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Man Who Defrauded Southampton Residents In Ponzi Scheme Is Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison

Please tell me what is fictional here Kevin?

And what would you describe a statement that seeks to ascribe innocence and victimization to an unknown number of people with an unknown amount of knowledge about what they were getting into who have lost/gained an unknown amount of money -- other than sweeping?

I'm simply saying, I wish I had the facts. You are saying, these people are victims. I think I know who is making assumptions." Feb 26, 16 1:45 PM

These are the types of facts I'd love to have!

All I'm saying is, some people here benefited other than just the guy going to jail. I'd love to know who, how and to the tune of how much. And if it comes to light that those "defrauded" did actually lose out, I'd still love to know those same facts.

You don't just give someone $50K without knowing what you're investing in. " Feb 27, 16 5:07 AM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

Just against people who think a gift inherently comes with strings attached: Baldwin, Chris Christie, to name a couple..." Feb 27, 16 5:16 AM

Eruv Proponents Offer Deal To Westhampton Beach Village; Board Is Considering Offer

So, this hasn't been about scamming millions from a municipality whatsoever and these people simply wanted a religious symbol approved?! If the Village simply said yes years ago, the world wouldn't have ended?! You don't say. ..

Dumbest legal bickering I've ever heard of. .." Mar 30, 16 10:04 AM

How on earth can got even think this constitutes extortion?

Group A has continuously won the right to something in court. Group B has continously denied this right, and fought it tooth and nail through the court systems.

On the precipice of finally winning for good, Group A offers Group B a way to save taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees that they are 100 % entitled to under state law. That is the system - fight to the end and lose, you pay.

All group B must do is admit defeat.

It's more like showing mercy than extortion..." Mar 30, 16 4:03 PM

Republican Candidate Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Patchogue Next Week

So the top news story in The Hamptons is PR for a Trump event, in Patchogue, a solid 45 minutes from the coverage area..." Apr 7, 16 9:11 PM

Two Westhampton Men Charged In Sexual Assault Of 14-Year-Old Girl

I'm usually with you Vikki, but you're clearly not familiar with this whole Tinder thing if you have to ask this question, and if you think there was any intent to date. " Apr 22, 16 3:06 AM

Traffic Stop Nets Suspect In Drug Trafficking Case In Brazil; Driver Turned Over To ICE Agents

A tiny bit of context would be awesome. What kind of drugs, what kind of quantities we're talking, how long he's been on the lamb, is he accused of trafficking the drugs to the us or some other country, what kind of case brazil and interpol have been building against him while he evades arrest,even something as simple as thr charges he is facing, why someone from Holtsville is hanging around east hampton in the off season (you don't see that place of residence often in police reports out here).

I'd even settle for a little bit of context as to how long ehtpd has been fingerprinting all suspects devoid of identification, what kind of crimes this is a standing policy for,etc.

Basically, this guy could be Brazil's Pablo Escobar or he could've gotten caught with some weed in his backpack coming home from a wild weekend in Colombia so he fled after posting bail..." May 3, 16 6:09 PM

Property Owners Mount Attacks On Ocean Beach Driving

You own the house, you don't own the beach behind it. That simple. So sick and tired of people with money changing the way we live solely for their own purposes.
I'll take the Old Boys Club that cared more about where you were born and how many generations were born there any day over pay to play politics." May 31, 16 8:17 PM

Southampton School District Denies FOIL Request From Public Information Organization

More than four out of five school districts, then proceeds to name 10 districts locally alone. So, more than 80 percent?

Also, isn't denying information because itd be too much work to compile so that some nontaxpaying (as in, the district owes literally nothing to these people, it's not a parent or old local curmudgeon trying to obtain information for any reason) "nonprofit" that will solely profit it's employees (who could save actual taxpayers time and money by just compiling the info themselves by sorting budgets and going to meetings, the way reporters have to) better than outright ignoring the request like Sag harbor and Quogue did?" Jun 2, 16 12:39 AM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Of all the crazies on here, you sir, get my vote.

Your comment made me laugh harder than all the rest. Hence the "like."

You're crazy, but funny." Jun 2, 16 9:39 AM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

Lol. Bill is the kinda guy that makes this place what it is. Gotta love em.
And don't think for a second he won't take whatever punishment HR gives him with a big old smile because now everyone gets to see how childish and petty Scott can be." Jun 28, 16 6:00 PM

Scott yelled "ow!" Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" Jul 4, 16 2:19 PM

Man Attempts Suicide On Ponquogue Bridge Sunday Morning

Had never heard of the guy. Googled him. Jumped off a ferry in NYC.

So, uhh, no? Still zero deaths to my knowledge.." Jul 4, 16 2:27 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

I mean, at least they're not trying to hide the fact that they're straight up buying the road. Here have all this money, the road is closed, cool? I can appreciate the honesty at least lol" Aug 5, 16 5:45 AM

Springs or The Springs? What's In A Name?

Might be one of my favorite articles 27East has ever done. " Aug 31, 16 2:29 PM

Zeldin Travels With Obama To Israel For Peres Funeral

Considering Peres was the exact opposite of Lee Zeldin in every way shape and form -- quoted as saying hed rather teach children to dream of the possibilities than remember the past, among many other liberal, peace loving ideologies -- this praise from The Zealot is rich with irony. Just another national tv opportunity. What a joke." Oct 5, 16 8:48 PM

Concerned Citizens Of Hampton Bays Study Claims Bel Aire Cove Motel Is Polluting Penny Pond

So, they specifically test at low tide, the bay keeper warns that any water that has pooled up and hasnt been flushed would test higher than normal, and yet, here we are....
This would all be much easier to discuss if people would just be honest. Say what they freaking mean. They want illegals, not paying school taxes, out.

