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Montauk fishermen cited for violations

Dear Seafly: YIKES!! Are you Joe Billotto?!" Dec 1, 09 10:29 PM

A plan to beef up historic regulations in Amagansett

I don't want this to be posted but it is scary when Beth Young and the Editor of this paper - who may or may not push or condone such writings - publish "stories" so to speak, just for the fun of it, it seems. In this article, it is written that "The proposed change came about after the controversial demolition of the 1808 Isaac Barnes House on Indian Wells Highway in 2008 and the reconstruction of the Mill Garth Inn, now known as the Reform Club, by a corporation with ties to Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner. Mr. Lerner owns many Amagansett properties and has come under fire again this year for changes made to the building that this summer opened as the restaurant Mezzaluna Amg without Planning Board review." Point of fact: neither the Reform Club, or the Isaac Barnes House, were ever designated as "historical" structures" under the Town Code, nor are either of them located in a "historic district". So I fail to see the connection between "citizens's of Amagansett's concerns" - which is specifically the ACAC cabal's "concerns" and these buildings. Simply put, the proposal for amending the Code would have no effect on what the owner's wished to do with their property in these instances - SO WHAT EXACTLY IS THE STORY, JOE SHAW? this change was not pushed by "Amagansett citizens" in general - but by a very small goup of members of ACAC - and I am not commenting on whether the proposal is good or bad - only that the changes would, IN NO WAY, have any effect on the two buildings mentioned as they are both outside of the scope of this law. My real point? Why is this paper doing a fluff piece without investigating facts . . . are you taking tips from the Star? After not investigating whether, really, the site needed planning board review, as only David Rattray seems to think . . . you (Beth?) sticks that in there. My point? Why pass the ick on without really investigating . . . " Dec 28, 09 12:28 AM

East Hampton is short more than $1 million for historic Town Hall, says new budget officer

"They" could have - and that suggestion was made a long time ago at a brown bag meeting but was ignored - par for the course for what was happening under McGintee, Hammerle, Prince, Mansir and Loewan -- and par for the course that very few residents spoke up against this AS IT WAS HAPPENING! Where were you - Lost Tribe and Bilge Water? Perhaps it is time to truly call on Adelaide and Alec to help the Town they profess to love for their financial help now. Certainly they can afford it . . . " Jan 13, 10 11:03 PM

Bill would give towns authority over wetlands and ease burden, costs for state

Either you support the Trustees and their conservation efforts, public access stances, regenerative efforts for shellfish communites, local dredging, etc. et. etc., or you don't, because ???? No one from the Trustees thus far has requested more "funding" from taxpayers that I am aware of - and not that I, as an individual contributor, wouldn't "pony-up" as they say, in support of any and all of projects which would (and do!) clearly benefit all EH residents . . . So ZAZ - your comments on this elude me . . .perhaps your new moniker should be "Chicken Little". " Mar 2, 10 8:36 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Bo Bishop resigns

Good for Mr. Bishop! Obviously something is very, very wrong with this Board. " Mar 25, 10 12:02 AM

A push for library service in Springs

No - I don't think they are kidding. And kids under 17 can't just drive to EH. I'm curious if you would be opposed to this idea, Happy, if having a real annex in Springs wouldn't cost more than the $234,000 being sent to East Hamprton and would not increase taxes for Springs residents. Please don't come back with "it can't be done". My question is if it COULD BE done for that amount or less, would you support the proposal? I would. " Mar 25, 10 12:54 PM

Razza - last I knew Northwest is not sending $234,000 AS A TAX DISTRICT to the library, and a proposed annex could be within walking distance to the school, which may cut out the necessity of anyone driving into the village and back - especially in the summer. I do agree with you whole heartedly about getting a board that represents the interest of all residents and uses our tax dollars wisely . . . I would also note the library is going to ask for a tax increase shortly -- pretty nervy." Mar 26, 10 12:31 PM

Happy - it may not be necessary to actually BUIILD a new library in Springs, and therefore possible to provide an annex and services without increasing the taxes Spriongs already pays. I would encourage anyone who is interested to contact Henrika Conner, who is extrememly knowledgeable about the subject. The issue, i believe, is going to be this: Is the EH Library Board going to be willing to allow an annex in Springs with the money Springs residents ALREADY PAY? And if their answer is no - why not?" Mar 27, 10 1:38 PM


