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East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

I'm not the one making this a political issue, Harbor, and I never said "sell". It seems to me that was ONE POSSIBILITY, and that some are unwilling to go forward until???? when?? I like davebud's thoughtful question, and I'm asking a serious question also that the posters here don't seem to have an answer to. If "what" costs money in the meantime - re-opening and dumping more "effluence" into the ground? What are you talking about? And how much money for whatever "non-solution" are you talking about? Real questions - do you have real answers? " Feb 16, 12 3:28 PM

East Hampton Town Board Mulls Over Pantigo Place Bid

I think the Supervisor is right. Presumably Ms. Overby and Mr. VanScoyoc should either know the issues, or should come up to speed on them rather quicklly to continue moving the Town forward int he right direction. What is glaringly apparent in reading some of this is that the two newbies aren't necessarily against the proposals (because they don't seem to have any of their own), but they aren't going to help make anything happen either. Such a shame. " Feb 22, 12 11:58 AM

Thiele Says He Supports Two East End State Assembly Districts

Don't know what your personal beef is but from what I see when a Town needs something he at least tries to help - and listens to his consituents. What do you do BIG jmbo? " Feb 23, 12 5:18 PM

Southampton Town Shines Light On Transfer Stations To Promote Recycling

Wow! Batteries and light bulbs! We need a little light and energy in East Hampton ... but I don't think a recycling brochure is going to do it! Where do Southampton carters for septic waste go? My guess is Riverhead and points West .... I always like to see how much these programs are costing a Town. Does anyone know what the cost per resident is in Southampton to run the four stations?" Feb 27, 12 7:16 PM

Size Of Home Addition In Sagaponack Draws Ire Of Neighbors

Regardless of that - the fact that this property was sold by a PRESERVATION group speaks volumes to me . . . many people are under the false assumption that, not only the PLT, but the Nature Conservancy don't sell "preserved" land. They do, folks, they do! These "private" groups have well paid executives and employees to champion preservation when the Town may not be able to swing it alone. I'm not saying if that's a good thing or a bad thing but in this instance, even though the sale may have been under the guise of "raising money for other land preservation efforts", the neighbors may have a point!

" Feb 29, 12 6:01 PM

East Hampton Town Board Appoints Kimberly Shaw Natural Resources Director

I would think the fact that this appointment is unanimous is a good start." Mar 2, 12 4:45 PM

Town Recieves Two Bids To Operate Amagansett Tennis Courts

Aometimes these articles are SOOO lacking on facts. What does it cost to run these particular courts now? And what would it cost to get them up to par? Why is someone (who presumably knows) saying there are 16 public courts in EH (I believe there are two courts in Amagansett by the school, no?) and someone else is saying "these are the last town-owned"? I tend not to believe tito and, as usual, harbor is bitter about everything - so glad the "skate rink" isn't on my dime anymore.
" Mar 2, 12 6:33 PM

Thanks for the info, tito. So who owns the courts in AmagansettIt? Can town people go to the Village courts? Seems to me, now that (maybe) some of the facts are out - our "kids" have places to play - the schools, the YOUTH park, which may alleviate if not dispell Elaine's concerns about the "kids" having a place to go - and adults sem to have places to play, and if not for free ??? So? I agree with Elaine that "The people can raise the money if they have to". Well, maybe they have to, or these "free" facilities should be privatized! I don't feel like subsidizing golfers and tennis players when I can't even pay my property taxes. Watch away." Mar 3, 12 2:56 PM

Yawn. Please stop your psychobabble HHS and just post where you pay your taxes and talk about your own elected officials. Please." Mar 3, 12 8:38 PM

The skating rink catastrophe - mismanaged, built over budget, under-utlized and a great deal for a personal friend of former Board Members when it was run by the Town, never should have been built with public funds in the first place. At least the contract with Sporttime went out to bid. A little history may be lacking in some of these comments. The Town never should have bought Poxobogue with CPF funds, either. Good for this Board for attempting to fix the multiple messes inherited over the last 20 years (I don't care who created them - they are upon us) and realizing it's not prudent to hire more civil servants (friends?) or to tax residents further to get us out of the financial morass we're still in. " Mar 5, 12 10:27 AM

"Elitist"? "If the public pays for the upkeep, poorer residents are enabled to use facilities that they otherwise could not afford." Blah, blah, blather. I AM a "poorer" resident HHS, who pays school taxes so kids can learn how to play tennis and have other (than these, I mean) public courts to go to, as Mr. Rubenstein pointed out. I also wholeheartedly applaud his idea for a fundraiser to repair courts...thank you! Subsidize golfers, restaurants, ice skaters and/or tennis players is not the government's "job", as far as I'm concerned. I would note that tito hasn't answered my questions, and thank someone for pointing out that the Town charge(s)/charged for people to play on our "own" courts also. You are not "we" or "us" if you're not voting here or paying "our" taxes HHS, Meow is right . . . stick to Southampton and Quogue. " Mar 5, 12 12:34 PM

Now you're talking tito! I agree with you and wish I did have the answers. I especially like #4. To answer that question perhaps we need to ask another question: Why did the Town have a $30 MILLION dollar deficit in 2010? And where are we now?

