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East Hampton Town To Partner With Family Service League, Office To Move

"Just a technical point" - so I suppose it's not a "fact" then? You ARE funny! And what, pray tell, were those other "services" the building was being used for? Non-facts man, I, personally give to all kinds of charitable causes here - either out of my own pocketbook or with my time, as I am sure from your post that you do too. What is cynical, hypocritical AND disingenuous are your apparent personal grudges against these two (Republican?) elected officials. . . after all - there ARE 3 other members on this Board who are (apparently) in step with these moves.... my question about "what other uses" other than - recently - the senior box lunches - and when - is a serious one. Try to keep it factual. " Jun 17, 11 6:26 PM

Well we agree on something then Facts Man! It is abundantly clear how you "feel" - I "feel" like that person at the post office wasn't very nice to me today, or I don't "feel" like working but . . . well, you know! Feelings aren't facts, Non-Fact-Man! And I hate to state the VERY OBVIOUS, but there is no "proving you wrong' until you say what your "facts" are . . . !! I don't know what the 'activities" were at the Podell House other than the one I knew about regarding local teenagers, and the one I heard about regarding the senior box lunches (the same people who have a place to go to eat lunch? boxed and hot? . . . now that's a FACT). It certainly seems to me that if you put forth that you KNOW what the activities were you could tell me and I may or may not be able to refute them. . . what I really feel is that it's a shame the this news source called "The Press" doesn't look into it a little more to prove you "wrong" - because that isn't my intention. i just asked a question that I "feel" you are reluctant to answer . . . In any event thanks for sharing your "feelings" about the current Supervisor - I "feel" he's doing a great job and the FACT that he is tackling the financial and CPF Fund MESS left by the all- (gee i didn't know) Democrat Board (fact) is good enough for me to vote for him again. You don't need to apologize until you put something out there that isn't true -- but oooops! - that's already happened time and time again. Fact. " Jun 19, 11 6:43 PM

My question to you is also straightforward and genuine: what were the "needed services" that the Human Resource Department "provided" at the Podell House (other than those mentioned and agreed upon) that will no longer be provided to Town residents by the Family Service League (a not-for-profit agency) on Town owned property, at a reduced rent to the FSL, which will benefit all? It's not rocket scientry non-facts-man, it's a win/win situation. Have town employee positions due to retirement incentives and NOT filling positions been reduced in the Human Resource Department? Probably. Good. But PLEASE give me some "facts' as to ANY "services" that have been cut BECAUSE the Podell House will now be rented to the FSL which are important to our residents . . . because without those "facts" there is no debate . . .You are certainly entitled to your air how you "feel" about the Supervisor, but when there are no "facts" to back up your anti-administration "feelings", you are not the "Facts Man" - you are the "Feeling Man" - and there's nothing wrong with that! " Jun 19, 11 10:30 PM

Again - what specific "youth services, senior health services, transportation services, and other services" were provided out of the Podell House at no cost (or at a cost?) that have been "elimiinated" because of this win/win situation where the FSL 'takes up the slack" (not via tax dollars - AND pays less as a 503 agency than it was before which may, presumably, allow them to add ADDITIONAL services? As far as the "needy" go- I am well aware of those who are truly "needy" in this community - so are Wilkinson, Quigley, Stanzione, Prince and Hammerle. So I truly thank you for donating to local charities and civic organizations that help those in need, or contributing your own time . . . and again - I thank this administration for the win/win!" Jun 20, 11 2:02 PM

We were talking about the use of the Podell House . . . was it being used by the Retreat and other non-for-profits right under my nose and I didn't know it?!? Or are you just being diversionary Feelings Man . . . nice chatting with you - keep up the good work!" Jun 21, 11 9:55 AM

Summertime Traditions: Outdoor Movies

Really?!? I sure hope they have all the permits in place for all of these 'events' -whre will people park??? will they be urinating in the bushes?? are there porto-potties?? what about the NEIGHBORS??? Encouraging people to bring wine??? With CHILDREN around?!? And Leandra's Law?!? Say it isn't so!! Not in THIS community . . . and these are "not-for -profits" right??? Nobody's "making money" are they?!? There should be an investigation and an outpouring of NIMBY's and NO's! The hypocracy is so overwhelming I have to laugh . . . and wish everyone well." Jun 21, 11 7:17 PM

