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Jeremy Samuelson Becomes First Executive Director of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk

Is that a guess settherecordsrtaight, or a fact? Perhaps the reporter (or the editor of this newspaper could just ASK ans set the record straight. Why should readers have to guess? " May 24, 12 8:51 PM

East Hampton Town Ronjo Alleyway Appraisal Comes Back

HHS - I'd like to hear your hypothesis and overinflated sense of "neighborliness" expound on what you think should happen if Cohen's assertions are entirely false .... I suppose, somehow, you could even that around to make it Wilkinson's fault! You, who have probably never even been to Montauk, are hysterical!" May 25, 12 11:11 AM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

it's the baseless lawsuits against the Town (by groups that DO NOT hire outside attorneys - they have their own "Democrats" that they don't pay to join in their endeavors) that we, as taxpayers have to defend that get me angry ... perhaps HHS should get a new hobby and track how much they have cost the Town and how they have ended up - now THAT would be more interesting than .... blah, blah, blah " May 26, 12 7:52 PM

Demos Withdraws From Congressional Race

An extremist nut? Sounds like the "Turkey Bridge Tim Bishop Kettle" calling the coal black ... And Tiana Bob - you are just silly - as usual - campaigning is a "job" only if you don't have one to save - do you think it's true that Bishop paid a family member to "campaign" for him from donations to "Re-elect Tim?" Even I was shocked at that one ... True or not Turkey Bridge?" May 28, 12 8:38 PM

East Hampton Town Ronjo Alleyway Appraisal Comes Back

"Your recent comments repeat the same old baseless charges; your conception of real events is still distorted by the same old political ...more bias; and you continue to transform perfectly innocent behavior via the same old misconstructions." Oh. My. Goodness! HHS has finally looked in the mirror! It's hysterical!

" Jun 1, 12 10:49 AM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Ahhhh - FINALLY the Dems show where they are at ... tooo bad it's not about East Hampton residents .... please - go away." Jun 2, 12 6:29 PM

That was in response to zaz ... and, quite frankly, John Behan has made it plain that people "owe" him (whether Republican, Independance and/or Democrats!!) and has advocated for jobs for his sons and his wife in the political arena ... perhaps that's how good old Bishop fans are looking at it too ... no thanks." Jun 2, 12 6:36 PM

D.A.'s Office Refutes Cohen's Allegations About Ronjo Motel In Montauk

HHS said "there should be an apology" if Cohen was ... wrong? mistaken? misguided? Is that what the countless number of $$ that people who have sued, AND WON, against the Town Planning Board when Overby and VanScoyac were on that Board are owed? And how about defending our OWN TOWN CLERK for making a judgement about the validity of non-valid signatures in his official capacity? And Sylvia and Peter vote NO to defend him personally? An apology? It's sickening. Truly HHS." Jun 5, 12 9:50 PM

Alec Baldwin Applies For a Wind Turbine

No wind turbines on Long Lane ... yet. Great idea! But please, if it falls it afalls on his own 8 acre property ...." Jun 5, 12 9:57 PM

D.A.'s Office Refutes Cohen's Allegations About Ronjo Motel In Montauk

Now this - HHS - is the best "Of course, attorneys will be happy to file any actions that a client will pay for but, if they are ethical, they will tell the client that the outcome of such a lawsuit would be unfavorable and that the client will have to bear the cost of the litigation fruitlessly" In case you haven't noticed, you idiot, the "filers" of the suits the Dems have brought against the Town are DEMOCRAT PARTY MEMBERS (i.e. Sam Kramer) who do not "charge" their infamous clients ... it is the taxpayer that pays to defend these frivolous suits. Follow the bouncing ball ... you can do it ... c,mon ... oh I forgot ... you wouldn't have any idea who the real players are here ...

