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Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attacking, Killing Family Pet In Hampton Bays

I mean, if you can't see the same line of false logic here between the "guns don't kill people" crowd and the "pit bulls are totally safe breeds" crowd, think the issue is with you.

Both have proven time and again to not be safe. Both, when owned by responsible people, can be safe. It doesn't mean they aren't dangerous inherently. A dog that big and strong inherently is more dangerous than a smaller dog, and to say otherwise is an alternative fact that makes me laugh." Feb 7, 17 11:05 PM

An Epley Renovates An 'Eyesore' In The Heart Of Southampton Village

Well sourced article with hard hitting questions, Greg. Nothing about the funding of a 26 y.o. real estate neophyte in the heart of the village his father has run for a decade, or if anyone feels that the planning board/building dept was influenced by the fact the his father appointed these board members. Not even a mention of how lmanybrimes he had to revise his plans o get approval -- I've sat through these meetings, no project, let alone one in the heart of a village, is easily approved. No mention that maybe that price tag for the building is old raise eyebrows, considering, ya know, this is Southampton village and a pa king space could probably sell for a cool million.

Let's just worry about whether or not he's ready to be a landlord...." Feb 14, 17 3:12 PM

Yikes auto correct, where are you when I need you! My bad. That would be "how many times" and "would raise eyebrows". " Feb 14, 17 3:14 PM

Zeldin Demands Answers Following Rise In Anti-Semitism Across Nation

What an absolute joke of a man. A coward with zero shame. Really? First emails and now phone calls? That's what really gets you going, huh Lee?

How about the Islamaphobia? How about good old generic racism? LBGTQ discrimination? When on earth is Lee Zealot going to speak about anything other than Israel and the Jewish faith?

It's sickening, when you consider who funds his campaigns and who he is beholden to. The answer, is, not us, East End. Not us." Mar 1, 17 10:26 AM

And I would hope this goes without saying, but in today's world it's worth stating, that of course I support such an investigation and hope this utter nonsense hatred ends. But selfishly, as Zeldin's ineptitude directly affects me, the fact that he's so invested in this when there are a million bigger issues, like Russia and the whole dissolving of constitutional rights like air, water and not fearing a police state -- bannon likes to call these rights the "administrative state"-- this angers me more than heartens me." Mar 1, 17 11:06 AM

East End Employers Say Immigrant Workers Pay Taxes, Provide Foundation For Local Economy

Next beer is on me Mike Wright. Good stuff." Mar 2, 17 9:50 AM

Zeldin Demands Answers Following Rise In Anti-Semitism Across Nation

Uhhh? He actually is ignoring every other issue under the sun? That's why I'm annoyed. Except Hillarys emails! If it gets him on national tv, he'll talk about it.

The fact is, while an immigrant couple was shot last week with a "get out of my country" attached, Lee Zealot supports Donald Trumps idea to create an entirely new branch of federal law enforcement to profile immigrants.

Real actual violence, responded to with a call to further violate immigrants. But threatening phone calls to a synagogue? The Zealot is on it!" Mar 2, 17 10:01 AM

Pastor Says He Will Bring 600 Haitian Immigrant Children To Southampton If He Can't Provide Aid

Threatens? To bring children!? My god, I have never so badly wanted to read a locked article lol" Mar 6, 17 3:57 PM

Nonprofit Wants To Transform Hampton Bays Building Into New Headquarters

Hi, I have a vaguely nice idea to help the town. Can I please, rent free, have the Dune Road property owned by the town? I promise I'll take good care of it and take care of any renovations.

lol. This is nonsense. Totally agree with BB about what the town does with it's arbitrarily bought properties." Mar 9, 17 5:45 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Zeldin is full of nonsense? Who knew...

This added Medicaid provision that affects only New York but not NYC is a hilarious attempt to garner support from the non-crazy GOPers around here. Alas, were stuck with the craziest of them all." Mar 21, 17 1:56 PM

8 years of hearings. 8 years of bills asking for Obamacare to be repealed. 8 MF years of BS, and not once could you propose a better plan. And even while the rest of the GOP is burning and willing to admit defeat, that they can't do anything better without becoming a "socialist," Lee Zealot stands in front of the fire and tells is everything is under control. He knows what's best,

Zeldin is a national embarrassment." Mar 24, 17 7:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Meeting To Be Held In Hampton Bays Tuesday

I'm bringing the popcorn. This should be fun. When a squeaky wheel gets ignored for a few decades, and maintenance finally comes around with a little DW-40, we're gonna tell them to go **** themselves, I want 4 brand new wheels and throw in some ball bearings. Oh how I love this place lol" Mar 27, 17 11:06 AM

Timeline For Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Restoration Remains Elusive Because Of Changes

Willing to bet if this were in SH Village, the response would've been to make be the repairs and wait to be reimbursed..." Mar 29, 17 11:47 AM

