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Democrats Say They Will Fight For Resources

Look at that - without citing the Trustee budget - or knowing what it even IS I bet - the Dem candidates are already telling the Trustees how to spend their money!! Can't make this stuff up ... " Oct 27, 11 3:16 AM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

I really hate to say this - not being in SH politics but seeing enough in East Hampton - the "a woman" pronouncement in this ad (which could pay for a part-time civil servant position) is so over the top - it's not as if we are all stupid and don't recognize that, and it's not as if she's the FIRST woman supervisor to hit the East End . . . and, from what I can see and read she's probably one of least "smart" who relies on the "career politicians" she claims she is "not among" to float her boat . . . good luck over there! " Oct 28, 11 12:10 AM

Funding For East Hampton Clinic Expected To Survive Veto

Formertbm is correct- nice try dissappointed. In any event, it is clear that the Legislature is going to overide the veto so - good work Jay!" Oct 29, 11 9:00 AM

Yes - and?? The fact is the current Town Board didn't budget for this expense because it didn't have to because it was relying on an agreement between the County (Steve Levy/Schneiderman) and the Town (have to ask Ms. Murphy if you're confused) wherein the County would take over the whole lease vs. the Town renewing the "option". Which it didn't do. Levy renegged. Schneiderman picked up the slack and did a great job for the Town - and us, his consituents . . . and??? " Oct 30, 11 11:35 PM

I shouldn't have said "renewing" the "option" - it is really "excercsing" and "option" - which the Town didn't do - and was nder no obligation to do. I would imagine if it was forced with a "real" situation where the clinic would have closed the Town Board may have discussed this a little more - but Jay saved the day ... good for all! " Oct 30, 11 11:39 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson Has Slight Lead

Really? In Riverhead? Hmmmm . . . not surprised." Nov 9, 11 10:25 PM

East Hampton Town Will Hold Budget Hearing

17 Million in fraudulent transfers?? I thought it was 8 or 9 that were transferred out illegally??? " Nov 10, 11 5:45 PM

East Hampton Town Adopts 2012 Budget

I thank this Board for a job well done. Thank goodness you all will have the opportunity to continue on a path that's best for the whole community - not just the special interest groups." Nov 27, 11 4:28 PM

Wilkinson's Win Made Official

Trish - I don't know what your personal beef is about - but this administration hasn't kicked ANYTHING down the road that I know of ... having been here for over 30 years ... perhaps you don't understand RANS and BANS, the theft of CPF funds from Peter to pay Paul and (finally!) zero based budgeting and (gasp!) governmental accountability? Please explain who kicked what where "down the road" - if you can. " Nov 30, 11 10:05 PM

East Hampton Town Board Agrees To Seek FAA Grant

Y'know Trish - once again - I don't know what your personal beef is against this administration but, really. what "family" are you talking about?? Your "conspiracy theories" seem a little silly to me! 'Splain Trish!" Dec 2, 11 8:46 PM

Nero - my "chime' is it won't matter if the vote is taken before or after the newly elected members are in office in 2012, because taking the grant money is going to happen - finally! - as a matter of mathematics both for the Town and as far as voting Board members go. But just to humor you I have always been in favor of taking the money AND having local control ... which is finally happening with negotiations (vs. battles) with the FAA. Despite the huge outcry from "interested" parties (look at all those advertising dollars the newspapers have been raking in!) this has been going on for 20 years ... TWENTY YEARS ... with the battle fueled by David Gruber and NIMBY's who knew exactly where they were buying ... and pilots and people who want the airport to be kept up to par (without tax-payer dollars to keep it that way). Mr. Dem Tom Twomey has always been on the other side of Mr. Gruber, so there you have a well-heeled party fighting over a single issue with Van Scoyac and Overby "in play" - so to speak. Talk about an ideological split that has nothing to do with 90% of the people who live and pay taxes in East Hampton ... except where the facts are concerned. Locals are employed by/at the airport; deer fencing is necessary for the safety of all planes; tax payers will fund the airport unless/untill FAA money is accepted; a gazzillion "studies" were done - some at taxpayers expense; people at a public hearing on the matter spoke out IN FAVOR of takig the money 2-1 (if you can believe anything you read here on these pages) and; now this is just "opinion"! you truly are fiddling on this Nero if you can't do the math of 3 elected officials who have always said "take the money" and two newbies who say (in typical past-Dem administration sytle) "let's pay for more studies and kick the can down the road" - to quote Trish. But - I'm sure you will find something to disagree about in here - hope you are enjoying the mild weather we have been blessed with! Thank you. " Dec 3, 11 3:10 PM

