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No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

Hi Zaz. I am NOT "assuming that landlords found to have in fact violated the law, to the satisfaction of the government authorized entities responsible for enforcing those laws, are going to sue". I AM assuming that not every subject house of a "complaint" is "illegal" and I am saying that, even if there is "illegal activity" going on in a house - code enforcement will need a warrant to enter if the homeowner/tenant doesn't just let them in. And I think the MOST DIFFICULT and tricky part of obtaining a warrant is how to determine whether or not the people who live int he house are "family". Interestingly enough, as former Code Enforcement Officer Town Board member Julia Prince has pointed out - even if code enforcement is let in - it is not the number of people in the house or where they come from that is the "problem" - MOST charges are for "keylocks" and the lack of smoke detectors in basements or other areas as is required under CURRENT NYS Building Codes (which, I would guess, 80% of the homes in Springs are not up to the current rules and regs even if there ARE operable smoke detectors in the house because the current rules require them inside and outside each bedroom and in basements, where they weren't required there just a a few years ago), and beds and refridgerators where they shouldn't be. After an officer gains entery, MOST tenants/landlords comply with the requirements, remove the beds, have "illegal" tenants move out, have the home reinspected, pay the fines, and life goes on. Higher fines? Good idea. Why not? I bet 90% of the people in this town have no clue what the CURRENT fines even are . . . Also Zaz I am aware of at LEAST three (possibly . . .) "illegal" living arrangements on my street so your comment that I am "fortunate not to have had "this" situation on your block/behind your house, because if you did you would be upset and not an apologist for these landlords and the towns lack of enforcement' is a presumption and false assumption. I simlply choose to look at the Landlords and Tenants as viable members of this community, and believe that they should be given an opportunity to exist "legally" here. Until the housing crisis int his Town is truly addressed that won't happen.

" Jan 23, 11 1:37 PM

Thank you Mo - what you are saying makes sense to me. It is absolutely true that adding more code enforcement did not eradicate the "problem" during McGintee's reign. It seems to me that the Budas and some other people calling to get the "illegals" out have personally experienced living next door to "problem" neighbors. While I can sympathize with them, stepping up code enforcement under the current laws is only a SMALL PART of any solution to the Springs tax and density issues, it will not solve them. It seems to me that Springs School Board president Chris Kelley started a diversionary campaign to shift the "tax problem" Springs School has away from the Board and onto the Town Board's shoulders when he wrote an open letter to them to get rid of the "illegals" - housing, that is. And Trail Mix and Reality 101 - i challenge you to call them when you see them . . . I completely agree! But there absolutely was a person who used the term "Julio" at a Town Board Meeting. Carol Buda, at another Town Board meeting, unequivocally called on "Latino leaders" to educate "their community" - as if Latinos are not a part of OUR community - and Chris Kelley was quoted as saying that the Springs School recognizes its obligation to educate "immigrants", and in the same breath states that there has been an influx of "Spanish" to the school. So let's get rid of the illegal housing and Springs School will miraculously have lower taxes and less kids in each classroom? Nice. What is happening here, in my opinion, is there is a mix of "facts" and an undercurrent of bigotry and racism in the community that is not a pleasant sight to see. And Zaz, calling me "unneighborly" really adds nothing to this discussion, does it? " Jan 27, 11 6:59 PM

Thiele Proposes CPF Advisory Committee Be Formed For Five East End Towns

i think you would have to ask the "Poor me, I knew nothing about that" Honorable Democrat Catherine Cahill if that law suite (which she has no knowledge of - or interest in - of course) has been settled yet. It's probably a matter of public record . . . haven't looked it up but I would be interested Biba --" Jan 29, 11 11:19 PM

As an aside - it would be refreshing if this editor and the newspaper was interested in following up on this story wouldn't it?? Like watching a snowball in hell given its politically-connected advertisers threaten to pull their ads . . . as they did the last time around - readers beware . . . " Jan 29, 11 11:27 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Takes Stand In Kabot DWI Trial