How much was taken in from fees for the courts over the years, and how much did it cost to run them? I hope all 5 members of the Town Board have those numbers. Truly. We shall see.
" Mar 6, 12 4:28 PM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

Harbor - to solve "the Springs issues" 1. schools would have to consolidate
2. zoning would have to be changed places for true commercial business in Srpings, and 3. a reassessment would have to take place. Numbers 2 and 3 are the "hard" issues that the Board could look at but mostl likely would be booed out of existence if they tried to implement them. And we all know 1 is the hardest issue which the Board has no control over. Going after Latinos and painting "them" with a large brush as criminals (or in this instance - going after them with binoculars and cameras) is much, much easier. Some of the "overcrowding" may not be "illegal". Did you predictions of doom and gloom and threats of "negative reations" fall on "deaf ears" when McGintee was in for 6 years too, or do you have a "rating" for the job Code Enforcement did back then compared to today? Not being facetious. Honest question. " Mar 7, 12 4:43 PM

Not at all." Mar 7, 12 9:05 PM

The larger issue in SPRINGS, from what I see and hear, is how to lower school taxes (Wilkinson did that with the Town). It is being suggested by a group of concerned citizens that if you just get rid of "them and their kids" that would happen. I wrote about this a long time ago. If 50 of "those kids" all of the sudden left Springs the Springs school budget would not change one iota. The question has been posed to Mike Hartner and he agreed. Openly trying to link "overcrowding" with rising school taxes, and I repeat, "trying", is a one off by some teachers and Springs School Board Members - now with or without the support of Chris Kelley, Kathy McCormick, Bill McGintee and others who were "in charge" the Town for over 6 years and loved this idea and promoted it every opportunity they got. Blame it on the new Town Board and the Latinos, not us. Unfortunately it's not backed up by facts. Disgusting." Mar 8, 12 11:23 PM

I thank "hello there" for that choice of words to describe the attitude of the accusers, which is actually promoted and condoned by self-proclaimed educators and some very bright people who seem to be taking the easy road to promote their own back yard agendas rather than looking at solving much bigger community issues. " Mar 8, 12 11:31 PM

Ahhh Harbor - now your true colors and agenda are showing! I am not a "Republican", simply an observer. First, it is others who seek to simply tie the "overcrowding" to school taxes, not me. I am simply pointing out the fallaciousness of that attempt. Your second point intrigues me. Taxes go to schools to educate children. I believe education is very important to us as a society, as I'm sure you do. Who are you, Harbor, to say that teaching "ESL kids" in order that they may aspire to to educate themselves and assimilate into our society is not an "enrichment program" and a "valuable project" for shcools to undertake where these students are concerned? Of course there's a cost, as there is a cost to educate all "special needs" students. I see it Harbor, clearly now. Those ESL kids should be put back on the bus they all came in on and be shipped out of Springs. I got it. I am not going to make the assumption that the 20 somethings that "fill" the house next door are ALSO, or that the 20-somethings are living "illegally", as you imply, but that's what Code Enforcement is for. So what is the solution, Harbor, what do our Town Leaders have to do "solve" this multi-faceted problem. Your remarks about the ESL program are really, really disturbing. " Mar 9, 12 12:06 PM

So - if you get rid of a few of them "illegals" more Latino kids who have overcrowded classrooms (this/they are the "root" of the probIem no? Simple math) will benefit?? I defer to you on this issue, Harbor, you're right. Your assertion that "If housing codes are enforced then overcrowding diminishes to the benefit of all" is correct - but it implies current code enforcement staff (and the Town Board) is not doing their job (call in the POLICE) to YOUR satisfaction. You are right on so many counts. I have no clue and you have all the answers. You are right that it is such an obvious shame your candidate did not get elected as Supervisor -- he would have eradicated all of those people and solved all of these problems PRONTO! Thanks for sharing your views and other, nameless people's "situations". May you sleep well in your "righteousness". " Mar 9, 12 8:19 PM

