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Rumba Discussion Continues, Reluctantly

The complaints are cominglfrom lessrthac a handffl of people. ats Ed Wanner and fis wife and a womaE namad Irene Tully. Everyone knows that. They are not motivated by what's best for the town, they are motivated by what's best for them and their homes. The people of the town want restaurants like rumba and their new restaurant Cowfish. I have not been proud to live in Hampton Bays for quite sometime. I now feel differently since I see these new great restaurants bringing business to the local area and employing several people in the area. Those complaining neighbors should have realized they were buying across the street from a commercial zoned property. They could have bought down the road and paid significantly more for their property in a residential neighborhood but they choose to take a deal and pay less for their land on a busy commercially zoned road. They should not make the people, who love the new energy that Mr. Hersch and his wife brought to our community. Shame on those neighbors. They are ruining our community.

The town board knows that the people want Rumba around. That's why they stand where they do. They represent the people, not 3 complaining, selfish neighbors.

I know the CO is for 21 SEATS. They could have all hightop tables with no seats and run a establishment based around drinking. I believe they could even stay open to 4 am. However, as a regular guest there, I prefer them to run it in the way they do, as a nice restaurant that appeals to all crowds. I am sure that Mr. Hersch will just change his concept if the neighbors keep pushing at him into a standing room only drinking establishment. He would probably make more money operating it that way, employ less people, stay open much later, and be in compliance. Are the neighbors that stupid to realize that. Come on guys!!!!!!!!!

As for Bridget,......... Can't say anything if its not nice:). She will have a short lived career in politics. She doesn't represent the people. She doesn't even know what day it is. Our town needs to wake up and bring our community back to life. BE BUSINESS FRIENDLY. Compare Patchoque to Riverhead. Riverhead has the potential to be an amazing restaurant/bar and shopping town. However, the close minded people in the town make it difficult to make a change and grow. Patchoque is thriving with energy and the town is super business friendly. Their town will be amazing in a couple years. I want my town to be amazing!

And it will not come from listening to old selfish neighbors. It will come from the town teaming up with businesses and supporting their growth in our community.

" Jul 25, 13 1:32 PM

I think the neighbors need to realize what will happen to rumba if they keep harassing the establishment. It's not going to get shut down. The concept will just change. They should be happy that its a restaurant. I love going there as well as the whole town. Do the neighbors want a 21 seat drinking establishment open till 4 am? If Irene doesn't pull her head out of you know where, that's what will happen to my favorite restaurant.

Rumba is great for the community!! I talked to a friend that told me Rumba donated to a scholarship program at the high school. Also, have you seen their new program where they, as well as their other restaurant cowfish, donates all their empty bottles to the Southampton animal hospital to help feed the homeless dogs. Come on it does not get more socially responsible than that. Bb, you talk about donations to campaigns like its a bad thing. I also donated to Ana's campaign as well as a dozen of my friends and family. It's because she represents us and she knows what our community wants. Bridget needs to realize that she works for us. We don't take orders from her, she isn't in charge of the direction of our community. We are. It's our voice and the community is for this establishment. I can guarantee that Bridget will not be on the town board long, after taking her stance on this issue. She definitely lost everyone I know, including my vote. I am embarrassed that I voted for Bridget. We won't make that mistake again.

What the town needs to focus on is the overcrowding of the single family homes and turn the motels back to motels. That will be the beginning of turning our community back to a destination spot that I once was proud to live in.

" Jul 25, 13 7:14 PM