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Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Its a TOTAL SELLOUT of our beaches and waves. Disgusting. I started surfing in Southampton in the 1990s - and there was just 3 of us out in the water.....no surf schools, no city people ....." Aug 18, 16 2:27 AM

Corn: The Business Driver

Where are the seeds from ?? Is it true that every seed has to be owned or bought from Monsanto ? Please enlighten me. I don't eat or buy corn anymore ....." Sep 18, 16 3:44 AM

Cyanobacteria Blooms Found In East End Waters

They need to ban ALL chemical fertilizers , like Round up !!! This stuff is all illegal in Europe. Look at all the million dollar properties - bright green lawns nearly year round ? Come on. I thought these people were educated to know how toxic this grass is. They obviously don't care about the water quality and where the run off goes. It actually ends up in their own drinking water !? I mean, how stupid can you be - irresponsible for the environment and your own Heath ?? Then wonder why the rates of cancer are soaring around Long Island ? I mean seriously - I haven't had any tap water for years as we all know how many toxins are polluting our East End water and nobody seems to care. Very scary !" Sep 18, 16 3:51 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Well said. Trump is a disaster and the people voting for him are being manipulated and conned , that's what he is best at doing. " Oct 2, 16 4:05 AM

Well said. Trump is a disaster and the people voting for him are being manipulated and conned , that's what he is best at doing. " Oct 2, 16 4:06 AM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

She DOESNT want to change it for her and her friends - thats not true -she has her points - that neighborhood is WAY overcrowded and the Town Code do nothing about it, i find that VERY strange, they give everyone else in this town such a hard time for building and permits, yet they let it go that 10 cars are parked on a daily basis on her street - im sorry , but its just wrong. I don't agree with calling black people the N word at all, there are certainly other means to address them if they are out drinking in front of her property...i agree that she has gone too far on calling the police 200 times, but she's right in many aspects, especially on the problem with litter and pollution out here. So read the facts and get a life. " May 29, 17 9:37 AM

Service Station Restaurant Owners Are Out; Lease Sold Back To Landlord

EH SUCKS! They are crazy, instead of allowing a small business to thrive, they just shut EVERYTHING down. Thats why the Hamptons really suck and the good days are over!" Feb 1, 18 10:46 AM