I didn't call you a racist Chief - we are talking about a very specific problem in Springs where the former school board members/some teachers, and maybe this school board want to BLAME their own inablility to meet a budget, and now want to pierce a cap (how about just vote no?) on "the illegals". There is no factual basis (number wise) that anyone can point to that says "get rid of 100 of "those" families" and school taxes will go down. ILLEGAL overcrowding (i.e. a group that is more than four unrelated people and is not "acting as a family") and ILLEGAL apartments (separating existing single family dwellings into a "rentable" space where a tenant has a private entrance, fridge, hot plate, bathroom etc.) exists, I am sure, in Springs, and everywhere else in East Hampton. That is very different than saying "Springs is overcrowded with illegals." You know, I actually like and respect Chinese people, black people, Muslims and European people for being "hardworkers and generally nice people" too. You're a swell guy, Chief . . . I don't want the joke to be on you, or me. " Mar 10, 12 6:44 PM

Seven East End School Districts To Seek State Funding For Consolidation Study

Go for the public vote ASAP ... if the people in EH don't approve consolidation it would truly show what kind of a "community" we are." Mar 12, 12 10:59 PM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

I hope EH's Contractor Law begins to address some of this - and certainly when EH Village PD just sat and took down the license plates of contractors who picked up people at the train station -- some of what was going on stopped for a while. I agree with you in theory on this Piehole - and then you just can't help youraself and get carried away and scary with this:
"Illegal Aliens are mostly lawless people from lawless countries and they will break any law they stands in their way"... and you lose me. " Mar 14, 12 11:41 AM

Springs School Braces For Tuition Increases Next Year

Residents who complain can just vote no. It will get "figured out" the same way the Town's budget did. Start at zero." Mar 14, 12 9:53 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

As seen on these threads and self-described - it seems that David Buda wants and probably needs a job. i was surprised to read that he is proud of his "code enforcement" capabilities. Everyone should be careful of what they wish for when he and his wife come a knockin' .... " Mar 16, 12 10:40 PM

Written over a year ago on this very same site:
Thank you Mo - what you are saying makes sense to me. It is absolutely true that adding more code enforcement did not eradicate the "problem" during McGintee's reign. It seems to me that the Budas and some other people calling to get the "illegals" out have personally experienced living next door to "problem" neighbors. While I can sympathize with them, stepping up code enforcement under the current laws is only a SMALL PART of any solution to the Springs tax and density issues, it will not solve them. It seems to me that Springs School Board president Chris Kelley started a diversionary campaign to shift the "tax problem" Springs School has away from the Board and onto the Town Board's shoulders when he wrote an open letter to them to get rid of the "illegals" - housing, that is. And Trail Mix and Reality 101 - i challenge you to call them when you see them . . . I completely agree! But there absolutely was a person who used the term "Julio" at a Town Board Meeting. Carol Buda, at another Town Board meeting, unequivocally called on "Latino leaders" to educate "their community" - as if Latinos are not a part of OUR community - and Chris Kelley was quoted as saying that the Springs School recognizes its obligation to educate "immigrants", and in the same breath states that there has been an influx of "Spanish" to the school. So let's get rid of the illegal housing and Springs School will miraculously have lower taxes and less kids in each classroom? Nice. What is happening here, in my opinion, is there is a mix of "facts" and an undercurrent of bigotry and racism in the community that is not a pleasant sight to see. And Zaz, calling me "unneighborly" really adds nothing to this discussion, does it? " Jan 27, 11 6:59 PM " Mar 19, 12 10:42 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Thank goodness you may have another "issue" to spout more psuedo legal/ethical/political/economical/ personal "opines" that may or may/may not have anything to do with you personally (or REALITY-wise) that is not in East Hampton - which we all know you are not a resident of. And please, tell me which course you are teaching and where, so I can sign up if I choose to hear .... blah blah blah blah blah. "Meow" is right HHS ... only it seems to apply to you and your pet peeves rather than a specific community ..." Mar 19, 12 6:58 PM

East Hampton Town CACs Respond To Stern Letter

Why are Southhampton, Eastport and East Quogue chiming in here --- seriously?!?!? If any of you have an issue in the Town of East Hampton that you have a particular interest in it may make more sense to me ... Duckbornand raised has a very serious, valid point ... don't complain and be a part of the problem ... - get out there and run for office!!! May be that HHS has already been "defeated" - certainly seems that he is a crank I don't want in my Town -- some factual data about SHPD may be intresting IF YOU LIVE IN SH OR QUOGUE ... the rest to me is ..... blah blah blah ... "the pale of rationality" blah blah blah ... "Disney" ... blah blah blah -- vote how you want to in your own town HHS ... you don't seem to be endorsing any one in particular there either ... chronic crank with some facts about the pba salaries ... the rest??? a joke. " Mar 20, 12 11:14 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

There was an "outcry" Ms. Campolo - only it was a whisper campaign in 2004 to get rid of the "brown tide". I am not a "liberal Democrat", a "Republican" or whatever you would choose to label me and others as (with the backing of your Deacon no less!) Sorry... Bill McGintee served this town also -- just saying. " Mar 20, 12 11:36 PM