This trial could be "make or break" moments for the carreers of Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Baron - interesting the DA's office puts so much confidence in Mr. Shapiro's "legal opinions" . . .how long has he been with the DA's office!? Since so many DWI cases are resolved before they go to trial, my question to the DA's office would be -- are you "doing justice" or advancing an agenda, personal or otherwise? Just curious." Jan 31, 11 9:39 PM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

To Double Standard From Quogue: How do you personally know, AS A MATTER OF FACT, that the house is overcrowded? Just because, in the past, there have been complaints and/or a Court-resolved disposition of past allegations (now this I know is a FACT - this premises has been cited IN THE PAST and PAST issues have been resolved with the Town) that the people currently living there are NOT following the law?!? Truly I don't know if the homeowners are or are not in compliance with the law- but "I am judge, jury, and hangman" comments like yours make me uncomfortable . . . I say let Code Enforcement (with the help of David Buda who obviously went onto someone else's property to get these pictures - Ciode Enforcement can't go on to private property unless they are INVITED to by an irate neighbor, by the way!!) do their job without all of this rhetoric.... " Feb 24, 11 10:24 PM

Hey - Harbor Genius - is your sense of time, space, AND MATH a little "OFF" or "BEHIND"? This Board has held office for 13 months - not 2 years. But it's a nice, early attempt at politicizing a long-standing issue that has been dumped in this new administration's lap (like a lot of other things!). Good luck with your one issue rant - I am sure you will keep it up!! " Feb 24, 11 10:34 PM

Well at least there's a "please" in that tirade - thanks for clarifying that you didn't have to go on private property to take the pictures Mr. Buda . . . I feel much better now. . . is it true you applied to Southampton Town for a job with Code Enforcement? Seems like your real gripe may be that you didn't get the job . . . " Feb 26, 11 4:01 PM

I don't know connwatcher, harbor, or Mr. Buda personally but after I watched yesterday's Town Board meetiing (held on a Saturday!! and that certainly wasn't happening before!! - go to www.townclerk.com) I see that statistics were put forth regarding the prior administration's "efforts", which resulted in 2 "housing" cases in Justice Court in January of 2008 (?) have to watch again, and the actual results of the reorganized department under this Board - which have resulted in 25 housing cases are in Justice Court in the same time frame. I KNOW people can watch this meeting and FOIL the information for themselves. As far as I can see this was NOT a result of Mr. Buda's "efforts to shame" anyone . . . it was a natural progression. Having said that, I stand by my earlier comments that this whole "issue" has been ramped up politically to deflect heat from the Springs School Board (read: unofficial Democrat Chariperson Chris Kelley's efforts) for the outrageous taxes we pay in Springs -- as a result of a lot of different factors. Getting rid of your "neighbor" is not going to eradicate the "school tax problem". While "illegal" housing, littering, and what may be perceived as "overcrowding" may be real issues, especially if you live next to an inconsiderate neighbor . . . it is not THE pressing Town-wide issue some may wish to make it out to be . . . just ask the the people who bought near the airport . . . " Feb 27, 11 8:20 PM

Illegal housing occurs everywhere, Harbor . . . the need for affordable living space is townwide and an issue that has never REALLY been addressed as it is now being addressed by this Town Board. Quigley's attempt to provide housing is not "foolish" - it is necessary. And, obviously, it is a work in progress, not a mandate. Moreover, I don't believe that the very vocal 15 or so "Concerned Springs Citizens" speak for the majority of those who live here year round. It IS political because no other school board president in this, or any other town around us that I know of, has publicly equated school taxes with "illegal housing" (as if THAT is the SOLE reason for Springs school taxes being so high??), the districts duty to "educate immigrants", and the cost of doing so being a result of an "influx of Spanish" all in one breath -- other than Chris Kelley who, quite openly, is all about politics, getting Democrats elected, and finding fault and playing dirty with anyone who is not in his camp. I am not suggesting a "conspiracy theory" I am only stating the facts and hope that people will look for real solutions to the need for affordable living spaces in this town vs. focusing on getting rid of "them" to lower school taxes. Kelley's letter to the Town Board speaks for itself. " Feb 27, 11 10:25 PM

