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Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

I wonder if anyone is familiar with another deadly weapon, it's called a motor vehicle. Yet, to protect society at large and simultaneously allow citizens freedom and independence to move about just ONE of the MANY laws we employ to increase the probability that it will be a safe experience, is by way of car registration. This is not the sole responsibility required of all vehicle owners, but one of many and does not seem to be overburdensom or excessive government control. Last I checked this practice protects the owner just as much as the public and most are not alarmed or shocked that they must publicly register with the state. It is one of the MANY traffic laws used to create a system of safe use.
" Jun 17, 13 11:03 PM

Southampton Town Independence Party Hands Out Endorsements

It is always a great tactic to name call and tease and expect results and respect in return. Bravo. Hail to the King!
" Jun 17, 13 11:11 PM