27dan - if you truly are from Southampton, please but out! Not every parent has the time or opportunity to "drive their kids ten minutes down the road" after school or on the weekends while they are working two jobs and ninety hours a week to support them. How fortunate you are that your parents could spend extra time with you! I suppose your next comment will be "Then move to South Carolina" The issue is - and will remain - could Springs have an annex for the $234,000 it sends to the library every year? People in Springs and those non-elected officials on the library board nedd to take a hard look at this. And knuddlehasi, people in Springs would LOVE to have that "learning environment" there - is there a real reason not to provide one?!? " Mar 31, 10 8:42 AM

East Hampton to state comptroller: No kidding. We're cutting the budget

I applaud what the Board has done thus far, they are on their way to doing exactly what they said they would do. While it may sound ambitious to try to actaully reduce taxes int he future - I am happy enough that we will not get smacked with any more huge increases in the near future due to financial mismanagement and cow-towing to special interest groups. The decisions this Board is making are tough on on spot. Keep it up. " May 6, 10 9:50 AM

Thanks, montaukman for reminding me that Ben Zwirn touted the fact that he was FRIENDS with DiNapoli throughout his ill-fated campaign . . . perhaps if the Democrats came up with this plan the UNELECTED NYS Comptroller would be praising it to the high hills . . .just a thought... and "factsman" - ??? sounds like a lot of mindless "predictions" rather than "facts" - are you and David Rattray related??" May 12, 10 3:39 PM

Foster claims lack of transparency in East Hampton Town financial plan

The problem with Ms. Foster's analogy - quite simply, is that McGintee and Hultz were not accessible, and Deb Foster had NO PROBLEM with that (i.e. never cared to look - until it was too late). I note that she never returned her salary or a pension to help out the Town . . .and her only "volunteer work" seems to be promoting a dysfunctional committee's agenda! On another note -if I am not mistaken it is sitll Tom DiNapoli, an unelected Democrat "official" and Ben Zwirn's best friend (let's not forget, really, where Deb Foster et. al are coming from) that underwrote that agenda. Could you all please stop politicizing what needs to be done and let this administration do what it was elected to do??!! It may be too much to expect - but it's not too much to ask. " May 12, 10 10:35 PM

Mr. Zwirn - you write "wasn't it the Republicans that were cheering him on when he was critical of the former Democratic Supervisor and his budget ways...". I believe what happened was the former "Democrat" (not to be confused with "democratic" - which process we all hope will be newly implemented by this Board) Supervisor and the all Democrat-backed Board were "outed" by the Comptroller - AND THEY CONTINUED TO IGNOR THE COMPTROLLER'S RECOMMENDATIONS. So to say it was the REPUBLICANS who were "cheering him on" is rather disingenuous and makes light of the atrocities that were uncovered and REALLY DID OCCUR over the span of 6 years. I loathe to get into a "Dem vs. Us" or "Us vs. Dem" discussion as I truly believe it must be the people who were elected, not the "party", that will clean up this mess. And since we all know Deb Foster cannot be trusted, and she was your most ardent supporter - my question is who, exactly, is the "us" you are referring to, that should be given a break?!? " May 13, 10 6:01 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

Thank you Bobby H!! Reading about who is this "poster" or "that person" is not only childish, it is boring. As someone else pointed out earlier, and as a reminder, the definition of malfeasance is "wrongdoing or misconduct, esp. by a public official; commission of an act that is positively unlawful: distinguished from misfeasance, nonfeasance." I thank the press for posting the Grand Jury report but am sorely disappointed that Spota made the deal back in October with McGintee's lawyers without clearly letting the public know. I guess we all should have gotten it when McGintee publicly thanked the DA's office before the grand jury investigation was complete and steered in another direction. That Spota decries McGintee's "malfeasance" (which is as plain as the noses on everyone's face) but then refuses to ask the grand jury to indict is disgusting. I wonder what give and take went on with Spota and Guiliani's firm with that deal?! " Jun 27, 10 12:00 PM