The "reality" is that a group of people in
Springs want to (may have already?) publish the addresses and take pictures of "suspected violators". This is scary, scary stuff with a very POLITICAL base and agenda, and being openly driven by self-proclaimed "Code Enforcer" David Buda, and pandering to very specific "neighbors" who may or may not like theirs - for whatever reason. The "reality" is that Code Enforcement is (finally?) doing its job in a professional, lawful manner as is evident by the number of complaints/investigations/ltown labor that has been mobilized to address the specific complaints (lists and all) submitted by Springs residents, as compared to what went on for 6 years (!!) prior to the reorganization of that department. School taxes are a "big problem" in Springs. Those who try to tie the two together -- or think there is a direct corrolation - do not have their facts straight. Voting "NO" to pierce the tax cap is a good way to start making the School Board clean up a major part of the angst felt by taxpayers in Springs. Town-wide reassessment of properties may be another .... and Springs being held to a $25,000 per pupil contract by EHHS is, to me, a greater problem than all those "illegal" children in Springs. Three, four or five different issues that absolutely SHOULD NOT be played party vs. party - or "race based". " Mar 21, 12 6:01 PM

Or "they" - our children, middle class and elderly can "just move out" too, right Reality? Because that's what's happening. I suppose you, Gansetteer and Tito "have yours" so to speak so don't have to worry about who works in the restaurants and delis you may go to (let them commute in - those business owners are greedy anyway!), what house your kids are going to buy (go to Riverhead!) or where and how your parents are going to survive (or where the help that they may need at home is coming from- let them drive from Hampton Bays to take care of your Mom!) with taxes rising, rising rising ... No solution but an interesting take on it ... " Mar 22, 12 11:54 AM

And I agree with you reality, that there are many "successful" locals who can "afford" to live here -- most own businesses and employ others - or work for the Town. The list is endless starting with commercial and recreational boat captains in Montauk and ending at a restaurant called Town Line in Wainscott! Those "middle classers" have to have six figure incomes (combined or not) to "afford" to live here. My question is - where are 20-something kids coming back from college, or 18-21 year olds who choose not to go to college but work seasonally or at the grocery store etc., and elders whose only asset may be the house they own, and those who are not-so-career oriented going to LIVE. Your answer seems to be, and I sadly agree, is "not here". " Mar 22, 12 8:18 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Councilwoman Theresa Quigley Unveils Newly Proposed Light Law

Good for Ms. Quigley ... the fact is that the lighting that exists here, right now, throughout East Hampton, is what you will see and what you will get - until a commercial or residential property is renovated. How many "lighting complaints" were there last year - 2? And how many since this ill-conceived law was passed with Deb Foster and Ms. Harder high fiving each other at a Town Board Meeting where (gasp!) people did speak out against it! If I remember correctly Pat Mansir questioned why residential lighting that existed wasn't grandfathered in and said "So what I have would be illegal?" and may have voted against it ... even if it was illegal - I doubt she was cited OR changed it. Anyway - I'm all for grandfathering what is here until someone has the dough to renovate their house or business ... despite the Harder, et. al rhetoric. " Mar 27, 12 11:38 AM

Altschuler Gets Independence Party Nod

Wow! Are ALL the "Independence", when forced to choose not for the best candidate but for their political "friend", really going "Democrat"? Why? Other than helping his individual "friends" and some constiuents personally (which any dolt in office can do) ... what has he REALLY done for the taxpayers (i.e. homeowners in East Hampton), the farmers, and especially the fishing industry in East Hampton? Promises promises ... flip, flop, flip, flip. flop - I don't care that Altschuler is living in St. James ... I didn't go to SH College and the fact that Bishop may have a following in that cult means nothing to me - what has he DONE??
" Mar 27, 12 11:41 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of East Hampton's Share Of Poxabogue Golf Course

Thank you Southampton. And thank you East Hampton officials (that decision to sell WAS unanimous I believe ...). I am happy I won't be subsidizing golfers with my tax dollars any longer. Good riddance. " Mar 28, 12 9:58 AM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Unfortunately, double standard, that's not the gist of the "reform" that's offered. I agree totally with "Open it up across state lines, offer more products, give some tax relief to businesses, stop the tort nonsense" - but that's not ALL that's not what is going to happen under Obamacare ... the "plan" is simply unacceptable on too many levels to list ... as are other votes that Tim Bishop has cast. The MOST important question is not whether or not Altschuler "outsourced" (boring - we get it) but WHAT HAS TIM BISHOP DONE FOR US?? Not only as East Enders, but as US citizens. I think "Not Much".
" Mar 29, 12 9:54 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

There are a lot of teachers looking for jobs ... heaven forbid there are less and we all make do or the ones who are there are "replaced". Watch out, louse point." Mar 29, 12 9:59 PM

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