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Proposed Legislation Would Limit Smoking, Vaping, Handbills And Straws In East Hampton Village

Eradicate East Hampton? Please spare the Sag Harbor half that is in EH town. " Aug 24, 18 1:45 PM

Rare And 'Confusing' Ballot For East Hampton Democrats On Thursday

Another reason why 50 percent of voters stay home." Sep 12, 18 10:59 AM

Sag Harbor ZBA Hesitantly Closes Public Hearing On West Water Street Condo Plan

And the sad decline of Sag Harbor continues." Sep 20, 18 9:18 PM

Permanent Bathrooms Finally Coming To Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

What's wrong with the portable toilets that are there now? They are always clean, what more do we need? My grandkids love this park, as do I Hampton Bays is a great town on the way up " Oct 9, 18 5:44 PM

North Forkers Berate FAA Over East Hampton Helicopter Traffic

The airport should serve only small fixed wing airplane's, no jets and no helicopters except for medevac. Of course, this will be a major inconvenience for Daddy Gotbucks and all the other buckers." Nov 23, 18 12:49 PM

Half-Built Massive Meadow Lane Residence Could Be Demolished

MAGA...make architecture great again.��" Feb 21, 19 11:26 AM

UPDATE: Thousands Gathered At NYPD Detective’s Funeral Services in Hampton Bays

Thank you Hampton Bays for doing such a great job of honoring this fine officer. Such a terrible loss. " Feb 22, 19 11:35 AM

Quogue Wildlife Refuge Reopens Fairy Dell Boardwalk

Nice job, very well done. Go see it and enjoy your walk." Feb 26, 19 12:33 PM

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

Roads don't cause accidents, idiot drivers do. On their phones, tailgating, weaving between lanes, or just being the dumbbells they are is the cause of all accidents." Mar 26, 19 6:40 PM

Magnitude 3.0 Earthquake Reported Southeast Of Southampton On Tuesday Morning

Whale flatulence, no worries ��" Apr 9, 19 7:11 PM

Eastport-South Manor Adopts $97 Million Budget For Next School Year, Now Subject To Voter Approval

How many jobs do you get richly rewarded for screwing up and then have your screw ups hidden from those who pay your bloated salary?" Apr 19, 19 2:43 PM

Wainscott School Official Warns Affordable Housing Could Force School To Close

Nate Newtown for town supervisor " May 8, 19 12:33 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Beautification Association Protest Of Planned Shinnecock Nation Billboards Rescheduled To Wednesday

There is nothing quaint about the Hamptons anymore. They are a shell of their beautiful former self. Over crowded, over priced, and overrated. " May 10, 19 6:29 PM

Plovers Threaten Closure Of Picnic Area Drive-On Beach In Southampton Village Through July

How did the nearby homeowners manage to have the plovers nest where they did?" Jun 5, 19 1:11 PM

Dangerous Blue-Green Algae Discovered In Mill Pond, Wainscott Pond

Blue-green is the new clear." Jun 14, 19 6:48 AM

Suffolk County Tells Shinnecock East Campers 19 Sites May Close Due To Piping Plover Chicks

If piping plovers are a problem in your life then you have no problems" Jun 18, 19 6:29 AM

Mayor Mulcahy Says Change Is Coming To Sag Harbor After A Decisive Win On Tuesday

chief1. You know nothing and every time you post you prove me right." Jun 20, 19 7:18 AM

UPDATE: Trump Announces Two-Week Delay For ICE Raids

Trump decides not to round up immigrants and not to bomb Iran. He's a Democratic again." Jun 23, 19 6:00 AM

West Water Street Building Demolished To Make Way For Condominium Project

Good riddance, now do the same to that tacky sign at the firehouse." Jun 25, 19 2:30 PM

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