TO BE CLEAR - it is the DA's office which decides who to indict - not a Grand Jury. A Grand jury is asked by the prosecution to decide if there is enough evidence against "Mr. A" or "Mr. B" to indict on the crimes of "XYZ". If Mr. Spota - who directs this process and decides who gets indicted and who doesn't - never ASKED the Grand Jury whether or not McGintee should have been indicted then - ah, viola!! He isn't indicted! To Springsgirl and No Spin and BillsMainMan - I am happy that you are all happy that Bill, as a friend and a father and community member, wasn't indicted, but please don't go around surmising about Tom Spota's ambitions! He is a politician with deep ties who does have higher ambitions. Not indicting McGintee may, when all is said and done, fit right into them. One never knows is all I'm saying. And in the meantime - no shame from the "Man in Charge" who bluffed, was arrogant, blamed others, and continues to blame what happened on a "previous administration". And all it took to right the 30 million plus deficit was a resignation . . . really?!? What a joke. " Jun 29, 10 3:34 PM

Perhaps - I missed last week's Independant, Main Man, and your defensiveness is unnecessary - my comment was to correct the patently false statements (assumptions?) made on this blog that because the Grand Jury did not indict the man means McGintee committed no crimes. I repeat - it is Spota's office which decides who it asks the Grand Jury to indict - a GJ does not spontaneoulsy "exonerate" people - either Spota presented evidence specifically against McGintee and asked them to indict or not - or he didn't. In this case he didn't. So the GJ was not ASKED whether or not he should be indicted - as per the deal he made last October with McGintees influential attorneys. The case was presented only against Hults - THAT is the shame of it all - regardless of Spota's ambitions . . . and yes, I know people in the DA's office. " Jun 29, 10 5:09 PM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

I liked setyoufree's and Turkeybridges comments right up to "Teabaggers Unite" (setyoufree) and the above about Hammerle's resistance to the approval. Reason being that both of these comments are emotional and have no basis in the facts. Pete Hammerle was invited to view and see and hear a windmill that is already built and functioning in Calverton to judge what the "nays" were saying about the noise etc, for himself. Please go to the Town's website to watch his response to the invitation "I don't have time to go to Calverton." Political (Democrat) grandstanding and nothing else. Do the voters a favor - make a decision based on facts. While a plan or regulations may be in order, and further laws may have to be passed - maybe they do - and maybe they don't - no one knows that yet. So time is (and has been) a wastin' for green proponents . . . and the fact that the "opponents" to this were all Dems is simply hypocracy at it's best. Julia was lucky she wasn't there because I believe she would have advocated for this and voted "yes" - and then both of them would have been under fire. I realize she just gave birth but did anyone of these reporters bother to look up her stand on this?!? No. Shame on you. " Jul 19, 10 10:32 PM

By the way - there is no such thing as "maternity leave" for Town Board members - she still has her views and can be reached by telephone -- no? Just a little more research from this newspaper - please. " Jul 19, 10 10:36 PM

ZBA turns down East Hampton Library expansion

Some of these comments, especially eastend2 and Noah Way, are disgraceful in themselves. Perhaps it is time for the appointed Library Board to put the money it gets from Springs back into Springs in the form of a real library annex which could serve the children of that community - which is the largest user group. The Director of the Library has been fighting this idea tooth and nail saying the costs are too prohibitive. I firmly believe that for $279,000 a year not only could it happen - it should. " Jul 25, 10 3:54 PM

The numbers are in the budget East End 2 - take a look before you respond on this issue. It is not necessary to "buy and build" in Springs - there are other alternatives that the Director does not find it desirable to look at. And the comment about minimum wage? If you could state some specifics instead of rhetoric I may be inclined to take you seriously. Laszlo Lowenstein is right on the mark. That 314% tax increase is more rhetoric. I look forward to the facts coming out on this . . . there is a Library Committee in Springs that has been working on this for a while . . . call Henrika Conner (she's in the book) if you are interested in facts. " Jul 26, 10 7:32 PM

PBR - it IS a legally irrelevant forum because, it is my understanding, each of the school districts (and their constituents) contibuting to this fiasco would have to be notified legally of the referandum and actually cast votes for any "decsion" to be valid. And you are 100% correct - TLSK et al asking for a "public opinion" poll to keep paying themselves from "private donations" is ludicrous. I agree with you. " Aug 2, 10 10:29 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