If i were to take your comment seriously Brown 25 I would say "because that property probably isn't zoned for affordable apartments". Instead let me ask you - why don't YOU run for office Brown25 . . . nah, it's not about real issues or facts for you - it's all about being very, very nasty at a personal level. No wonder we have so few, dedicated professionals to choose from when election the time rolls around . . . who needs it? " Mar 1, 11 3:44 AM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Why not put them on large, Town owned property (such as the Cavett property in Montauk, or out at Cedar Point) and let the money go back to the Town . . . just a thought." Mar 6, 11 8:51 PM

Springs CAC Meets With Code Enforcement Officials

I applaud the professional presentation made by Mr. Gunn and Cheif Ecker and the steps this administration has taken to revamp Code Enforcement, and to consolidate and unify all of the various departments which, under the past administration, may have been ineffective in addressing community concerns. It is an absolute shame, however, that this site has given credence to and focused on Ms. Vered's comments in order to "sensationalize" what occurred at that meeting. I have heard that her rambling, repetitive, ranting questions were answered. Which makes me ask myself: Why the focus on her (she does not live in Springs), and why would this paper not report the answer?! " Mar 6, 11 9:10 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

i don't think that's what's happening -- how many employees are there in the Planning Department? 8? 10? What do you think, they/re ALL GOING TO BE FIRED? Don't think so . . . bet you hope bringing something up that happened eons ago might stir some Dems up . . . ahhh - and brand new to the scene "residenteh" - yup - those bad, bad republicans . . . sounds like ACAC just got new monikors!!! " Mar 10, 11 6:13 PM

it is common knowledge throughout the Town that the Planning Board, under Chair Sylvia Overby, was a NIGHTMARE to go through, and that the unhelpful staff of the Planning Department didn't actually help people but did what the Queen dictated. If you ever watched the proceedings - or heavan forbid were an applicant - you would cringe.... streamlining a process does not "do away with it" - it makes it better for the residents of the Town. " Mar 11, 11 9:40 AM

It was 65 to 1 . . . ahhhh, the East Hampton "Star" - but the math won't matter to the do-nothing (but complain of course!) disgruntled . . .

Amazing you say this Harbor: "The correct way to handle problems is through lines of supervision targeting specific offenders" -- is that also "progressive discipline"?

But who would ever be disciplined under McGintee for being rude, refusing to do their jobs, showing up late, wasting my dime -- no one!! If the letter was a warning I say GOOD! You don't want to work for the Town? Get another job!!" Mar 11, 11 6:42 PM

HHS - unless you pay taxes in EH - please stay Quogue . . ." Mar 12, 11 11:03 AM

If that's not true Facts Man do you promise to go away and stop propogating myths? This whole blog is so distasteful . . . here's a FACT Phins - in response to this gem:

"They (who is "they??) work for the taxpayers and are payed to follow the town codes, not the desire of the town board of the day. Without the employees doing their job, there is no consistency in government."

First - the memo WAS about employees doing their jobs and, obviously gave the 15 or so Department Heads who are charged with "managing" the 425 employees a tool to run their departments effectively and efficiently. I don't know what your particular agenda is but in case you hadn't noticed, our 'government" slid into SHAMBLES on the last 6 years (and it wasn't McGintee McGintee McGintee - Deb Foster was there, along with Pete Hammerle, Brad Loewan, and Pat Mansir - at least Pat Mansir was gracious enough to know when to call it quits!) I don't care for "R, I, D" labels - but see that there is a certian personal visciousness (vs. FACTS) driving the majority of the individuals behind these comments - so much so that it makes me wonder who would even campaign for the job?!? That being said - thanks to LTV I do watch a lot of the Board meetings, and I stand behind MY comment that, if you were a Democrat or part of the Conservators, of which Sylvia Overby is "leader", the Planning Board process may have been OK for "some people" (EHRANTER - new to the blogging scene . . . hmmmm) it was a nightmare for the rest. So 1 out of 20 isn't bad, I suppose.