" Jun 6, 12 11:45 AM

Nor will we be fooled by YOURS, HHS. More Wilky bashing - what an obession you have! The truth is Ms Wolffsohn's department was RUN by Ms. Overby when she was on the Planning Board -- and, during Ms. Overby's tenure, she routinely ignored the recommendations of the Planning Department, to the point where they were afraid to actually MAKE any, and then she ran roughshod over applicants and the Town Attorneys, causing the Town to pay for an outlandish amount of lawsuits so citizens could enforce their rights. Your efforts to try to deflect the issue from the current, outrageous acts of Cohen, Overby and Frankle would be laughable if they weren't so pathetic. Their actions, which have NOTHING to do with "bettering" our community, are despicable. One can only hope Van Scoyac distances himself quickly from this crew. " Jun 8, 12 11:44 AM

My how you have diverted and spun your made up story about Wolffsohn to divert attention away from Sylvia Overby and Zach Cohen's debacle. Where pray tell - are you getting YOUR information?? Or have you just "heard" it ...? As you demean others for spewing their supposed "rumors" here you are creating an unheard of story?! From East Quogue no less! And your nonsense about .... someone? .... calling MW a "bad" person (when no one did)is right out of a Lona Rubenstein (bad) campaign strategy ... obviously meant to bait and switch. Hmmmmmm - I see the Dems are just keeping at it. Funny!" Jun 8, 12 2:42 PM

We the heck, HHS, are "we" and "us"? What, exactly. other than Wilky bashing - is your business/interest in East Hampton?? If you are resident - say so! Your "good neighbor" schtick is WAAY over and done with!" Jun 9, 12 3:27 PM

Sorry - that's "WHO" the heck ... governmental efficiency by reorganizing departments and consolidation is all over "the news" - not as a Republican or Democrat idea - but as a necesity and reality. Didn't see the article you were referring to SECONDS after it came out, I suppose, and don't know anyone posting here personally so certainly couldn't call them my "collegues" - but read an editorial on Patch that went with the back and forth of the Board discussing this last Thursday which said "The truth is ...", talking about the actual resolution put forth. Can't say I'm unhappy about you coming unglued apoplectic right now, HHS, never mind your non-ability to STAY ON POINT beyond Wilky bashing. Very funny! " Jun 9, 12 3:36 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

Hmmmm - not only is the answer "no" - but it seems I am directly on point and you have no sense of East Hampton Town history, whether it's Democrat OR Republican. i am not enamored with what's going on with this dysfunctional Board ... but I can only IMAGINE what it would have been like if the majority had ended up being "spinmeisters" and favor-givers for Gruber, Kelley, CCOM and the Conservators. Enough is enough. " Jun 10, 12 1:16 PM

D.A.'s Office Refutes Cohen's Allegations About Ronjo Motel In Montauk

Not my "colleagues" - I watched the Board meeting last night as Dem speaker after Dem speaker ... uhhm - that DOES include Jeremy Samualson now that at least it's clear he gets PAID to speak for them, repeated the Star's "error" that was posted on-line, apparently, but not in the paper - or was that "article" just another "slanted" piece full of innuendo and inaccuracies? I have come to expect that from the Star - but you HHS? Falling for it hook line and ... oh! you could have WRITTEN it. Step, step, step in line with the "let's play partisan politics gamers" - at least it is now VERY clear you just can't stand Wilky and the "R" word. A concerned, neutral, neighborly observer my backside. Too funny!" Jun 11, 12 4:01 PM

Which was not true - are you offering to be a fact checker for them in all your free time or will you continue to spew silliness as "facts"? " Jun 11, 12 7:05 PM

The only people who are getting screwed in East Hampton are residents who work two jobs (or own their own businesses and employ others - it seems) and expect newly-elected Town Board members to remember that ... and their promises. But - I'll play ... who is getting screwed in your eyes HHS - it seems quite clear from actually watching that meeting that MW is keeping her job with seven underlings - DESPITE the hack jobs at last weeks hearing AND YOU saying/implying something different .... pray tell." Jun 12, 12 3:28 PM