Could the editor of this newspaper and the reporter start with basics? There is no "East Hampton Town Design Review Board" for signs in EH - it is called the "Architectural Review Board". For those of you who don't want to go - don't! The law is the law - and Ben and Jerry's IS a "chain store" folks! AND?! Why not quote planning board members on what the law really is - or do they know and so often ignore it to the deteriment of local businesses. So many silly, off-base, alarmist, bigoted, racist comments here they are boring, really." Sep 7, 10 7:34 PM

Groups sue East Hampton Town over planned land sales

It would be illegal to purchase this improved, nonhistorical property with CPF funds because it has already has been purchased by the Town. There have been some articles written on this - why does it not reiterate in this one that the property was basically being used by limited groups including the one now suing, and that it was in an UNSAFE condition and shut down by the Fire Marshal's Office. Instead of people coming to the Town with their hands out, and/or forcing the Town to waste money defending itself . . .why don't these groups either raise the funds themselves to purchase the property or find wealthy Montauk residents to subsidize the same - didn't we (meaning taxpayers) just give Dick Cavett millions of dollars to preserve property owned by him and his wife?!? " Oct 15, 10 11:58 AM

East Hampton Town Adopts Budget With Spending, Tax Cuts

Congratulations to Mr. Wilkinson for saying what he means and doing what he says he is going to do, and to the current Board for adopting his budget! There are many, many, many of us out here who do not attend the meetings personally but watch the "public" - or some folks at least - use personal attacks against current Board Members for doing what they were hired, and MUST do, to straighten out the dire situation the prior Board left them with. I applaud this Board's efforts. Keep up the great, hard work!! " Nov 24, 10 6:01 PM

East Hampton Town's 2009 Audit Finally Complete

Facts Man - I hestitate to respond to someone so . . . nonsensical? Illogical? Unreasonable? But - fact is, plenty of people said "stop spending" - "tell us where it's going" - questioned the budget, questioned what was happening and how money was being spent, and why - and demanded transparency from a cowering, inept, democrat-party-controlled Board who hired Nick Lynn to cover up their financial bungling and villified anyone who dared to speak out publicly against them. Fact is Ted Hults plead guilty to a crime. Fact is McGintee resigned due to the "cover up" of the illegal use and taking of money from one fund to pay town obligations to get re-elected, and he was exposed by the DA as doing that very act. Blaming all of the taxpayers, Facts Man, is tantamount to saying no one was responsible for what happened. .. but there were people who were not only responsible, but accountable to the public as a whole. And fact is there were PLENTY of people who demanded that the bleeding, nepotism and political favors stop . . . but, apparently, you weren't one of them - and that is a guaranteed FACT! Thank goodness we have the right to vote.
" Jan 11, 11 7:42 PM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

Msmarple - I would prefer the "housing" issue NOT be turned into a "what is your political party affiliation" discussion so as not to get Bilge Water, Facts Man (and others who thrive on tossing out R vs. D vs. I vs. T nonsense) overly excited and off topic! The fact is there is ALREADY a law on the books that allows for the number of "accessory" apartments (which may include cordoning off parts of an existing home and adding a "legal" kitchen, converting a garage, etc, or adding on to an existing home) being proposed - so it is hardly an "insane" idea. Currently, a homeowner can do this as long as the homeowner "lives" at the premises (that is tricky enough to enforce - especially with the number of second-homeowners in Springs) and goes through the Town's myriad process of getting a building permit, registering the apartment/house with the Town Housing Department, naming its occupant (even if it's your son or mother who is living in it!), the Tenant's income (!!), allowing Code Enforcement to inspect "upon request", and verifying that the people one rents to and the rent one collects meet "affordable" guidelines. . . on a yearly basis. It was a starting point during the last administration because it is hardly a secret that enough affordable homes do not exist here for our kids and elderly. Some (6?) (10?)of these apartmenrts already exist, and I would venture to guess (and I will ask the Housing Department . . . facts are good) that they are not all in Springs. In fact, i was watching some work sessions on this subject and I believe in order to SOLVE some of the problems that exist surrounding "affordable living space" in this Town, the question became "Well why aren't people availaing themselves of the current legislation?" While everyone and their brother and sister may weigh in on that question depending on their own, subjective experiences, prejudices, fears and a prevelent "we don't want one more person living in East Hampton" mentality - the fact is the legislation has done next to nothing to encourage residents to "legalize" - through a Town process - what exists. I don't know what the answer is, but i don't believe it was "stupid" or "dangerous" for elected officials to try and solve a very complex problem - and one that does not only effect Springs, I might add. I may be going out on a limb, but I would venture to guess some people might actually want to move out of overcrowded conditions (how about college kids who are now living with Mom and Dad - or families that have moved back "home" after someone has lost a house or a job?) live in a legal apartment in East Hampton, Montauk, Amagansett and even Wainscott -- if they were available. " Jan 16, 11 3:54 PM

