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Around East Hampton Town Hall: Councilwoman Theresa Quigley Unveils Newly Proposed Light Law

Good for Ms. Quigley ... the fact is that the lighting that exists here, right now, throughout East Hampton, is what you will see and what you will get - until a commercial or residential property is renovated. How many "lighting complaints" were there last year - 2? And how many since this ill-conceived law was passed with Deb Foster and Ms. Harder high fiving each other at a Town Board Meeting where (gasp!) people did speak out against it! If I remember correctly Pat Mansir questioned why residential lighting that existed wasn't grandfathered in and said "So what I have would be illegal?" and may have voted against it ... even if it was illegal - I doubt she was cited OR changed it. Anyway - I'm all for grandfathering what is here until someone has the dough to renovate their house or business ... despite the Harder, et. al rhetoric. " Mar 27, 12 11:38 AM

Altschuler Gets Independence Party Nod

Wow! Are ALL the "Independence", when forced to choose not for the best candidate but for their political "friend", really going "Democrat"? Why? Other than helping his individual "friends" and some constiuents personally (which any dolt in office can do) ... what has he REALLY done for the taxpayers (i.e. homeowners in East Hampton), the farmers, and especially the fishing industry in East Hampton? Promises promises ... flip, flop, flip, flip. flop - I don't care that Altschuler is living in St. James ... I didn't go to SH College and the fact that Bishop may have a following in that cult means nothing to me - what has he DONE??
" Mar 27, 12 11:41 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of East Hampton's Share Of Poxabogue Golf Course

Thank you Southampton. And thank you East Hampton officials (that decision to sell WAS unanimous I believe ...). I am happy I won't be subsidizing golfers with my tax dollars any longer. Good riddance. " Mar 28, 12 9:58 AM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Unfortunately, double standard, that's not the gist of the "reform" that's offered. I agree totally with "Open it up across state lines, offer more products, give some tax relief to businesses, stop the tort nonsense" - but that's not ALL that's not what is going to happen under Obamacare ... the "plan" is simply unacceptable on too many levels to list ... as are other votes that Tim Bishop has cast. The MOST important question is not whether or not Altschuler "outsourced" (boring - we get it) but WHAT HAS TIM BISHOP DONE FOR US?? Not only as East Enders, but as US citizens. I think "Not Much".
" Mar 29, 12 9:54 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

There are a lot of teachers looking for jobs ... heaven forbid there are less and we all make do or the ones who are there are "replaced". Watch out, louse point." Mar 29, 12 9:59 PM

State Offers Sales Tax Holiday Next Week On Clothes And Footwear

I don't know about most people - but I owe federal and state taxes on April 15 - imagine that! Saving $4 is not going to make up for what I'm scraping up to pay under penalty of not paying ... if you get my drift. I would imagine that what "they" are counting on, VOS, are business owners "getting the dough" and then coughing it up to make up for what others just "saved" - a joke, isn't it? " Mar 30, 12 1:09 AM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Appoints New Comptroller

One would almost think that the new Comptroller who thinks "the people who are here" who "know the reasons for what they are doing" is referring to the TOWN BOARD ... good luck to him! " Mar 30, 12 1:15 AM

Changes To State Pension System Will Bring Big Savings Down The Road

A small step (not up or down but in the spirit of "reality") for unions and a large one for the rest of us who pay for their pension plans but have none of our own .... I believe if it isn't "profitable enough" or "safe" enough for union employees to enter into the real world of "business" (i.e. "having a real employer", read: tax payers, or REAL EMPLOYERS who pay their taxes) then those who are "struggling" with thier "professions" should get another one - as if they don't work off the books already three months (or more) out of the year in East Hampton. Give me a break." Mar 31, 12 8:03 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

