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UPDATE: East Hampton Village Police Identify Driver In Crash That Killed Springs Girl

I saw it all. I will never be the same because I was shocked as it happened. It was a freak accident.

Sad to say, no matter who is at fault, if you feel someone needs to be at fault, in the end, this little girl is no longer with us.

I along with a few others tried to help the situation.

My deepest sympathies to this family. I can only imagine how they feel" Jun 16, 13 6:44 PM

Springs Girl On Bike Killed After Colliding With Car In East Hampton Village

I was the "big guy" you saw who helped lift the car and try to save her if you were there. I was the one yelling at everyone to do something instead of just staring and doing nothing while the girl was pinned between the bike and car. I saw everything including the accident since I was the second yielded car going east. The explorer was in the left lane going into the turning lane and preparing to turn left into the parking lot. Others told the police the same report which is why they use me as a witness. The driver was only looking left and did not notice the young girl on the bicycle which Is why I was honking at her to take notice.

I also must say thanks to the two young men (one without a shirt) who I think are landscapers. They acted quickly as well.

My She rest in peace.
" Jun 19, 13 12:39 PM

She was dragged because the driver was in shock with the initial hit. If you were facing the driver from the east bound lane, you could see the driver of the Ford froze. That was the worse reaction, but a human reaction. Not everyone is perfect. I do no know the driver, but I think she should def stop driving if she cannot control a car better.
" Jun 19, 13 12:41 PM