Oh! I woke up from a bad dream and thought this was happening in EAST HAMPTON . . . . the land of "NO"! It is apparent that nieghbors of commercial properties there would beat these events to a pulp rather than "allow" it there in "their" neighborhoods! I was being facetious in my comment. . . what a wonderful idea . . .!! Too bad more of these events couldn't happen in East Hampton so I wouldn't have to drive so far . . ." Jun 22, 11 9:29 PM

Good for you Mr. Suffolk, that you can enjoy what is offered (for free!) as a "tourist" now . . . without having Silas Marders (commercial proerty/business owner's) headaches. Again, Kudos to SH - shame on EH! " Jun 24, 11 12:47 AM

Free Fishing Weekend June 24 & 25

Huh?" Jun 24, 11 12:48 AM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

Deb who? It IS shameful that a Dem mouthpiece (or just a mouthpiece for her own, personal aggrandization and agenda? Will the Democrats defend her on this one . . .?), and a former Town Board member no less, feels entitled to disrupt a Town Board meeting with personal attacks against a current Councilperson for trying to solicit comments from the constituents about the housing needs in our community. The hypocracy of that party never ceases to amaze me . . . I watched the tape - at least the audience recognized that "Sit down Deb and shut up" is the way to move forward in East Hampton. Thanks for all of your self-serving input Deb - but please heed the public and (try to?) remove yourself from the spotlight. Unless she returns the money she made while the Town was being robbed blind while she was on the Board and "just didn't know" what was happening - I truly don't understand why anyone would take her comments seriously. " Jul 8, 11 11:26 PM

Audit: Town Overpaid $56,000 For Insurance

Hmmm - Bernard and Kagel actually get PAID to look at books - and they DO IT -without the Town paying an outside auditor to come clean up a mess that has been going on as long or longer as . . . Pat Breen has been in office? What isn't right about this picture vis a vis the way the Finance and Budget Department is SUPPOSED to operate? I don't care who is to "blame" - the fact that they caught it is enough for me! " Jul 8, 11 11:36 PM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

"Foster's Law" - if you want to call it that - already exists on the books and has been in place for years - diue to multiple "disincentives" if you will, only 6 private homeowners have created "affordable apartments" where there is room (on the books already) for 100. Explain that away folks . . .you people have no clue what is going on in East Hampton, what the "caps" are, what the hoops one has to go through to "legalize" what already exists, or what an "affordable" (not just according to HUD) place to live is . . . that's what the facts being presented by the Housing Study Group are bringing out - take a look at that before you opine . .. " Jul 9, 11 2:49 PM

Audit: Town Overpaid $56,000 For Insurance

It very well may be the fault of the previous Dem administration non-facts-man . . . or all Pat Breen's - I have no idea and neither do you! But you are so silly, spiteful and emotional about your Wilkquig thing you never fail to not cite facts . . . you make me laugh!" Jul 9, 11 2:56 PM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

Thank you Zaz - I whole-heartedly agree - the point of all of this is there is statistical data out there that a study group is addressing and, if I am not mistaken, ASKING the public for input on before any laws are passed. What I see is Deb "I'm Just Asking" grandstanding against this administration (in particular Theresa Quigley) when it seems plain as the nose on someone's face her idea about "affordable apartments" uhhhhmmmm - isn't working. I say let her explain "why" before she criticizes (an PERSONALIZES???) a real look-see into community needs (because that's what Deb Foster cares about - right???) " Jul 10, 11 11:49 PM