Ah - there you go Facts Man . As I wrote I'm going to check on those applications. but the FACT is 1. I am not Theresa Quigley (although I'll take that as a compliment because she at least tackles and attempts to SOLVE problems rather than merely saying "there's nothing I can do"; 2. I talk to plenty of people in Springs EVERY DAY; 3. I pay taxes in Springs, and; 4. As I said - there already IS a law on the books that would allow for this number of apartments - even if they all end up in Springs... I suppose your next answer to that would be to repeal it! So - if your point is that Springs school taxes are outrageous I agree wholeheartedly - but it is up to the Board - and I don't mean the Town Board - and the residents to come up with viable solutions, including expanding the tax base by recogniziing what exists, consolidation, tax and spending caps, salary negotions, etc. I think the Town Board members understand "the problem" - probably better than you do! " Jan 17, 11 10:24 AM

East Hampton Supervisor Hails Financial Progress, Sees More Cuts In Town's Future

Hey Davbud - you could have attended the meeting and brought that up if you wanted to - it was amazing to me that of ALL the speakers no one said "Good Job"! It was good job . . . BUT . . . BUT.... BUT... How quickly one forgets the real hole we are in as residents of this Town was not created by this Board - and the fact that Deb Foster, parents of the home work club, proponents of the leaf pick-up program, the Fort Pond property special interest groups, et. al., keep saying "it would only cost . . ." - "it's just another X amount of dollars for each taxpayer" etc. never ceases to amaze me! Did your tax deduction (if you are a homeowner) not cover the $30? And If you are a renter or a homeowner, it would be at least $100 PER MONTH to have your trashed picked up . . . Was it OK that they repealed the beach sticker parking fee of $25 (FOR RESIDENTS ONLY) and upped the dump fee? I think so . . . I don't mean to be antagonistic but . . . really??" Jan 17, 11 11:17 PM

No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

Hi zaz - First, the "four car rule" on the books has NEVER been enforced (meaning no one is really ticketed for this), to my knowledge, except in situations where the renter/homeowner has been Hispanic. Plenty, plenty of homeowners and their families in this town (who all live in one house) have more than four cars . . .some are just fortunate enough to have GARAGES also - if you get my drift . . . Second, after I read this, I watched the Board Meeting AGAIN after logging onto www.townclerk.com (I encourage all to do the same rather than relying a newspapers account of what people actually said) and what Bill Wilkinson said, I believe, was that he wanted a full vetting of the facts, an housing inventory (not just of "illegal", I believe he meant the townwide) of "what is out there", and to explore the situation AS IT ACTUALLY EXISTS in the Town and Springs vs. saying he wanted "a list of every illegal residence in Springs". I believe he encouraged people to submit their own "lists" for Code Enforcement to investigate -- but I have to remind ALL - it is not up to a citizen, Bill Wilkinson, or code enforcement to determine what is going on "LEGALLY" or "ILLEGALLY" in a residence - it is up to a jury, ultimately,and it's a LONG process, to be sure. I believe Code Enforcement does "investigate" - but the truth is there is just not enough evidence to obtain a search warrant for the premises if people don't just open "up their doors without one". It's not a drug bust, Zaz, no one knows whether or not the people inside are "related" - i.e. a "family" - until they are forced to produce ID. I think history lessons prove there may be another way to solve this "PROBLEM"." Jan 19, 11 10:55 PM

