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No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations

I guess my last comment was inappropriate. Let me rephrase it. I think I phyically see BS coming out of his mouth as he spoke.
1. Reduce the cost of care.
2. Allow competetion accross state lines.
3. If you want coverage universal make it mandatory and every MUST pay. Provide subsidies for low earner.
4. No GVT option. No 1100 page bill,no bureaucrats

" Sep 10, 09 7:31 AM

Yearrounder eliminate state regulation and use the best of each states regulations to set federal guidlines. Allow competetion across state lines with rules and regulations set by the federal gvt. The state insurance departments are can make sure the rules are enforced. This will allow more choice and greater competetion
If I knew how to reduce the costs of care I wouldnt be here blogging with you. I BELIEVE tort reform, universal claim forms and improved claims processing will help. Unfortunately Obama doesnt have a clue either. The speech he gave referred to a plan he hasnt released and did not talk ways of reducing the cost of care. Another great speech that was devoid of REAL information on how best to accomplish goals.

I am the CEO of Blue Cross...What difference does it make what I do for a living" Sep 10, 09 9:37 AM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

I know Bill on a personnal level and find him to be a very nice guy. On a professional level his actions are irreprehensible. He knew about this mess before the election and he lied to our faces when Bill Wilkenson said we have a financial problem and he said no. He knew he shouldnt have transefered the money and he did it any way. He left us in a big hole that WE will have to pay our way out of. Maybe his ardent supporters can foot the bill so I can forgive all of his professional misgiving. Yeah I thought so" Sep 10, 09 9:49 AM

No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations more thing Did you cry with joy when you heard the speech last night?" Sep 10, 09 9:55 AM

amen jekgbs. Your last sentence summoned it up. That is the root of the problem. Until they address ithe sky rocketing cost of care premiums will rise accordingly. " Sep 10, 09 6:18 PM

Year rounder you are right. Health care stocks have been going through the roof. They would love to see mandated coverage but to imply that the public option would reduce cost is ludicrious. By saying so you believe either that iinsurance companies are in collusion with one another or you do not believe in free market capitalism. I believe the underlying problems are cost of care, issues with portability and individual coverage. I beleive the most important issue to address first is cost of care. Lets help stop escalating costs for the 85% of us who have coverage and like it. I believe this can best be accomplished through insurance and tort reform. Until the GVT can prove to me that they can run medicare (or for that matter any program) efficiently they should provide oversight but STAY OUT of running it
" Sep 11, 09 1:00 PM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

Lets try again...very philosophical of you. Give me a break" Sep 11, 09 1:03 PM

No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations

Yearrounder I guess you and I will never see I to eye but as they say dissent is patriotic. I disagree but respect your opinion. I consider myself a centrist/libetarian and it appears you are a statist. We are at the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of beliefs. If you want to check something interesting out google fannie mae on You tube. It will show you another side to what helped the housing market and the banks collapse. Fannie Mae is a GVT run entity that dictated lending policies in the US. These are there words not mine.

As I mentioned earlier individual coverage and portablility of coverage is a major issue in this country. Being that you are in that boat I can understand your frustration. Unless you qualify for Health NY (if you do you should check it out) the cost is ridiculous. You can also try establishing as self employed. Something needs to be done to offer better choice and make it more affordble for you BUT rules and regulations have created the dilemna you are in. In 1992 NY passed the NY state community rated law which has let to you situation you are in.
I would not say I am naive to insurance companies. Trust me they need reform and there is corruption as well as in any other industry INCLUDING the Federal GVT. I beleive in American entrepreneurship and the free market. You are claiming that they are in colussion which I believe is a ridiculous statement. I take it you have never owned or operated a business. If you have you would know that the best quality product at the best price will attract the most clients.
I wount even address the tort reform statement because the stat varies depending on who you talk to (I have heard 8-12%). All I need to do is ask my doctor friends and they tell me they need it. I will believe them over some polictican who is taking money from a bunch of trial lawyers and lobbyists.
" Sep 11, 09 2:19 PM


You are correct. that is a great example of corruption and I'm glad they caught them but corruption runs rampant in the GVT as well. The numbers are far greater than 350 million. I'm glad we have the GVT to nail them for situations like that but who will nail the GVT for there misuse of funds? " Sep 11, 09 2:42 PM

Schneiderman, Guldi face off on Tuesday

I'm not a huge fan of Jay's but my dear Sicilian you can't be serious. I guess if Marion Barry was elected after being caught on camera smoking crack why not Guildi. He is facing over 100 criminal charges including counts for grand larceny, and money laundering. He should fit right in with the crooks. Only in America. Is it just me or does he look like a tick." Sep 11, 09 3:23 PM

No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations

LOL Lets stick to health care. Fannie MAe is an arguement for another time When you say no choice I take it you are self employed. As a small business owner I do not face these options. I can cover my employees for as little as 200 per month through HealthNY. I have choices Oxford,Blue Cross, Health NET, HIP, Aetna, Cigna ect. Now based on this new reform package the GVT is telling me I MUST cover all employees (I do). If I don't I will have to pay an 8% payroll tax. Should be great for small business. Guess who gets hurt. The little guy.
You are right about change but I still believe as always that elections in this country are based on the economy. If the GVT screwe me trust me my vote doesnt mean squat. Yours doesnt either. Have a great weekend. Love to hear opposing views even though I couldnt disagree more" Sep 11, 09 5:13 PM

Google fannie mae and click on Wikipedia to learn more factual information about fannie mae. Fannie Mae was created to provide affordable housing to people who couldnt afford it with basically no money down. Check out you tube "fannie mae" as well." Sep 12, 09 1:25 PM

No new progress in Empire, Alliance talks

mysteriously that number has dropped to 30 million per Obama's speech. " Sep 12, 09 8:54 PM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

It is unfortunate. Even though Southampton Hospital is a secound rate Hospital it is vital to the community. I find it appalling they are spending money like drunken sailors with one hand and crying poverty with the other.