When those who are "so poor" they give up Cable (HBO and the "extra channels" ($160 month), and read in public librarys, their I-Pods and downloading music (that's $200 plus plus for the rest of it), their Saturdays of 'relaxing" to work 6 days a week (maybe adding another $100 or $200 dollars a week to go toward health care insurance?). Then there's SUV payments, cheese doodles, dinner out, movies, a vacation one can't afford ... It's all about work - and choices. How many sacrifices have you made to "better yourself" - not to mention "others"?" Mar 31, 12 8:14 PM

East Hampton Democrats Challenge Town Board Republican Majority's Sale of Ronjo Alleyway

i am sure there may be a valid claim of adverse possession - therefore the Town may not have clear title to "sell" anythiing in the first place .... and even if they could - who would buy an ally way with a swimming pool encroaching on it? But these are just practical matters ... who cares about those when you can make political fodder of every decision made and have HHS chiming in about the use of beaches he's probably never been on ... as a resident of EQ - did you sign that petition HHS? I'm sure the Dems were checking residency carefully ... and the owners say they hve an appraisal that's somewhere around $25,000... much much ado about NOTHING. " Apr 4, 12 4:29 PM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

Why, EHMom, should government jobs be "saved" when everyone else is trying to save their own AND try and pay for someone elses? We all know McGintee blew up the payroll to the tune of 50 + people in 6 years (inlcuding his own payraise and those of "political favor" positions like Deputy Supervisor getting 12,000 raise, Parks "Commissioner" getting another 12,000 ... "Land Acquisition" having four paid employees instead of two, and it went on and on and on ... still can't figure out what Bill Taylor is doing .... if people were "forced" to retirement and are still getting ALMOST WHAT THEY WERE GETTING PAID ANYWAY to live happily ever after ... good for them - good for us as taxpayers .... " Apr 19, 12 6:08 PM

East Hampton Democrats Challenge Town Board Republican Majority's Sale of Ronjo Alleyway

Sylvia Overby is notorious, NOTORIOUS, for back-door manipulation, back-stabbing, working for her party and plain old partisan politics -- especially when it comes to the Planning Board and her attempts over the years as its Chair to control every piece of wood that may/may not end up having a nail in it. All with a gracious "who me?" smile. Theresa Quigley simply doesn't know how to fake a smile .... such a shame so much time is being wasted by "personalitiies" and political ploys when there are many, many more pressing issues facing the Town as a whole. " Apr 20, 12 4:09 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

I checked, HHS, Chris Jones is NOT a "Republican party member". He can't even vote here and has not contributed to the Republican party. You are so off the mark it's a little (only a little) dangerous because people may take what you say seriously ... you have been asked again and again where an appraisal is legally mandated in this case but have no answer. It is YOUR unsubstantiated "polical" and "psychiological" assertions, rumors, innuendo and ad hominem attacks against those Republican in the Town of East Hampton which are either comical or just ... lunacy! When it comes out that there is no "gift" here - will you PLEASE just stick to Southampton and the town that you ride in on??? " Apr 23, 12 5:44 PM

Oh. My. Goodness. Can't wait! We don't know if you're a "good neighbor" or not HHS ... but I wonder where you were when Democrat contributors (major contributors!) "gave" us the new town hall for their own benefit and to the financial detriment of us all, and paid millions of dollars to a Dem "contributor" for a useless island. Millions squandered at "our" expense. Millions.... not a "suggested" hundred thousand as a political ploy ... millions. I am not on the Republican, Democrat, or Independance party "Team" as I too am fond of "good government", so I can say this with some certainty: Unfortunately, not only don't you understand the "teams" in East Hampton - HHS - you don't even know the games that are really being played." Apr 24, 12 10:08 AM

My point, HHS, is that hundreds of people and businesses from EH and other places contribute to the Republican, Democrat and Independence committees, and other PACS, such as the Conservators, and organizations which are "political", such as CCOM, the Group for the South Fork, etc. etc., which actually HIRE people to "spread their word". Under your theory, everyone who goes to a fundraiser or contributes to a worthy cause would be somehow "connected" and obtaining "favors" left and right ... so tell me, in your world, is every contributor suspect because there is, eventually, an "outcome" in any given sitution - or is it only those who YOU "suspect" because of your OWN slanted political views that are "suspect"? Again, you have no clue what goes on in this Town - I recognize it is your right to opine away ... naming yourself a "good neighbor" is just rubbish. " Apr 26, 12 12:01 PM