the individual who is the unltimate "Interpreter of the Code" - PURSUANT TO THE CODE - is the Building Inspector, who (hopefully!) is guided by the Town attorneys so we don't waste tax dollars on suites brought by people who refused to be bullied by ow some of you Conservators and Democrats out there may not like that . . . but it's a FACT" Mar 12, 11 12:57 PM

Unless you think there's something inapporpraite about my comments - where are they? And I agree with Hohum - Brown25's "gestapo tactics" etc. are SO INAPPROPRIATE." Mar 13, 11 10:27 AM

I'm still not getting it HHS - who gives two whits what you - hailing from Quogue- have to say about Town government in EH? Have you ever encountered an employee of EHT?? Spoken to Wilkinson? Gone through the Planning Board process? Built a home? Bought a beach sticker?? Gone to the dump? Attended a Town Board Meeting? Had kids attending any of the schools here? Psychopath?!? Really . . .?? Questioning credentials when no one knows yours? PLEASE - tell me about the "personalities" of Linda Kabot, the Motz's, ATH, MORE about the SH PD, or some conspiracies going on in your own neighborhood ... speak of that which you know, not opine! " Mar 13, 11 6:21 PM

John and Sylvia . . .R and D . . . but compared to who? I hope you keep watching ehmom . . . I don't think you will have anything to complain about with the current Planning Board . . . but if you see a sign of disrespect to the public please let me know - oh! you don't have to - it's all televised thank goodness! " Mar 14, 11 10:31 PM

changing the subject? if you want to do an anlysis of the EHPD and back up this whining with facts please do . . . maybe HHS will help you!!! All public info -- better yet! just ask len bernard for a breakdown . . . wilky asked EHPD to cut one million from its budget - bet it's been done - dare you to really check it out Harbor!" Mar 14, 11 10:44 PM

Hate to keep this thread going but simply not true Brown - and I'm sure he'd be happy to tellyou that himself. All you have to do is call him - but I'm not surprised you are throwing out yet MORE garbage. We get it - you and your Bro, and Phins and the other Dems don't like Republicans and want to push your agenda by bashing Wilky - Carol's right ... it is comical! " Mar 18, 11 8:49 PM

Springs School Board Talks Cuts

5 percent is not acceptable . . . finally people may actually vote on the school budget in Springs" Mar 22, 11 8:54 PM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

What the Board is now facing and talking about is a budget that has NOTHING to do with "legals" or "illegals" - an audience member at a recent meeting asked the school board to confirm that the school enrollment in K-8 has only increased by 50 or so plus students in Springs OVER THE LAST DECADE - that was confirmed. Nice job by Chris Kelley to try and deflect the issue of what has gone on in Springs with the school budget and tax hikes in the last 10 years . .. but I can assure all it wasn't an overall "increase" in the number of students . . . while the demographics of origin may have changed in Springs - less Bonackers more Latinos - the number of school children (which runs the budget vis a vis HS tuition paid to East hampton School District) really hasn't. These comments have no place here . . ." Mar 22, 11 9:44 PM

Right on Rick -- like it or not Project Most (which I wholeheartedly support and donate to) and the pre-K program (ditto) may be luxeries right now that taxes raised in the school district simply cannot support . . . it has nothing to do with "wants" or whether it is "better for the kids" - of COURSE these programs are better for the kids, and the community as a whole (they certainly give working parents subsidized, quality child-care options and programs that wouldn't ordinarily be available!) Make no mistake - these are tough choices which tough times dictate. " Mar 23, 11 4:58 PM

You are wrong about the "population boom" if you are talking about Springs School District Snapper - get your facts straight before you embarass yourself further." Mar 23, 11 5:01 PM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