Parents Air Concerns About Later School Start Times, And Bus Trips, At Sag Harbor Schools

Gosh darn science loving snowflakes, able to prove their ideas with correlating evidence instead of just growling that back in my day, we were tougher, stronger, smarter and did I say tougher?! How dare they try and ruin the time honored tradition of making children unnecessarily miserable and tired, stunting physical, mental and psychological growth, for no reason at all except that's what I did when I was younger. I was miserable and tired too, and look how I turned out! Book learning is book learning! Buy an alarm clock!" Apr 7, 17 12:12 PM

Court Orders Southampton School District To Turn Over Farina Materials For Review In Private

So, you're not happy that someone else is stepping up to foot the bill in the interest of the community? Hm.

I have my misgivings about the way this was covered early on, seeing as people who seemingly did much worse weren't vilified like Farina, but to defend the district here is asinine." Apr 14, 17 5:33 PM

So, an administrator gunning for his job and an angry ex blackmail a man for some indiscretions that are minor in the grand scheme of things. Everyone knows who the admin and ex are, and yet Farina is made out to be the only bad guy in the whole situation. That enough info for you SlimeAlive? Calling people out but too scared to use your real name? Lol...

And Rickenbacker, fair enough. Point taken." Apr 16, 17 2:53 AM

Lol! You need to ask the judges for both the definition, and the spelling, of flunky. " Apr 17, 17 12:10 AM

So because people misspell it so often, using the base of the plural flunkies, we have to accept something that's wrong as a "variant" of the facts? Seems to fit today's world all too well..." Apr 17, 17 9:24 AM

Two Garbage Trucks Collide Monday Morning Closing Montauk Highway In Westhampton

There's an excellent photo caption contest to be had here..." Apr 24, 17 10:50 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Police Do Not Believe Explosive Was Meant To Injure Anyone

These updates keep getting better. I wonder if the local cops are in on the joke sometimes and write ironically funny press releases like this just to show how safe it is out here." Apr 29, 17 10:35 PM

Uhhhh, that's like 4 incidents, two of which involved the same obviously deranged young man, resulting in one death, over the course of what, acouple of years? Brentwood?! lol Brentwood???!!! Lol
Stop lumping HB and Quogue and speonk and all the beautiful parts of SH town west of the canal, with the poverty in Riverhead. It isn't the same level, and Riverhead isn't close to some up island town crime rates.
And this truly is nothing. Nobody planted this, there was no plot. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth with unimaginable opportunities and experiences. Can't we all just chill a bit?" May 1, 17 4:53 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Code Change To Create More Affordable Housing

So uh, this seems like a pretty good idea? Enforcing laws that rich people regularly flout? Thanks councilwoman? (Ducks and runs for cover)." May 4, 17 11:20 AM

Zeldin Votes In Favor Of ACA Repeal; Schumer, Gillibrand Say They Will Work To Defeat Replacement Plan In Senate

Trump, literally hours after his healthcare "win"admitted to PM Of Australia that this "deal" won't be as good as their system. You know, straight up single payer universal healthcare. You know, what some people would like to call a "death panel." " May 5, 17 10:49 AM

Sag Harbor Woman Wants To Challenge Zeldin In 2018 Midterm Election

I love when people from NYC spend a couple years here and think they can speak for us. Yea, please tell me all about how the people of Flanders feel about healthcare from your home in Sag Harbor.... the east end progressives are so out of touch, it would be hilarious if someone as scary and dangerous as Lee Zealot weren't in control.

I'm not saying this is a poor candidate. I'm saying that someone from here, who knows the east end in and out, should represent the district. It is a complaint I lob at Zeldin all the time. He's from up the island. Doesn't give a rats *** about the East End." May 9, 17 12:10 PM

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

I'm with Scalera here. Useless to vote without a concrete idea. That said...
almost by definition, an urban planner would reimagine the east end in a way that would be most beneficial to human beings and our lives/modes of transport, not nature and it's cycles. Go look at the Netherlands, urban planning capital of the world lol. Everything is a big city or a farm. No in between.

And before you tell me to go look at rooftop gardens and all the tree-filled skyscrapers in shanghai, good for people and the environment, I'll cut you off and just say most of us out here prefer a small-town, simple look with open vistas. We don't need an urban planner for that. Just a ton of solar panels and a wind farm or two.

Good idea, stupid execution." May 10, 17 10:22 AM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

Wait. A slow moving, head turning oddity designed mostly for tourists who will enjoy the novelty, is actually supposed alleviate traffic???

I'll give this thing a chance - who knows, one free drunken ride and I may be singing it's praises - but there is a 0% chance this helps traffic and a 99% chance it hurts." May 11, 17 11:42 AM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

Digging your own grave Lee..." May 18, 17 9:41 AM

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