It is pointless to debate anything with HHS as the beginning premise(s) are so far-fetched and filled with his own "hypothesis" for people's motivations, thoughts and actions, vs. factual occurrances, that one would simply be chasing one's tail in any "discussion"- as he does. HHS actually DOES sound like Cohen et. al, throwing it out there that the resolution may "possibly be illegal". No one said that at the hearing .... so why is he making that up? Also, after the last comment regarding "sea walls" and Ms. Wolffsoh's "authority" it seems clear to me that either 1. another "issue" has to be created quickly to divert positives and public benefits into negatives and/or 2. he has no idea of the function(s) of the Building Inspector, the Town Engineer (who shouldn't even be under the auspices of the Planning Department in my opinion but, hey, you can thank the McGintee administration for that cut in salary for Tom Talmage while he raised his own and that of his collegues), or the role of the Natural Resource Department (which they tried to DO AWAY WITH). Those are "facts". I would venture to say Ms. Wolffsohn has as much expertise regarding the "degrading" effects of the "repairing of a sea wall", and should chime in on such, as Larry Penny would have had in assessing houses or what type of asphalt should be used in potholes. Not criticizing her credentials in any way, but moving people into positions which maximize their expertise to create efficiencies for the public is a plus plus. No one is being fired - the rest is pettiness. " Jun 13, 12 2:12 PM

I do agree with you, HHS, that "proper discussion" should take place so that resolutions can be voted on - but I don't see EITHER "side" coming to reasonable terms and, quite frankly, I haven't seen ANYTHING put forth by Overby or VanScoyac to "streamline" the planning process (campaign promises by both of them) to promote businesses (another promise), to tackle affordable housing issues (another one) or to promote transparency and discussion. All they do is say "NO" and whine that they haven't had time to look at anything. It is all simply a shame for all of us who expect better from all elected officials, regardless of R or D or I's behind someone's name on a ballot. " Jun 13, 12 6:55 PM

Plans For Septic Upgrade At Three Mile Harbor Mobile Home Park Put On Hold

Why, exactly, is this being put on hold?" Jun 14, 12 2:57 PM

Republican Plan To Restructure Natural Resources and Planning Departments Draw Criticsm

I wholeheartedly commend the Wilkinson administration for, literally, allowing those of us who work here to stay here by not taxing us all 25% (as recommended by Cohen) as a "one time measure" to "fix" the McGintee raid of the CPF in order to get rid of the OUTLANDISH and CRIMINAL deficit created by Deb Foster, Pete Hammerle, Brad Loewan, Job Potter, Pat Mansir and, to a certain extent, Julia Prince and others who turned a blind eye because ... they just "didn't get it"? But I have no interest in beating dead horses. I'm not and "expert" but I would venture that anyone who reads a newspaper outside of these locals .... can understand that in order to balance a budget and keep taxes in check (I won't go into where we were three years ago but suffice it to say I will not be voting for anyone associated with the 30 million deficit debacle again - ever - and we all know who they were) - it is clear that in order to comply with a 2% tax cap increase, and the State Comptroller's Office, our governing body MUST, not "should" or "ought to", MUST, save money by consolidating departments, truly "manage" capital projects with accumulated "surpluses", freeze hiring, and privitize or cut some services. Wilkinson was WAY ahead of this 3 years ago... This is being done by Cuomo, Southampton, and every town on Long Island. The bottom line is consolidating departments and utilizing people in positions that they are most qualified for is a PUBLIC BENEFIT. I am truly disheartened over the political power struggles that currently exist in our Town. Let the Planning Department plan and the Environmental/Natural Resource Department make decisions regarding the environment ... but perhaps I am WAY too concerened with praciticality and efficiency to "understand" what is truly going on here. Are the following questions just too tough for this paper to ask ... Is there a financial benefit to consolidating? Is there an efficiency to be gained by this plan? Will the public (i.e. applicants?) benefit from a streamlined process? VanScoyac and Overby too ran on these issues. Get it together troops - that's what you were elected to do - I thought. " Jun 14, 12 11:52 PM

