans To Challenge Schneiderman

They don't mean "everything" Mr. Z but certainly you have seen certain newspapers locally and nationally post unflattering pictures when they have a "message" to send. In fact - candidates who have a lot of money or ties to newspapers usually get posts ("press releases") with nice, smiling pictures of themselves . . . perhaps Mr. Kelly is simply not ahead in the game here - the message is to SEND A PICTURE to Bill Sutton rather than relying on "The Press" to get a good picture of you!! Simple. " May 26, 11 11:33 PM

East Hampton Independents Back Cohen For Town Supervisor

uhhhmmmm - Elaine Jones and her committee of 7 ARE the "Independence Party" in East hampton - but I am positive she does not speak for all - just see above! The committee never 'called back" either candidate but, according to this report she took her "little poll" and called Zach several times to ask him "more questions". While I am sure the Dems are salivating at the opportunity to throw more rocks at Elaine's "enemies-de-jour" . . . I would call on her to put forth HER parties platform and believe a posting of Mr. Cohen's resume is in order. What does the local Independence Party stand for other than the ability of its members to vote "all over the board"? Anything? " May 27, 11 12:22 AM

East Hampton Town To Partner With Family Service League, Office To Move

What an excellent idea! If the Town has the space and the FSL is paying rent somewhere it seems as though this is a win/win situation . . . those services are very much needed in this Town -" Jun 14, 11 11:17 PM

I don't know who the "we" and "us" is in your diatrabe un-facts man, but it seems you may have supported the top-heavy Human Services Department "at all costs" - so to speak! I've been paying taxes here for a long time and am thankful you don't have your hand in my pocketboook and don't represent "me" in any capacity! The Podell House was originally used to house run-a-way and troubled youths, if I remember correctly, and was "closed" for that purpose long before this Board was elected. And while I understand that it was being used for some seniors to have their lunches there - that's what the senior citizen building is for, no? Nice try. Or should I say nice "spin". Next time just say I am against ANYTHING this administration does! You are funny. " Jun 17, 11 10:21 AM

"Just a technical point" - so I suppose it's not a "fact" then? You ARE funny! And what, pray tell, were those other "services" the building was being used for? Non-facts man, I, personally give to all kinds of charitable causes here - either out of my own pocketbook or with my time, as I am sure from your post that you do too. What is cynical, hypocritical AND disingenuous are your apparent personal grudges against these two (Republican?) elected officials. . . after all - there ARE 3 other members on this Board who are (apparently) in step with these moves.... my question about "what other uses" other than - recently - the senior box lunches - and when - is a serious one. Try to keep it factual. " Jun 17, 11 6:26 PM

Well we agree on something then Facts Man! It is abundantly clear how you "feel" - I "feel" like that person at the post office wasn't very nice to me today, or I don't "feel" like working but . . . well, you know! Feelings aren't facts, Non-Fact-Man! And I hate to state the VERY OBVIOUS, but there is no "proving you wrong' until you say what your "facts" are . . . !! I don't know what the 'activities" were at the Podell House other than the one I knew about regarding local teenagers, and the one I heard about regarding the senior box lunches (the same people who have a place to go to eat lunch? boxed and hot? . . . now that's a FACT). It certainly seems to me that if you put forth that you KNOW what the activities were you could tell me and I may or may not be able to refute them. . . what I really feel is that it's a shame the this news source called "The Press" doesn't look into it a little more to prove you "wrong" - because that isn't my intention. i just asked a question that I "feel" you are reluctant to answer . . . In any event thanks for sharing your "feelings" about the current Supervisor - I "feel" he's doing a great job and the FACT that he is tackling the financial and CPF Fund MESS left by the all- (gee i didn't know) Democrat Board (fact) is good enough for me to vote for him again. You don't need to apologize until you put something out there that isn't true -- but oooops! - that's already happened time and time again. Fact. " Jun 19, 11 6:43 PM

My question to you is also straightforward and genuine: what were the "needed services" that the Human Resource Department "provided" at the Podell House (other than those mentioned and agreed upon) that will no longer be provided to Town residents by the Family Service League (a not-for-profit agency) on Town owned property, at a reduced rent to the FSL, which will benefit all? It's not rocket scientry non-facts-man, it's a win/win situation. Have town employee positions due to retirement incentives and NOT filling positions been reduced in the Human Resource Department? Probably. Good. But PLEASE give me some "facts' as to ANY "services" that have been cut BECAUSE the Podell House will now be rented to the FSL which are important to our residents . . . because without those "facts" there is no debate . . .You are certainly entitled to your air how you "feel" about the Supervisor, but when there are no "facts" to back up your anti-administration "feelings", you are not the "Facts Man" - you are the "Feeling Man" - and there's nothing wrong with that! " Jun 19, 11 10:30 PM

Again - what specific "youth services, senior health services, transportation services, and other services" were provided out of the Podell House at no cost (or at a cost?) that have been "elimiinated" because of this win/win situation where the FSL 'takes up the slack" (not via tax dollars - AND pays less as a 503 agency than it was before which may, presumably, allow them to add ADDITIONAL services? As far as the "needy" go- I am well aware of those who are truly "needy" in this community - so are Wilkinson, Quigley, Stanzione, Prince and Hammerle. So I truly thank you for donating to local charities and civic organizations that help those in need, or contributing your own time . . . and again - I thank this administration for the win/win!" Jun 20, 11 2:02 PM

We were talking about the use of the Podell House . . . was it being used by the Retreat and other non-for-profits right under my nose and I didn't know it?!? Or are you just being diversionary Feelings Man . . . nice chatting with you - keep up the good work!" Jun 21, 11 9:55 AM

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