Hi Zaz. I am NOT "assuming that landlords found to have in fact violated the law, to the satisfaction of the government authorized entities responsible for enforcing those laws, are going to sue". I AM assuming that not every subject house of a "complaint" is "illegal" and I am saying that, even if there is "illegal activity" going on in a house - code enforcement will need a warrant to enter if the homeowner/tenant doesn't just let them in. And I think the MOST DIFFICULT and tricky part of obtaining a warrant is how to determine whether or not the people who live int he house are "family". Interestingly enough, as former Code Enforcement Officer Town Board member Julia Prince has pointed out - even if code enforcement is let in - it is not the number of people in the house or where they come from that is the "problem" - MOST charges are for "keylocks" and the lack of smoke detectors in basements or other areas as is required under CURRENT NYS Building Codes (which, I would guess, 80% of the homes in Springs are not up to the current rules and regs even if there ARE operable smoke detectors in the house because the current rules require them inside and outside each bedroom and in basements, where they weren't required there just a a few years ago), and beds and refridgerators where they shouldn't be. After an officer gains entery, MOST tenants/landlords comply with the requirements, remove the beds, have "illegal" tenants move out, have the home reinspected, pay the fines, and life goes on. Higher fines? Good idea. Why not? I bet 90% of the people in this town have no clue what the CURRENT fines even are . . . Also Zaz I am aware of at LEAST three (possibly . . .) "illegal" living arrangements on my street so your comment that I am "fortunate not to have had "this" situation on your block/behind your house, because if you did you would be upset and not an apologist for these landlords and the towns lack of enforcement' is a presumption and false assumption. I simlply choose to look at the Landlords and Tenants as viable members of this community, and believe that they should be given an opportunity to exist "legally" here. Until the housing crisis int his Town is truly addressed that won't happen.

" Jan 23, 11 1:37 PM

Thank you Mo - what you are saying makes sense to me. It is absolutely true that adding more code enforcement did not eradicate the "problem" during McGintee's reign. It seems to me that the Budas and some other people calling to get the "illegals" out have personally experienced living next door to "problem" neighbors. While I can sympathize with them, stepping up code enforcement under the current laws is only a SMALL PART of any solution to the Springs tax and density issues, it will not solve them. It seems to me that Springs School Board president Chris Kelley started a diversionary campaign to shift the "tax problem" Springs School has away from the Board and onto the Town Board's shoulders when he wrote an open letter to them to get rid of the "illegals" - housing, that is. And Trail Mix and Reality 101 - i challenge you to call them when you see them . . . I completely agree! But there absolutely was a person who used the term "Julio" at a Town Board Meeting. Carol Buda, at another Town Board meeting, unequivocally called on "Latino leaders" to educate "their community" - as if Latinos are not a part of OUR community - and Chris Kelley was quoted as saying that the Springs School recognizes its obligation to educate "immigrants", and in the same breath states that there has been an influx of "Spanish" to the school. So let's get rid of the illegal housing and Springs School will miraculously have lower taxes and less kids in each classroom? Nice. What is happening here, in my opinion, is there is a mix of "facts" and an undercurrent of bigotry and racism in the community that is not a pleasant sight to see. And Zaz, calling me "unneighborly" really adds nothing to this discussion, does it? " Jan 27, 11 6:59 PM

Thiele Proposes CPF Advisory Committee Be Formed For Five East End Towns

i think you would have to ask the "Poor me, I knew nothing about that" Honorable Democrat Catherine Cahill if that law suite (which she has no knowledge of - or interest in - of course) has been settled yet. It's probably a matter of public record . . . haven't looked it up but I would be interested Biba --" Jan 29, 11 11:19 PM

As an aside - it would be refreshing if this editor and the newspaper was interested in following up on this story wouldn't it?? Like watching a snowball in hell given its politically-connected advertisers threaten to pull their ads . . . as they did the last time around - readers beware . . . " Jan 29, 11 11:27 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Takes Stand In Kabot DWI Trial

This trial could be "make or break" moments for the carreers of Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Baron - interesting the DA's office puts so much confidence in Mr. Shapiro's "legal opinions" . . .how long has he been with the DA's office!? Since so many DWI cases are resolved before they go to trial, my question to the DA's office would be -- are you "doing justice" or advancing an agenda, personal or otherwise? Just curious." Jan 31, 11 9:39 PM

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