D.A.'s Office Refutes Cohen's Allegations About Ronjo Motel In Montauk

HHS - do YOU have ANY memory? But then, what do you care? You're not from here! There are many. many things I take issue with, especially people who lie. People who abuse their "power" positions also annoy me, and I take umbrage at your not-so-subtle attempts to avoid facts and issues that effect residents and your focus, instead, on Wilky's "style" to justify your blah blah blah "positions" while ignoring the shrill. untrue screams of "dismay" and "outrage" perpetuated by Foster, Frankle, Mazur, Klopman and, behind the scenes Kelley. Yawn. Not only am I not going to debate your "then you agree with me" and "you do not take issue with" Political Banter 101 stupidity - I'm going to keep observing who does what that is best for local workers, taxpayers and residents - I like to keep it simple ...." Jun 15, 12 12:11 AM

By the way - I don't know if it was the Planning Department or the way that it was run by Sylvia Overby when she was a Board Member (just kidding - we all know MW is an "independant thinker") but what a hoax on the public for Overby to claim in an election year that she wants to "streamline" it. Her actions have shown she is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the rest of the harpies and those who enjoyed "Twoomey Town" when it existed -- and I have to say - good for them!! Not so for the rest of us taxpayers .... " Jun 15, 12 12:17 AM

Quigley Working On Law To Curb Springs Illegal Overcrowding

I believe the POINT is to provide "legal" places for people to live ... are you for, or against that?" Jun 18, 12 3:33 PM

Plans For Septic Upgrade At Three Mile Harbor Mobile Home Park Put On Hold

Upgrading the system would have to be approved by SCHD ... I don't think that's the problem. And I don't think you're wrong marybmary .... but you "buy" someone out based on what they put into their homes and what it's worth. I wonder if anyone has ever asked these residents if they would relocate to other "affordable" sites within the Town at the Town's expense, not to exceed the upgrade cost? It seems CLEAR that something has to be done - why are some (Democrat?? if I'm reading this right ...) members of the Board stalling on this?!? " Jun 18, 12 3:39 PM

Altschuler Sweeps Primary Election, Will Face Bishop in November

I am dissappointed that progressnow and Turkey Bridge are so bitter! So tired of the "outsourcer" and "go back to Jersey comments" - all "slanted" (to say the LEAST!) and not true, but hardly surprising from SH Dem-at-all-cost die hards and friends of Bishop - as if by repeating a lie (about Outsourcing and New Jersey) and calling someone a "Carpetbagger" because of a political affiliation 9 million times it - somehow - becomes true??? Same blogging happens in East Hampton from Democrat committee members also against (some) candidates and elected Republican officials unfortunately.... But not surprising from "I know how I'm going to vote regardless of the issues" SH Democrats. Can anyone print here what the election results were from the last-time -around Bishop vs. Altshuler vote? 6,700 votes is a STRONG show of support ... where does that leave Bishop if all of those people come out and vote again in November. Looking for a job, I would surmise. " Jun 27, 12 6:33 PM

East Hampton Airport Gets New Federal Classification

Something that hasn't happened in 20 years, SHB and Nero ... an ATTEMPT. I hope everyone has a great week. I am sure, however, that the critics (on either side) will be out full force no matter what happens next week and over the next 3 years. The good news is that for 90% of East Hampton residents, we WILL have a good holiday because "we" didn't buy and don't live next to the airport ... I just applaud the Town Board for making sure that I, as a taxpayer, don't subsidize it. " Jun 27, 12 6:41 PM

Altschuler Sweeps Primary Election, Will Face Bishop in November

that's OK too ... at least it's factual." Jun 28, 12 12:01 AM

Sort of ... had Demos REALLY had all that Dem support money-which he had access to and used it - he may have BEAT Altschuler if his peeps showed up ... but they didn't ... although a candidate says he's "backing out" doesn't mean there's not a primary (that cost us all $$$ - shame on you George Demos - really ....) " Jun 28, 12 12:07 AM

Bishop Working On Fishery Initiatives

SOOOOO long over due .... SOOOO long Tim Bishop!" Jun 29, 12 11:31 AM

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