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UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

oh, one more, stop work? but we could not get a stop work at the rose hill road site where the trustees gave away half of our access to the homeowner with no permits posted, no DEC permits, no silt fence, no public hearing. "There is something rotten in Southampton"" May 1, 19 7:47 AM


relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
"the church is lovely for its bucolic setting"
synonyms: rustic, rural, pastoral, country, countryside, agricultural, agrarian, outdoor, idyllic, unspoiled; More" May 2, 19 8:56 PM

" May 2, 19 9:51 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

the town has yet to pay for the deal they made for Shinnecock Hills in the 1800's.
" May 5, 19 6:17 AM

Town Looks To Sell Development Rights To Replenish Affordable Housing Fund

"so many ships on the sea; some do come and some do flee; yet non can be found so dreadful low that none could be found still further so."
same goes for our town politishuns" May 12, 19 8:47 PM

Southampton Trustees Feel The Heat After Picnic Area And Part Of Shinnecock East County Park Are Closed Due To Piping Plovers

so, if these piping plovers are so precious and they find it necessary to close areas to allow for reproduction, why are these big ugly homes allowed to be built on the dunes? i remember quite well when you could walk over hill and dale out on dune road in the mid seventies when there were no houses built west of the area across from the shinnecock reservation. there were plover nests all over the dunes not just to the seaward side of where these big ugly homes are. it is just fine to remove plover habitat, along with many other species [box turtles, now endangered, fox, snakes] to build homes for the rich, yet we get fenced out. "hang the man and flog the woman that steals the goose from off the common; but let the greater villain loose that steals the commons from the goose. the law demands that we atone when we take the things we do not own; but leaves the lords and ladies fine that take the things that are yours and mine." there is a very twisted psychotic way of thinking that has infected the town and the village of southampton. it was once a fecund and beautiful place. the term 'bucolic' no longer applies, and it hurts me to say so..." Jul 4, 19 7:10 AM

Tred Barta Lived Life For Better And Worse

journey on Tred. Keep the game in heaven on the move. Yet another piece of Southampton terroir gone..." Aug 15, 19 11:18 AM

Southampton Town Officials Tout Efforts To Move Toward Environmentally Sustainable Path

Sustainable? Let's talk about that misused abused word. Let's see, we can sustain the over-development that happened 30 years ago, we can sustain the blue-green algae polluted lakes and ponds; we can sustain the sewage being dumped into our bays; we can sustain our overuse of chemicals in the landscape to control weeds and maintain the artificial landscapes that are improperly installed; we can sustain the ever increasing traffic on the roads and in the air. It is just sickening that all of our politishuns really have zero imagination as to how and fix any of these problems, all of their pablum being offered up is just too little too late. One of the easiest fixes would be to ban 'cosmetic landscape chemicals'. I have made this accusation before, but i can pretty much guarantee that within the investments of the pension funds they recieve dividends from companies like MONSANTO [round up], making it a forbidden action. Everything that is brought here, manufactured for homes, processed in factories, cut, pruned, ground up and moved is oil. I had to laugh [cry] to myself the other day going up county road 39 sitting at the traffic light at Davids White's Lane thinking of the "It's Vital Not to Idle" signage all around town hall and at the dump as the PSEG co-generation plant their was belching out a twenty foot wide trail of diesel exhaust into my air to satisfy the peak demand for electricity, mostly for the 6000 square foot and more mc mansions... sustainable? ha! We need to move into a mode of wilful action and reverse some pretty heavy damage before we can sustain anything. And there in lies the problem as the thinking, feeling and will to do the job is sorely lacking and there by the action will not occur." Aug 24, 19 7:07 AM

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