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Bishop Working On Fishery Initiatives

SOOOOO long over due .... SOOOO long Tim Bishop!" Jun 29, 12 11:31 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

Uggh! So boring ... let's just say I'm not a teacher, a town worker, or a cop ...(which is kind of a town worker - although they refuse to believe it - and which "educators" - teachers - certainly shine through on these blogs) and I own(ed) was/am/are self-employed, perhaps I'm even a small business owner who is so sucessful (we'll leave out the word "greedy" or "exploiter" for now) that I employ others, I'm a: builder, print-shop owner, pool company, landscaper, taxi company, deli or grocery store owner, steel worker, commercial or recreational fishing boat owner/operator, restuarant owner/employee, farmer .... or maybe I had enough money to open up a NEWSPAPER or was lucky enough to INHERIT one... But now I cut back as a result of business tanking (teachers, town employees and cops don't REALLY feel it - unless they are being laid off... welcome to the rest of the world). Why did I cut back? Because people (locals and second homeowners alike) aren't spending the money to fix things up, banks aren't loaning like they used to (may not be a bad thing), there's more competition to "do it for less", houses aren't selling, and, in general, well, the economy has tanked and my business is not as "comfortable" as it used to be. I let one employee go ... she goes on COBRA. I let another one go who never had health insurance and certainly is not going to be able to pony up whatever the "subsidized" amount is because, quite frankly, I don't know how he's paying his rent right now (good luck to the "greedy Landlord") but if I keep him I'm not going to make MY mortgage/car/health insurance/federal taxes due for me (and/or my family). So it's me and myself paying for my own or my families health insurance. When the choiice is mortgage/car payment/school tuition or HEALTH INSURANCE (no group plan unless my wife is on my payroll - which is often the case for small business ... now - we're divorced but I'm still responsible for health insurance - which, I understand, but .... I'm not earning what I used to!) Do you truly think, Philathome, that I, definitely a "middle-classer" because I make over $200,000 a year but, with employees and all net $50,000, oh - now there's no employees! - should have to choose - thanks to Obamacare - whether I should pay my mortgage or a health insurance premium?? Because I doubt that I, with all my vim and vigor as a twenty-nine-year old, thirty-nine year old, forty, fifty or sixty-nine year old - am going to be eligible for "subsidized care". But maybe those people I laid off will be .... thanks. " Jul 1, 12 1:26 PM

And did I mention - small businesses don't advertise nearly as much in a tanking economy??" Jul 1, 12 1:33 PM

Town May Not Have Funds For Tuckahoe School Sidewalk

Key: "In the same letter, Mr. Gregor expressed his intention to apply for a federal grant from the New York State Department of Transportation to fund the project. The “Safe Routes to School Program” gives federal dollars to schools provided they make a commitment to educate students about using sidewalks. Tuckahoe School would need to submit supporting documentation of their efforts before the grant was awarded." "Safe Walks to School" requires the Town AND the school to be involved as applicants for a grant. Either the school (and the Town) have or will apply, or it hasn't/won't be done. OR - the Town picks up the cost. This article is half-information-baked. Does Shaye Weaver understand what s/he is writing about? " Jul 2, 12 10:36 PM

Town Board Requires Affordable Homes, Not Rentals, For Five Flanders Properties

TB - I see no reason why you can't have both ... just not in a "house". isn't there an affordable apartment law in place in SH? If not ... get going!" Jul 13, 12 5:07 PM

i believe he listened, he heard, and he disagrees with your assertions. There was a vote ... now THAT'S what Democracy is all about!" Jul 13, 12 5:13 PM

Activisits Sound Off On Noise Reduction Claims At East Hampton Airport

Take the FAA money ... amazing how 25 people, David Gruber and the public meeting Dem cabal attenders can create a stir and headlines among 21,000 residents ...." Jul 18, 12 8:23 PM

ARB Denies MetroPCS Cell Phone Tower Application

Hmmm ... how much is each shingle really worth and who, exactly, opposed this? Can't imagine it was the parishioners ... guess they will just have to ante up a few more tithes and offerings since the community "anti-s" already paid theirs to .... who? What a shame." Jul 26, 12 5:29 PM

East Hampton Town and Johann Settle Over Fort Pond House Lawsuit

Political retribution?? Why doesn't Alec Baldwin, Adelaide, the Conservators, CCOM and the Town Democrat Committee ante up and buy the thing already?! Perhaps Dick Cavett and Sas Peters could "give back" also, if you know what I mean." Jul 26, 12 5:33 PM

New Law Requires Mammography Service Providers To Inform Patients When Dense Breast Tissue Is Detected

In memory of Theresa Montant ... such a necessary and progressive law. Thank you. " Jul 30, 12 9:53 PM

Company Proposes Wind Turbine Farm Offshore From Montauk

So - good thing or ... not?" Jul 30, 12 9:59 PM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Ahhh - you "for the People" posters! You're very funny! That's a lot of money to pay to go meet our "Have I mis-spoken again?" VP and "Local Candidate". If, indeed, Tim Bishop, the VP and the President had ANY idea of how to "get the economy going again" - I dare say it would have been done. Perhaps even without adding a "tax", or a "penalty" or whatever you want to call it on the "middle class".... A "status" i worked hard to acheive but am losing every day thanks to our President. Thank goodness voting is FREE! " Jul 31, 12 2:35 PM