There is no law "on the table" - there is no proposal "on the table" HHS and others - there are statistics out there that were introduced by a housing needs discussion group for discussion - they weren't MADE UP by Theresa Quigley - So you feel some numbers "are not accurate" Deb? Take it up with the group, or sit down - as audience members suggested. The housing needs discussion group - from what I've read - wants to present data to the public and has been doing that through presentations to civic groups, CAC's etc. Deb Foster is SO out of line . . . but that's not surprising . . . just a political hack who created more problems than she "done good". Too bad. " Jul 11, 11 3:01 PM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

I don't find anything funny about this . . . other than Elaine Jones, who had her own personal agenda happening at any given moment in this "candidate selection process". The whole endorsement of Zach Cohen for her personal "enemy du jours" and reasons was unfortunate from the get-go. The primary will be telling . .. " Jul 18, 11 11:19 PM

Oops - just re-read - if there is one??? A line "stolen"? From Elaine Jones?! No doubt we will har about this for years to come no matter what the truth is . . ." Jul 18, 11 11:22 PM

Housewife Elaine - while I admire you coming out and defending yourself - you are all about "rumor has it" . . . those words say it all - and most begin with you!!! 70% of the Town elected Wilkinson -- who now works for all of the Town - not you! Your egocentric view (and that of Mr. Behan) belie party politics at their worst. You may have causes you are for or against - that's your right . . . but rumors, speculation, name calling, your personal like or dislike of someone (and talking about "personalities" - you of all people!!??) don't cut the mustard when the things that need to done are being done by this administration . People can still vote for who they want to - on any line. It's not all about your little, negative, hostile world housewife . . . " Jul 20, 11 8:55 PM

You always make me laugh non-facts man! I see factsandtruth doesn't write often but when s/he does it's always spot on and logical. Your politics (now congratulating McGintee for all of his "acheivements" to fix the hole he was digging) are so obvious and skewered that we all know your vitriol isn't based on facts - but your own "feelings". This community helps its own in ways I've only seen here . . . and what this administration is focused on is keeping local people here - whether you can see that or not, feelings man. Fact. " Jul 22, 11 9:41 AM

East Hampton Town Considers Buying Wainscott Property

Call Scott Wilson in the Land Acquisition Department . . . it's practically the whole Town!! " Aug 2, 11 10:55 AM

ZBA Member Blasts Planning Department, Prompts Response

Finally someone speaks the truth! Watch the meeting ... a Town employee saying "I'm entitled to my opinion" while making "recommendations" as to what building materials an applicant "should" use . . . classic! " Aug 6, 11 9:48 PM

Gilt City East Hampton House Party Is Off

So who is named in the lawsuit - Walter Patrick,
Gilt City, or both? Come on Press publisher/editors. . . you can do it!!! Just a LITTLE more . . . and was the East Hampton Food Pantry aware of this . . . what do they have to say about it? It may be "Good job Larry" - for obvious reasons ... but it looks to me like it's "Bad Job Press" for not digging or going beyond the obvious . . . just sayin." Aug 7, 11 8:59 PM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

Who would write $100,000 check out of ANTICIPATED revenue to be kept in escrow (by definition it has "condiitons") ands expect that money to be kept if there is no (or at least break even) revenue? Only a Democrat! Each and every one of the "benefactors" of this agreement has a legitimate foundation/and or/"charitable status" for any ordinary taxpayer to "write off" their donations if they so choose. To make this a political issue is the lowest form of fear mongering and pandering . . .thanks tm! " Aug 8, 11 10:02 PM

And by the way facts man - you are once again PATHETIC -- I don't know but "IF it's true . . " are not facts but rumor mongering ... perhaps you are "or are related to "Facts Woman" Deb Foster? If not - same emotional pandering, whining, ilk and style . . . with little or nothing but "I heard" and "I've been told" and "a good surce told me" to back up your "facts". You have been wrong so many times on this site I'm surprised the Press doesn't put a disclaimer next to your posts!! You are so so funny! " Aug 8, 11 10:10 PM

Authors Night Will Hit Record Highs

I received an interesting "survey" in the mail about library services in Springs last week -- not a "new" topic -- but reading this makes me want to vomit -- who, or is it where, really - that this money is going to??? One would think from all of these dedicated people there may just be enough to "spread around" -- even if it is to Springs- the "other" hamlet. " Aug 13, 11 9:29 PM

