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Democrats Criticize Town Board For Performance In Napeague Beach Fight

Oh it's ALEC Baldwin (so sorry) - and SYLVIA OVERBY - the Conservators. You won't see them on the beach. That's what jets and homes in Florida are for . . . what a joke this ticket is. Laughable if it wasn't so scary. " Aug 21, 11 4:41 AM

Councilwoman Wants Town Board To Explore Shutting Down Clubs

Such a Wilkinson hater you are Harbor - nothing personal is it? You sound like YOU are running for office! The "solution" is bringing the violators to court Harbor - I saw a meeting after this article where Julia Prince comes out and says "oh - after LOOKING INTO this we can't bring an injunction - we would lose". Look at what happened in Southampton when the Town tried to get one against the most blatant violators.... nothing. After spending town bucks that aren't in the coffers (SH has to borrow MILLIONS this year just to make their budget), the request was denied by the county court, Perhaps the incompetance lies with other east hampton town board members. This is nothing, nothing nothing more than political grandstanding. According to David Buhda, Judge Cahill asked a town prosecutor if they could spell the word "injunction" at a recent Court hearing for the Surf Lodge for having some sort of a truck in its parking lot outside the joint - apparently she hasn't actually pracaticed LAW recently . . . threatening to close down businesses via an injunction when you can't really do it seems just plain old stupid to me. " Aug 23, 11 11:08 PM

Democrats Criticize Town Board For Performance In Napeague Beach Fight

How true formertbm! It's comforting to know that if, heaven forbid, Sylivia or Rona were elected, they could just continue to walk there, isn't it? And if they were lucky enough, maybe they would invite the other Dem Trustee candidates over to their houses so they too could have easy access to the beach! " Aug 23, 11 11:23 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Let's all go to the "shelter" at the "new" Town Hall - a public building "built" by taxpayers money no less - ahhhh -beating a dead horse. The Playhouse may be designated but no generator yet -- any contibutors for the generator? There will be heavy rains on Sunday - a beuatiful day on Monday . . . if I am correct - and there is a 50/50 chance I will - please just call me
Albert Lincoln "Al" Roker . . . ." Aug 24, 11 10:11 PM

East Hampton Town And Union Reach Impasse

Can not compare town union employees to PD -- apples and oranges - asking for an 11% increase ? I don't care over HOW many years or the back and forth debate over the devil in the details . . . the Town employees are lucky to have jobs . . . and many work two of them . . . HELLOOOOO - so does everyone else who is working and "working class" here - although it is now out of the hands of the Board . . . hopefully the folks who work for "us" realize "we" may not be able to afford "them" and agree to keep working at the rate they're at. If not - I have little patience, or sympathy. " Aug 26, 11 11:37 PM

Graboski Calls For Reducing Number Of Planning Board And Zoning Board Of Appeals Members

I seldom butt in on SH news but the "power of the people" on these boards? Really, PBR - it hasn't escaped anyone's attention - I would hope - that these are APPOINTED positions for a limited amount of time - and each member has his/her own "views" which may/may not be swayed by those who annointed - oh I mean appointed - them -- so which party are YOU in? No . . . let me guess . . . " Aug 26, 11 11:43 PM

Democrats Criticize Town Board For Performance In Napeague Beach Fight

Where is harbor, yes yes bub, phins, facts man, Elaine Jones, all of the Anti-Wilkes??? all for the PEOPLE?!? what? no comments?!? your "transparency" is about as genuine as this democrat smokescreen and you should all be ashamed of yourselves . . . " Aug 30, 11 11:26 PM

East Hampton Democratic Candidates Say They Will Restore Leaf Pickup

This is SUCH a non-issue in EH that has been created by Democrat Party Leaders. When the public hearing took place on eliminating this program one - ONE - did I say one? non-present person - Sylvia Overby who was probably in Florida at the time - wrote a letter read by someone else opposing the elimination of the program because it would hurt the "the poor people". Watch the tapes of Town Board meetings - ALL of them regarding this issue over the last 3 years . . .King has flip-flopped and is all over the place on this, as usual. No truth from the Dems - they can't even get their story straight! " Aug 31, 11 11:52 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