In Congressional Politics, Tracking Is The Name Of The Game

This is very funny! At first you would think it's Tim Bishop himself SOOOO tired and disgusted by all of this. But no. So why not just say WHO TOOK THE VIDEO? HIS campaign manager? Security? Sigh, sigh. The "tracking" - admittedly on both sides, takes place throughout the campaign. THIS video is shot on July 3 and is JUST NOW released by an "outaged?" Tim Bishop - using his own father's death, by the way, in a "sympathy bid" against "bad guy" Randy Altshculer?? Pretty silly behavior by both parties but, it seems clear Timmy's house is down the road from where the tracker sat, the video itself was taken prior to Mr. Bishop's father's passing, and Randy himself (and presumably his family) is followed and "tracked" also. At first I thought "Was this on the day of the FUNERAL?" Now that would be tacky. But it wasn't. Love the spin!!! How awful to be a politician whose every word and personal move is open to the public BUT ... if you can't stand the heat ... I understand that if Bishop can't run on the issues the only press he will be using is to attack Altschuler personally - but I hope this silly, hyped-up video and article backfire on Tim Bishop big time. What a waste of space. " Jul 31, 12 3:01 PM

East Hampton Board Members Consider Using CPF Funds To Buy Mobile Home Park

Is it true the owners have started work on the septic system using their own financing??" Aug 1, 12 8:47 AM

In Congressional Politics, Tracking Is The Name Of The Game

We know that's how you feel .... shnative, regardless of a factual basis for your mantra .... we know ... You have your vote thanks to our troops and hard working Americans who support them. We know ...." Aug 2, 12 1:16 AM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

While I do think there has to be some "solution" - and don't agree at all with this "back door" one - I love the fact the editor chose to say MS., not Mr., progressnow, "emigrated here", instead of "was brought here by her parents". I'm sorry - can't have it both ways. I think we should welcome smart, hard-working, competitave students - it's done all the time - sometimes legally. " Aug 2, 12 1:26 AM

That's what I said, genious. It was the editor of this article that used that term ... speciously in my opinion." Aug 4, 12 11:10 AM

That was in reply to witch hazel" Aug 4, 12 11:12 AM

UPDATE: Crew Buries Whale On Beach In Hampton Bays

Securing the carcass and keeping it out at sea, using State and/or Federal dollars, would be the most efficient course of action ... I hope some one is thinking and acting intelligently right now ... dragging IN / and/or "securing" a decomposed whale seems like an enormous (pun intended) waste of time and money. " Aug 11, 12 8:46 PM

Crowd Turns Out Before East Hampton Board To Support Sloppy Tuna

go to town's website and the LTV tape on this .... interesting. " Aug 14, 12 11:18 PM

Agree to a certain extent Nellie, but the fact is people know where they are buying property... and then complain there's a business there! The Town lost the suite to get a temporary injunction to shut down the Tuna yesterday in Supreme Court - what does that tell you ... ? Why is the Town bending over backwards for people who bought property next to a business?!? Not only did it cost the business $ to defend - it cost the taxpayers $ to bring it. Sorry lhasabon ... you have no idea whether they have "the proper permits" or not - or what the underlying issues may be - and neither do I quite frankly - but it was entertaining to watch. Love all the cops, judges and jurors on this cite! " Aug 15, 12 10:41 AM

Springs Parents Upset About Sports Cuts

If the following is Mr. Mucci's MAIN issue: "it could potentially exclude some children who don’t have access to a carpool group. Providing a bus would be the only way to ensure true public access to the sports program." I think he better take off his dunce cap as this is putting a cart before a horse. $21,000 could probably be raised very easily ... insisting on using the bus for an additional $14,000 seems like a real kick in the butt, not to mention political posturing and griping about a budget that needed to be cut. I dare say Mr. Mucci and the Board should work with these parents and kids, not against them.
" Aug 16, 12 12:14 PM

Amagansett Resident Decries Clearing Of Lot Near Ancient Tree

Oh - Dem Sas Peters is not nuts ... he just tries to manipulate CPF funds (and his neighbors!) to make "his" properties - that he owns and sells - work for what is best for Sas Peters in the name of "preservation". He has, however, hit the bottom on this one ... pretty funny! " Aug 16, 12 10:49 PM

Campaign Diary: Altschuler Critizes Bishop's Business Relationship With Daughter

To Ms. Bishop: Many have worked hard to build businesses and own homes on the East End - you are just lucky your father has subsidized you while, at the same time, making poor decisions that leave the rest of us "middle class" business and working people in the lurch. Randy Altschuler, who speaks highly of his hard-working wife and his mother whoe worked hard to raise and educate him, has my vote. Although I can understand this "news" has given you a platform to sound your Dad's bells ... the lies and spew about him being a woman-hater are so over the top it is pathetic. Good luck to your Dad, Ms. Bishop, when he needs to find a real job. From the sound of it, you will be fine! Good Luck. " Aug 17, 12 10:18 AM

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