Town Charges Flanders Homeowners With Code Violations

So - if all of these people "have to go" - did they? And does the Town know where "they" went? Or is that some one else's problem? I know there are two sides to this story - just asking." Aug 13, 11 9:37 PM

Councilwoman Wants Town Board To Explore Shutting Down Clubs

"Their customers come to Montauk for the night and then head home"? C'mon Harbor ... the people who go there (an amazing amount of locals -Julia Prince included) are in Montauk and/or East Hampton and aren't "heding home" to anywhere but here. The people who work there live here . . . and the only way "locally owned bars" GET roots in the community is by being here year after year after ... I read an article about Wilikinson touring Montauk in the early morning hours and the fact he was looking for positive solutions to problematic sites - Julia is doing nothing more than grandstanding in her "non-election" year - if the cases are in Court that's where they should be - these few places shouldn't be "targeted" for political purposes - what business is next? " Aug 15, 11 9:09 AM

Governor Signs East Hampton Town Separation Incentive Bill

You too PBR - guessing you're not from here from your moniker snd that you may have been employed by a Town at one point, or are sympathetic to unions for one reason or abnother? Don't know but I am thankful that tax payers of this Town MAY be able to fund pension accumulations that were NEVER accounted for in budgets during the McGintee Administration (6 years totalling MILLIONS of dollars of debt) despite their own (overpayed - perhaps criminal "conflict of interest" "hired by the then-board "outside auditors" that Ben Zwirn wanted to go after for 500,000 - remember folks??). I thank this Board and Fred Thiele for recognizing fiscal responsibility -- even if others don't have a grasp of where this town is really at financially." Aug 18, 11 11:40 PM

Springs Families Dropped From School Bus Route

I walked to school way back . . . c'mon folks. What bothers me about this article is whether or not there really are "savings" to be recognized from this move . . . EHP - could you please ASK that question because I'm not getting what the bottom line of this arttcle really is other than a few kids may have to walk to school . . . good excercise and discipline -- unless it is unsafe at that intersection - which it may be - which is another story for those kids who DO have to cross there .. . . and that is another, bigger issue for the school district I would imagine -- pick my kids up but let others suffer because they may have to walk? Don't get it. " Aug 18, 11 11:47 PM

Democrats Criticize Town Board For Performance In Napeague Beach Fight

The case is in court, folks - both the Trustees and the Town answered the charges - there's nothing the Town Board or the Trustees can do until a judge decides. Shame on these people for politicizing this important issue - shame shame shame. Oh I forgot . . . they have none. Perhaps Alex Baldwin can just buy it and let all of us poor folks use it once a week." Aug 21, 11 4:37 AM

Oh it's ALEC Baldwin (so sorry) - and SYLVIA OVERBY - the Conservators. You won't see them on the beach. That's what jets and homes in Florida are for . . . what a joke this ticket is. Laughable if it wasn't so scary. " Aug 21, 11 4:41 AM

Councilwoman Wants Town Board To Explore Shutting Down Clubs

Such a Wilkinson hater you are Harbor - nothing personal is it? You sound like YOU are running for office! The "solution" is bringing the violators to court Harbor - I saw a meeting after this article where Julia Prince comes out and says "oh - after LOOKING INTO this we can't bring an injunction - we would lose". Look at what happened in Southampton when the Town tried to get one against the most blatant violators.... nothing. After spending town bucks that aren't in the coffers (SH has to borrow MILLIONS this year just to make their budget), the request was denied by the county court, Perhaps the incompetance lies with other east hampton town board members. This is nothing, nothing nothing more than political grandstanding. According to David Buhda, Judge Cahill asked a town prosecutor if they could spell the word "injunction" at a recent Court hearing for the Surf Lodge for having some sort of a truck in its parking lot outside the joint - apparently she hasn't actually pracaticed LAW recently . . . threatening to close down businesses via an injunction when you can't really do it seems just plain old stupid to me. " Aug 23, 11 11:08 PM

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