Oh my. Is this the same County Executor Steve Levy (as a Democrat) who said Bill McGintee would be a fine candidate and do a great job if he decided to oppose Jay Schneiderman for the Legislature position in 2008 . . . as Jay spoke out about the finances of EH (predicting deficits) and the Town sank into a mire thanks to its all-Democrat Board and the likes of Steve Levy and Tom Spota, who allowed Bill to skate while hanging Ted Hults? I guess Steve and Bill know the same people and how to make deals with the DA to save their own hides . . . and all the while Tom Spota can pretend he's doing his job. Two words come to mind: Sordid and Disgusting. " Mar 24, 11 10:56 PM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Well - you have a few things in here that are correct Snapper . . . it is the most "densely" populated hamlet (by design) - it has no real commercial tax base (by design) - but your implication that "getting rid" of 100-200 kids that live in "illegal" houses - that IS what you meant, isn't it? - would somehow alleviate the tax burden Is WAY OFF base!! If you have been at these budget hearings someone asked Board how much the school "population" K-8, has grown in the last 10 years - the answer was (and is) - that the number of students has increased by only 50 or so. A small increase which has nothing to do with the out-of-control tax situation. So it's not due to those "illegal kids" living in Springs that you are referring to . . . that is who/what you are referring to, isn't it? Your comments, which are not based on facts, have no place here. " Mar 26, 11 7:56 PM

And for parents who WANT to send their kids to Pierson or BH . . . this REALLY has to be followed closely as I thought the same thing . . . why would we need EH's "permission" to do that? There is nothing, NOTHING transparant about what is going on here and, quite frankly, I wouldn't trust any deals Chris Kelley makes with anyone . . . there is always a motive for him to do anything which rarely has to do with the "good" of the community . . ." Mar 26, 11 11:02 PM

I am not including HS students in "the District" or the pre-K program. What kids are you including? I am talking about the number of kids that have actually been enrolled in K-8 over the last decade. If I am correct - which I am - the number has increased from 554 to 607, to be exact. So will you please stop spewing this "get rid of 100 - 200 "illegal" kids - malarky . . . the numbers speak for themselves in a data collection report prepared by the BOCES office of School Planning and Research. Ask the School Board for a copy. They have it. " Mar 27, 11 12:06 PM

Again - are you including the pre-K program?!? Let's be honest with the numbers - either you know them or you do not . . . the pre-k program is not K-8 and could be cut entirely to save money . . . I'm not advocating for that but the REALITY is . . . my parents (mother) didn't have a free socializing/babysitting program to send me (for FREE) to while they worked, or just wanted all of us kids out of their hair for 3 hours every day - parents can pay for these programs privately, or maybe some can't and it's a good thing it's "offered" on the taxpayers dime . . . am just asking you to be honest Snapper . . . " Mar 28, 11 10:53 PM

Chris Kelley thinks he does - obviously. Threatening the HS with law suits and building a HS in Springs for Montauk and Springs, and then backing down at the last minute to save the day with "only" a 5% increase and selling out parents and taxpayers on the option to send kids to other districts?!? Putting the blame on the Town Board for not cracking down on those "illegals"?? Great theatrics. Pay attention and applaud if you don't mind getting kicked in your tax bill again . . . just look at who he is making these 'deals" with -- all interrelated, connected Dems - makes me queezy. " Mar 28, 11 11:01 PM

Long Island Farmers Express Concerns To Tim Bishop

He tried to be faithful to his party . . .sometimes blindly. . . gotta give him credit for that. But there is nothing he will be able to do for the farmers or the immigrants here during his waning term -- anyone can just ask anyone him about the legal visa situation being doled out by the Feds (to business owners who want and need them on Long Island) and see what the answer is: "There's nothing i can do". No kidding. Never has been with him, never will be." Mar 29, 11 11:30 PM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Snapper - I am curious as to those numbers I was "wrong' about - your silence is deafening . . . will be looking for you (and your agenda which is obviously not based on facts or backed up by anything other than your "beliefs" and misleading information) in other posts ---" Apr 4, 11 10:56 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

Reality 101 - am thinking that you are referring to the wealthy handful of Amagansett homeowners who brought the suite and claim to "own the beach" when you say that "Amagansett residents don't appear to like the idea of regular people having a good time" in your post. ..? If you are not from there you should look and read carefully . . .it is the same group of self-proclaimed "ACAC" members (and Elaine Jones, of course) who consistently whine and moan about what happens in "their" hamlet - please don't cast dispersions on all who live there due to the deplorable, self-interested claims and clamors of 10 - 20 individuals.