I saw your "lead-in" Nero ... "THE FIX"? This is where you are fiddling and I've heard this tune before -- it must be a conspiracy! they're taking the money! (thank goodness it's from the FAA and not the CPF this time around!) the Town Board is being "paid off"! Please. I take huge notice of the fact that neither you or Trish has "chimed in" about what YOUR interests are in this, as this truly is the 'democratic porcess" at work as far as i can tell ...all you have to do is watch what has been going on to know that Wilkinson, Quigley, and Satnzione - during their election and thereafter - have always said "Take The Money". No waffling, no "put it off until there is yet ANOTHER study" - are you, Nero, familiar with just how much the Town (read taxpayers) have spent on all of these "studies" thus far, with Tom Twomey being in the pilot's association and David Gruber being against it?? FYI - this isn't PRIVATE information - it's been in the public arena for TWENTY YEARS ... read newspapers, watch Board Meeting tapes, follow the (Democrat) money ... where have you been??" Dec 5, 11 11:06 AM

Please Nero - do your math. Number one - there were more people who DID NOT vote for Overby and VanScoyoc than those who did - so your premise that these two who were elected were put there because of the airport issue is dubious.... and number two - W-H-A-T P-A-R-T OF M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y V-O-T-E do you not understand? Using your words "BASED ON THE CLEAR WISHES OF THE PUBLIC TO HAVE THEM DO SO" (which is ludicris to say - but OK - we can use your words) Stanzione, Wilkinson and Quigley are going to vote to take the grant money and are going to move forward with the airport plan -- who knows what would have happened if Wilkinson didn't win - but he DID - and he always made it clear that he was going to tackle the airport "plan". So, unfortunatelly for you and fortunately for me - because I want them to take the money - it does not matter WHAT Overby and VanScoyac have to say . . . now, or next year ... on this particular issue. I can see this pains you but Wilkinson was VOTED IN - that's what happens in a DEMOCRACY - people are ELECTED and a majority of the Board will carry the day on any one issue. Elementary, my dear Watson. So - one more chance for you, Nero --- and a basic question back to you that you have not answered - what is your interest in the airport issue? " Dec 6, 11 1:00 PM

Diana Weir Appointed To East Hampton Town Planning Board

It's too bad this on-line news doesn't update their articles like Patch does ... just read she is resigning not only from SC position but from Wainscott CAC also - which is more than I can say for Sylvia Overby - who stayed on as Chair at ACAC whicle she was on the Planning Board AND was a founder/committee person of the Conservator PAC!

My some people have short memories - or other agendas! Ms. Weir is a smart, dedicated individual -- and since affordable apartments is a Democrat "cornerstone" - what, exactly, is the beef? " Dec 8, 11 11:35 PM

East Hampton Town Natural Resources Director Larry Penny Suspended, Could Be Fired

How long should "they" have waited? I am so sick of reading this stuff from you Harbor ... there are 2 "other" members of the Town Board ... and there will be two more Dems very, very, shortly ... but In this case I may actually agree with you!!! If "they" really wanted to be politicians - "they" maybe should have waited for a unanimous decision with Overby and VanScoyoc weighing in after the new year ... now THAT might have been politically savvy! In any event, a suspension is a suspension ... what ultimately happens will be up to the new board -- " Dec 8, 11 11:43 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members For Accord, Talks About Priorities