I suggest, HHS - if you REALLY want to "follow the money" - you see who is contributing to the "straw men" that you accuse me of "creating". The Conservator PAC is real, the Group for the South Fork is real, and they have real contributors who have influnece and agendas that promote and pay for "elected officials", and who line their own pockets in these "muddy waters". Your problem is you don't know the pool, pond or ocean in which you claim to swim. I dare you to truly follow the Alec Baldwin et. al. money, who the Conservators backed, and their agenda - it is there. P.S. If the party "D" is involved so are they. You are more of an "I hate Wilkinson" simpleton than I initially thought ... " Apr 27, 12 8:16 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

Hmmm ... longer than that now .... I too am curious about the list that was handed in that resulted in "no action". All hearings are public if anyone REALLY wants to know. Perhaps Mr. Buda will be pushing for a town paid "public advocate" position next .... " May 1, 12 10:50 PM

Residents File Suit Over Ronjo Motel Decision

Enough Already!!! Each and every one of those who joined in to file this lawsuit are costing residents and taxpayers MONEY!! I certainly will remember this when the next election comes around ... " May 2, 12 7:04 PM

East Hampton Town Residents Oppose Entertainment Law

This is what I see ... the (previous) Town board composed of Wilkinson, Quigley, Prince, Hammerle and Stanzione - heard complaint after complaint and cry after cry to "DO SOMETHING". Overby and VanScoyac replace Prince and Hammerle. The Republican Board members, using Town resources, time and energy, try to address complaints from consitituents about isolated commercial businesses in Montauk. Overby, VanScoyac and CCOM criticize the proposal, yet offer no solutions of their own. The Republicans get slammed by businesses, the same ones they are criticized by the Dems for "promoting"... while Overby and VanScoyac sit silently by. Ahhhh - politics. At least they tried ...." May 4, 12 8:55 PM

East End Has Among Highest Gas Prices In State

Glad someone has a memory Dr. Spock ... the only legislator that has tried to seriously address this has been Thiele ... now let's hear from all the "I know it all and hate that person" politickers ... left and right on this site!" May 4, 12 9:00 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

Is this the same Zach Cohen who was sent a "cease and desist" letter from the State Comptroller's Office during his campaign for making misleading remarks about his involvement/work with that office? Are these the same Dems who wanted the DA's Office to investigate Len Bernard? Who file a suite against Fred Overton for doing his job? Who sue the Town for helping people try to keep their homes from falling into the ocean? This stuff is so disgusting ... it is truly discouraging to watch as the truth usually sits somewhere in the middle and "facts" are however you want to spin them (including "newspaper reports"). So government and what is in the best interest of the Town at large, and its constituents, should all come to a halt over political bickering? Have to say the Dems ARE doing a good job of distracting everyone from real issues ... " May 8, 12 5:50 PM

East Hampton Town and Surf Lodge Settle For $100,000

Connwatcher - hate to point this out but there is no "entertainment code" so there couldn't be an "entertainment code" violation. If in fact, "the settlement was the same one that town attorneys extended to the business back in October" why wasn't it settled then? Seems to me the presiding judge, who wouldn't go along with it then, simply didn't like the former attorney and probably should have recused herself ... high drama in the "unbiased" court of Cathy Cahill. " May 14, 12 5:37 PM

Southampton Town Reaches $70K Settlement In Wrongful-Death Suit

Sorry to say trurepublican, a judge did not "order" that the taxpayers should pay as there was no trial - the Town 'settled" - costing taxpayers what it cost. Big difference." May 14, 12 6:13 PM

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