" Apr 6, 11 1:28 AM

Springs Spared the Ax

Please - I know it's a thankless job - but could a sensible person without an agenda and/or political connections step up here to do what is best for all Springs residents and be transparent about the budget/numbers/etc?? Leave us in the lurch Chris Kelley - we will all be better off without you . . . something else is going on here -- guaranteed. " Apr 6, 11 1:45 AM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Hey Brown - perhaps he is W-O-R-K-I-N-G - unlike the past Supervisor who was S-P-I-N-N-I-N-G T-A-L-L T-A-I-L-S to the public on TV while "working" on our dime! By the way . . . you could just go to any one of the 8 or so Board meetings a month and publicly speak your vitriol and/or ask your make believe questions in public - where the Supervisor would answer your questions and speak for himself . . . or is that a little too simple for you . . .?" Apr 7, 11 2:53 PM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Good question . . . it appears they will do nothing until their budget is voted down -- it is simply nbelievable to me that they find "only" a 5% tax increase acceptable . . . it isn't." Apr 9, 11 11:12 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

I believe they tried that . . . it wasn't good enough for the homeowners. Also - what exactly are they "protecting and enforcing" there as opposed to every other inch of sand that is "the beach"? Too many people enjoying themselves on a Sunday? Boo Hoo" Apr 10, 11 7:52 PM

Lake Montauk Study Gains Steam

Better recaption your picture with Keith Grimes in it . . . don't see Wilkinson in it . . . keep up the good work! " Apr 28, 11 11:21 PM

Beachgoers Must Now 'Await The Decision Of The Courts'

WHERE ARE YOU TWO COMING FROM WITH THESE MEANINGLESS POSTS? Tito - the power is, and always will be, with those who can fight in a lawsuit - either privately or publicly funded . . . if either of you are really watching what is going on in EH you would realize that the current decision by the Court is one only concerning summary judgment . . . which won't be granted. The real fight will go on for years and years depending on if and who appeals which portion of the Court decisions . . the EH Trustees have hired specialized counsel for the process, which, again, may take years .... support the Trustees by sending them money to pay this guy - or stop wasting space talking about it! " Apr 29, 11 11:22 PM

Yes yes - I don't know anyone who isn't committed to this fight - and am truly baffled about where your comment that the Town may have swept this under the rug and "LET THE LITIGANTS WIN" is coming from .... other than listening to the attempts of the "Dems against Them" Frankle and Mazur to politicize this at a Board meeting. The Board answered as named Defendants in this suit and as far as I can see are as united as you could possibly get, have said they stand behind the Trustees (who have jurisdiction - the Town does not have jurisdiction in this matter and could have made a decision to not answer if they chose to - but they (who represent "us") are certainly involved in the suit. " May 2, 11 10:33 AM

tito - I was watching - and i thought it was a good meeting. I am not minimizing what cfar is doing at all . . . I am curious, however, what you think "recent history" is - because by far one of the largest turn outs at an EH Board Meeting was when the community IN DROVES came to speak about - and AGAINST - the adoption of the Coastal Erosion Overlay District legislation. This was back when all but one Board meeting was/were held during the day, and you couldn't get an agenda to look at the resolutions until 4 minutes before a meeting. There were so many people at that meeting not everyone who wanted to speak could, and public comment was cut off -- those against the adoption of that plan could have taken lessons from cfar! But you probably wouldn't know about that . . . " May 2, 11 10:48 AM

I suppose when you only have half your facts, surf protector, it's easier to resort to name calling than to actaully read an article which says "IT'S IN THE HANDS OF THE COURTS" . . . party propoganda? It doesn't take much COURAGE to say "we want access to our beaches and to continue driving on them", I say that all the time - although I MUST SAY AGAIN I am impressed with Cfars organizational efforts! The Trustees espouse and act on this premise every day and I have heard the entire Board say they stand behind the Trustees over an over again. On a political note, I can't IMAGINE how many BEACH DRIVERS contributed to the REPUBLICAN campaign, and will continue to do so. Your statement in derogation of the current Board that "The issue was headed for underneath the rug" is just plain . . . well, silly. " May 3, 11 6:40 PM

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