As an "older" person now - am watching all of this whining and complaining with . . . dismay and amusement. How would I "feel" if I was one of the twenty percent without power? I am. I feel lucky and grateful that none of my loved ones are dead or in jail today, that I have friends and a local government that I can go tofor help and who take me in, and that I am "above ground" myself. Notice a ot of "first timers" being "impacted" by things outside of their control on this issue - understand frustration but - really - it's not the end of the world as we know it." Sep 3, 11 11:45 PM

Democrats Criticize Town Board For Performance In Napeague Beach Fight

I guess this one went over like a flat tire on the beach . . . what's next - the airport with David Gruber, the Dem Committee Treasurer, and Tom Twomey - the Dem financial backer along with Lathem - (Judith Hope et al.), Shea - "still-pulling the strings" Kelley Dems, and Alec baldwin and the Conservators fighting for "the little people" by backing former and current town planning board members Sylvia and Peter - and new-comer politician Zach Cohen? If I wanted to elect Alec Baldwin and South O the Highway people to tell me how my money shoud be spent I would . . . but only if they were giving it to me. " Sep 5, 11 9:52 PM

Texas Businessman Sues Sagaponack Village Over Building Restrictions

Like it or not . .. people signed contracts -when the family may have needed the money (? - don't know if that was the case) they signed a contract. All is well nd good until someone puts an "I" out that isn't dotteed, or doesn't cross a "T". Oh well. The "IT" being $$$$$ " Sep 15, 11 11:33 PM

Amagansett Fire Department Looks To Purchase Neighboring Property

Huh? What the heck is going on here? Where's ACAC? Sylvia Overby? Rona Klopman? The silence is deafening . .. truly!!!!!! Not from "Imagainstit" but ------ HUH??? " Sep 15, 11 11:36 PM

Clinton Visit Spurs Violation On Lily Pond Lane In East Hampton Village

I love all those from West commenting on East Hampton Town Trustee and Village jusridictional issues for political reasons/beliefs -- the bottom line is there is a process to be followed - homeowners will rebuild, according to what/how they can, pay the (miniscule) fee - and everyone will move on . . . so? Don't care what happens in North Sea, Southampton, Westhampton, Flanders, Quogue (this must be a conspiracy HHS!) or Hampton Bays ... you all have your own processes and problems ... focus ont them. And Johnnyhampton - you are right in one way and wrong in another - people were rebuilding left and right in East Hampton - legally and otherwise (see the Georgica beach fence story!) It is the Village and Trustee's duty to our residents to make sure these structures really ARE rebuilt "in like and kind" . . . so not sure who you are referring to when you say"the busy bodys"? " Sep 18, 11 10:29 PM

yes - in East Hampton - so I know of what I speak." Sep 19, 11 3:06 PM

Environmentalists Want East Hampton Candidates To Take A Stand

Anyone who has been around long enough will recognize that the founders of each and every one of the "groups" that make up this "coalition" are no more than recycled, hired guns or the same old self-interested individuals whose members were (or are) waiting to be hired as bogus "consultants", used Twomey Lathem Shea Kelley etc. as their politically connected attorneys for CPF deals during the McGintee et.al administration, or tried to sell thier own property (or patents) to the Town and taxpayers at inflated prices (nice job Sas - when that didn't happen his property was sold it to the next highest bidder and a house was built on it - so much for "saving the aquifier"). Four Democratic candidates, including supervisor candidate Zachary Cohen, council candidates Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc and Highway Superintendent Scott King attended the press conference on Monday. Neither Republican nor Independence Party candidates attended.

Mr. Cohen said he and his running mates were not invited at the exclusion of other candidates, but happened to hear about the event during an Accabonac Protection Committee meeting they attended the day before.