But no. Lets argue about skewed water statistics and spend thousands on useless partisian studies and continue making no progress.

Bunch of idiots." Oct 5, 16 8:56 PM

Hampton Bays Motel Owner Insists Business Is Not Polluting Penny Pond Canal

Love that this makes no mention of the fqct that the bay keeper, in the previous article, stated water pooling up at low tide would be an u fair way to test the water...

Nor does anyone ever just come out and say what they freaking mean...The CCHB dont like illegals. Plain and simple. Lets be honest fellas..." Oct 13, 16 3:40 AM

All well and good. Just wish we'd act like adults and say what we mean instead of arguing about strawmen in the form of pollution. It is nonsense. I dont see how I'm condoning it? But whatever lol no dog in this fight..." Oct 14, 16 1:19 AM

And, lol...

The irony. I ask for you to say what you mean, and you say something sorta kinda like what you mean....

The CCHB dislike illegals, because illegals dont pay school taxes, which is hurting iur achool district. Ive been to meetings and talked to you guys. That is your argument.

To say you simply dont like illegal landlords is both dishonest, and hilarious.

Grow up. Say what you mean." Oct 14, 16 1:25 AM

What?!? Lol, no, seriously. What?

I'll say it one last time. The CCHB dislikes illegal aliens, becasue, the argument goes, they drain the resources of the school district without paying taxes. Prior to this pollution argument, the CCHB has tried to remove illegal aliens from the district by feigning concern for people living in overcrowded houses, saying it is a fire hazard, etc. Because the CCHB has been unable to make any headway up to this point removing said illegal aliens, they are now going with the pollution argument. Furthermore, they attack the landlords, who most often are legal residents but can also very well be illegal aliens themselves.

Should the landlords be doing illegal things? Of course not. But this entire charade, the straw men you guys attack, is rediculous, if you'd simply make an intellectually honest argument that X amount of our school district students dont pay school taxes, and here is where theyre living, a whole lot more people would agree with you, the conversation would be easier to have, and maybe some progress, or a compromise, could be made.

Instead, you guys play nonsense games by conducting pollution tests at low tide, which the baykeeper himself said would be an unfair tactic to test he water, and hope nobody notices and everyone throws their arms up in the air.

I am not condoning, as HBProud so earnestly believes, illegal aliens not paying school taxes. Im not condoning illegal rental homes/motels. Im simply asking grown adults to say what they mean. Stop dancing around issues. You guys are acting like freaking Hillary Clinton, avoiding a minor issue by stepping into another issue, and confusing/obfuscating the very people you are trying to convince. Honesty is the best policy.

Hope it was clear enough for you this time :)" Oct 15, 16 2:48 AM

Geeeeeze. Who is condonig anything? Who the heck has a sense of entitlement? Lol and who is disrespecting you? Asking for honesty is disrespect now?!

Please see above..." Oct 15, 16 2:54 AM

The irony that you lecture about courage to say something while you hide behind a screen name is not lost on me.

And, lol, yes?!? If it was a crack den, and instead of saying, we dont like crack heads in HB, the CCHB complained about pollution, I would ask them to be honest and make the argument about reaidents using crack.

When the only landlords you attack are the ones housing illegal aliens, and the members of the CCHB tell you to a man, at every turn, their problems with illegal aliens, and when you grow up in the HB school district, and when you are a grown adult that can read double speak and take serious offense to nonsense about "youthful" anything, let alone comprehension of an issue you immerse yourself in, I think it is fair to ask for some honesty to be injected into the conversation.

Go back to arguing about if it is Springs or The Springs. Leave HB to the people who actually love and care about it, not the ones who wish it was still the 1950s version of itself." Oct 17, 16 2:53 PM

I think you need to get a better understanding of the term "sense of entitlement." It doesnt mean "rulebreaker," per se.

As for being honest, again, see above. Were you guys honestly worried about the safety and well being of the illegal aliens you tried to have evicted in the middle of winter because it was a fire hazard? I think not lol.

" Oct 17, 16 2:58 PM

Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Store Owner Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Scheme

Lolll gotta love the ludicrous change in tone from a couple years ago. This was once described as "a modern day plantation system." The workers were victims of fraud and extortion. Now they were being harbored and given things? Lol nice 180 you did there guys. Really loving this new slant we seem to be taking" Dec 16, 16 1:54 AM

Lars Clemensen Named Grand Marshal For Hampton Bays St. Patrick's Day Parade

Well deserved my man. Can't wait." Feb 1, 17 11:47 AM

Hearing Officer Rules That Westhampton Beach Must Hire Inclusion Specialist For Student With Down Syndrome

This is hilarious.

"Sir, you were wrong. You're the only person that deviated from the plan, and while I'm asking WHB to once again see if there's any possible way incorporate your child, I am in no uncertain terms ruling against you."

"So glad she ruled in my favor. I knew I was right all along. Did I mention I'm a lawyer?"" Feb 1, 17 12:02 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

Go ahead and cancel his entire congressional stint please?" Feb 3, 17 1:31 PM

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