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Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

Can we do the same from May thru September for all the Hamptonites that cause congestion, cause accidents and ruin natural habitat with their weekend homes? If deer had their natural woods like they used to, they wouldn't be in peoples yards, etc. " Nov 26, 13 3:44 PM

Only population that needs culling is the weekend warriors. Allow normal hunters, guys who pay $60-100 annually for their licenses in NYS and actually eat the deer to feed their families. I understand the meat will be going to good causes, but plenty of us LI hunters donate meat to charity when we can. Instead of a mass suicide of deer, allow access for us normal guys to help out and do it naturally.
" Nov 26, 13 4:03 PM

Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

All the people noticing "large increases" in deer population in their yards and roadways, etc. are very likely the same ones who never asked or who are opposed to hunters (who pay NYS each year to hunt) to cull the heard in a natural manner and use the deer to feed families. The article also states the federal sharpshooters will only shoot female deer, are they devoid of the knowledge of knowing males shed their antlers this time of the year as well? This isn't a cull. It's a mass suicide of animals that were here long before us. East Hampton should stop building houses and spralling estates that eliminate woods? People that don't like the deer in their yards can move into NYC or somewhere else. Far more effective ways are in place and used in other locations. -- Seeing the summer in the Hamptons, I'd assume the same amount of accidents are caused annually by "Hamptonites" as are with deer. " Dec 24, 13 1:03 PM