I live in Springs and am all in favor of dredging, keeping the harbor productive and clean, clean water, and whatever else is just common sense around here . . . this move on the part of the Dems is just silly -- until you consider what desperate people do sometimes to further their own agenda. " Sep 22, 11 12:27 AM

I've been here for a LOOOONG time - what is scary is to me is that Deb Foster, Bill McGintee, Pete Hammerle and Brad Loewen let the South of the Highways get tax refunds for a new town hall while I paid for that useless building through the nose, that Keys Island cost me and the rest of us 3 million dollars, that after I paid the CPF tax to live here when I bought a house - I now have to PAY AGAIN to "restore" the money that was missappropriated by those miscreants, and now Zach Cohen, Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyac - who all sat there while this was happening - think I should pull a lever to let them do this all again . . . now THAT is scary. Just saying." Sep 22, 11 12:36 AM

East Hampton Councilman: Airport Creates Jobs

I have no stake in this, not living by the airport or using it often, but there have been studies ad nuaseum on this subject - after 20 years and lawsuit after lawsuit a la (still) Democrat Committee Treasurer David Gruber et. al - I am happy the issue may be put to rest soon. I don't need to pay for another "local study". What's your interest in this Dan? I say take the money, Town Board - and thank you! Recently read where the Wainscott CAC basically attacked Wilkinson on this front. Frank Dalene? REALLY?? Head of Telemark who wanted to have exclusive advertisements for his company a la his friend McGintee "out at the airport" until they were both exposed "manipulating" the process? Remember - "oh - we didn't know it was on tape?" Look it up folks. Time to be vigilant when voting - no need to go backwards to those who promise everything based on NIMBYS. Ben Zwirn tried to do that - Overby, Cohen and Van Scoyac are no differrent. The real Dem bosses are still stepping up to pulling the strings for their own benefit. And Alec Baldwin and the South of the Highway "Conservators" Does he think he can just buy and bribe us? Ick. " Oct 5, 11 9:37 PM

Republicans Winning Money Race In East Hampton

I would think that $80,000 plus the Conservators $59,000 (let's not kid ourselves as to where that money is coming from and going to!) = $139,000 - and that so far the Dems have actually raised more than the Republicans - for whatever it's worth..... basic math and truthfulness - something the "Conservotors", Alec Baldwin, David Gruber, Sylvia Overby, Peter Van Scoyac, Deb Foster and Zach Cohen - their new puppet - lack. " Oct 6, 11 9:57 AM

Endorsements Solidify In East Hampton Races

Is there any indication, anywhere, that this administration has been no "cutting back on zoning enforcement"? If anything, I see more enforcement in Springs than there has been in 10 years ... thanks to this Board... and I mean all of the Board members. More lies from Tim Bishop and those who would have us sinking into a financial pit every time we stick our feet out the door - just listen to Deb Foster if you want fear mongering and statements based on . . . . nothing. That letter solidifies it for me - no Bishop puppets for this voter, thank you." Oct 6, 11 10:09 AM

East Hampton Town's Tentative Budget Includes Tax Cuts, Sale Of Poxabogue

Dear Ms. Klughers: Is selling Poxy and re-investing in EAST HAMPTON a good idea or not? Sell, sell, sell - I can still go play there if I was a golfer (which I'm not). Buying this was a terrible idea back then (I was against it) and didn't make sense - other than making sure the land wasn't developed. But SH could have done it on it's own... Remember when they wanted us to kick in for the Bay Street Theater??? Who comes up with this stuff in EH? The leaders in the Democrat party and the fluff-panderers they throw out as candidates - just ask Deb Foster and Bill McGintee - and their supporters Overby, Cohen and VanScoyac - they had some great ideas and "thruths" didn't they? And nothing has changed there ..... " Oct 9, 11 3:01 AM

Amagansett Fire Department Referendum Passes

Now that we know (a day before the vote) that the prior owners are really just recouping a couple of million dollars after "buying it back" for $500,000 - for a place which couldn't be used for a commercial purpose anyway - i wonder if any of the "yays" want to take back their vote? And Sylivia Overby was all for it . . . more corruption. This "deal" reeks. " Oct 9, 11 3:07 AM

Bishop To Speak On Issues

Not dense - because he's not stupid - just wilfully blind. He is someone who has never employed or paid anyone out of his own pocket - "politics" at its worst. " Oct 10, 11 9:31 PM

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