Really??? The "press" - are you including this one?? Did NOTHING when this Town went 27 million dollars into DEBT which I am now paying for (except the Independant - that "press" was - literally - "right on the money!! - politics aside - or can, really the press and politics be put aside if advertising dollars and the "bent" of the press "owners" and "publishers" come into play?) Anyway - I would hope the majority of the Board won"t foster this "I know you so you can make some money off of this JUST because I know you" politics anymore, since it hasn't happened in the two years they have been in office that I see. So where were you, disappointed, really, when Twomey-Lathem-Shea-Kelley were making the CPF deals (and others!! - including tax payers money underwritng the Nature Conservancy - Nancy Kelley - while her husband and/or his law firm made $$ respresenting willing, multi-million dollar "sellers" on the tax-payer dime??, and tax payer money going to the Peconic Land Trust to "broker" these deals with the Town - as if Scott Wilson - appointed and paid for by the Town in the all-Dem days - couldn't manage that without the help of a now-returned-building inpector and the Nature Consevancy and PLT PAID advocates, any of this could happen? Anyway - my point is there were SOOOO many "deals" that the Lester-Loewen-Foster-Potter-Gruber-Baldwin (money)-Overby-Hammerle-Mansir-McGintee (I'll give Julia a pass - 4 years is nothing compared to this) group made ... compared to what has happended in the last 24 months to right the "backroom deals and decisions" that happened over the last ??? years, but going just shortly back to Judith Hope and Adelaide and the taxpayer's nightmare called the "New Town Hall" -- I am wondering what "Diisappointed", in a historical reference, is really disappointed by.,,, " Dec 16, 11 9:39 PM

Diana Weir Appointed To East Hampton Town Planning Board

And I am STILL waiting for this "newspaper" to update this article regarding her resignations - or lack thereof - what gives? A simple phone call I would think .... ???" Dec 26, 11 8:09 PM

Ethics Board Clears Bernard Of Charges

Not surprising that the Dems filed a bogus claim (once again) to try and sway an election. Len Bernard's integrity and service to this Town has been unparalled. I think this Board should make good on at least one of the Dem's proposals and make him Town Manager . . ." Jan 10, 12 2:21 PM

East Hampton Town Board Drops Charges Against Penny

Glad this was all worked out to everyone's benefit ... Larry Penny IS a natural resource ... but when it's time to go it's time to go!! " Jan 17, 12 10:47 PM

Ethics Board Clears Bernard Of Charges

Hard to believe there are no more comments about this ... where are the screaming Dems? No apologies for once again trashing a public servant whose work and dedication have saved the taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars for no good reason?? I won't forget." Jan 17, 12 10:54 PM

Southampton Town Board Enhances CPF Reserves

Ms. Wright is correct that there is not only a fear, but a very real possibility that, unless CPF income/purchases are managed correctly, the taxpayer (who has already paid!) may end up paying the debt accumulated by borrowing for these purchases - again! At least the Board is looking at the numbers . . . I hope the taxpayers "get it". " Jan 23, 12 5:35 PM

Thiele's District Would Gain Southold, Shelter Island Under Proposed Plan

I think it's a great idea - what does Dan Losquadro have to do with Shelter Island or Southold? And, more importantly - what do Shelter Islanders and the people of Southold have to say about that vs. you espousers -- what are your real beefs, personally, 'splain Lucys!!" Jan 27, 12 12:53 AM

Why, SHNative, do you care if the East End loses the Mastics? If this goes through, maybe Thiele will be voted out now that he's not on the Republican ticket . . . It would seem to me that people will vote for the person they believe will best represent their (common! I would think!) interests under this plan. Your comment, other than being "purely" political (anti-Republican) makes absolutely no sense to me. "Makes Sense" Frank is right. " Jan 27, 12 8:07 PM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

Sounds like the K-9 Unit is underutilized - imagine that! Whoever writes that there is no "cost" to tax-paid, government employees (police and otherwise) doing something, anything, I don't care what IT is (picking up a pencil to write something "costs" something in the way of slaries) - is delusional. I don't care how the kids "feel" - as usual HHS is just plain silly sometimes - but I don't see this is as big deterrent to a problem (?). I see this as the Troopers needing something to do. Although Big Fresh is correct, is this really something that's necessary? Ho Hum. " Jan 28, 12 6:09 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

I have eaten at the Inn often over the last 20 years and have always enjoyed it. I wish the the new owners a profit on their investment over the years ... and hope that Skip will, also, enjoy an ultimate return on his investiment!! If a new septic system is put in there to accomodate an "updated" use, I see a win win situation for the community. Good luck to all. " Jan 28, 12 10:22 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Yay Supple! Thousands of Timmy posts regurgitating the same old same old. Ms. Weir should be ashamed? With her history and knowledge of the people who live and work here?? I think not!! An inclusive, smart woman (come on you Hillary lovers) of Hispanic origin (the Dems in EH ridiculed her for that in a smear campaign), active in affordable housing (a Dem SLOGAN, for Pete's sake) who understands how government works ... hmmm - come out come out all hypocrites wherever you are! Congratulations on a good choice, Mr. Altshuler. " Jan 30, 12 7:48 PM

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