Blue Cross should be ashamed as well. Why is it we pay Long Island rates yet they continously pay suffolk hospitals less. They should charge us seperate rates from Nassau or pay the docs and hospitals out here more. I guess there logic is If you need heart surgery, have cancer, need orthopedic surgery or have a major illness chances are you are not getting done at Southampton Hospital (or any of the alliance hospitals). " Sep 12, 09 9:03 PM

Schneiderman, Guldi face off on Tuesday

The only way this guy gets elected is if The entire county has gone clinically insane. You guys like him because he broke up scandals? He is a scandal unto himself. " Sep 13, 09 8:50 AM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

Cant be any worse than it was under Ferry. I actually believe Chaloner hasn't doen a bad job. From a dollar and cent stand point he has been successful in getting more money from insurance companies and has greatly improved their liquidity. His PR has been great. They are spending more money and yet crying poverty. Question is will it come back to bite him in the butt like it did with Ferry's overspending.
M Oconnor clients CAN pick up and go elsewhere. The hospital takes Aetna, Cigna, GHI, OXford, United Health care, HIP. ect. Genuine competion can only come about by genuine health care reform. Say NO to the public option and BIG GVT" Sep 14, 09 9:31 AM

Schneiderman, Guldi face off on Tuesday

Oneseriuos. with all due respect this guy doesnt stand a prayer. If he beats out Jay I would be totally shocked and I guess I'd have to eat my words. Whether he is found innocent of ALL 100 counts or not it doesnt matter. You can not run with that hanging over your head. If he wins it will be like the giants beating the Patriots in the super bowl..oops they did win didnt they" Sep 14, 09 10:10 AM

Health care reform march held in Sag Harbor

Forgot to mnetion that number is up from 30 million during Obamas speech to congress" Sep 14, 09 10:14 AM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

No tax payers dollars to fund heath care reform and nothing added to the deficit. Run purely on premiums. Yeah right. Only in fantasy land" Sep 14, 09 2:02 PM

UIREDESU Who are you Warren Buffett?? The Messiah has said he will NOT sign a bill that will increase the defecit, So then how do we pay for it. There is very little in the massive Gvt takeover plan (sorry reform plan) to reduce the cost of care which is integral in reducing cost of coverage. " Sep 14, 09 3:20 PM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Tim Bishop did work as a provost for 29 years prior to gaining office. I guess this qualfies him as an expert on cap and trade, health care reform and the Iraq war. His "debates" were a joke. It was nothing more than a sales pitch to push his agenda. " Sep 14, 09 3:23 PM

regurgitated liberal nonsense. In MOST states (NY is one of them) people do not lose their coverage when they lose their jobs. There are over 300 million americans 18,000 deaths is a ridiculously low number. Bankruptcy occurs because you can not work and have NO disability coverage. The hospital has to negotiate rates with Medicare as well. I can go on and on. Stop drinking the Kool Aid. Stop destroying our childrens future. Stop big GVT. No Public option. No health care reform that doesnt reduce cost of care. Reduce cost of care..reduce cost of coverage" Sep 14, 09 4:42 PM

gimmicks??. Please find me one doctor who doesnt think tort reform is a good idea. Lets talk waste
1.Medicare paid dead physicians 478,000 claims totaling 92 billion from 2000-2007. source (US Senate Permanent Committe on Investigations, 2008).
2. Nearly one in three claims (29%) medicare paid for durable medical equipment was erronous in fiscal year 2006. Source (inspector general report department of health and human services August 2008)
3. Medicare and Medicaid lose an estmated 60 billion a year to fraud.source (US office of budget and management 2008.

Thats just the tip of the ice berg. Our tax payers dollars being wasted and mismanaged. Stop Big GVT. No public option. " Sep 14, 09 8:16 PM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

Lets hopn not" Sep 14, 09 9:24 PM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Of course they do. Wouldn't you if you were a doctor. The GVT is like an ATM machine distributing our tax payer dollars with no oversight. Medicare and Medicaid are one of the largest expenses to taxpayers and grossly mismanged with waste and fraud. Not to mention bankrupt. Stop big gvt" Sep 15, 09 8:30 AM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

Dag you have done it. You have found a study that PROVES once and for all that we should have a public option. Good Job! Thanks for that piece of useful information" Sep 15, 09 8:34 AM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Dag in response to your attack on MR Blumenthal perhaps you should make the pledge to fund the public option with your paycheck and let us who dont want it take a pass.
Further more If you could return to me ALL of the money I dumped into medicare over the years I would gladly reject the coverage. Medicare has more coverage gaps in it than swiss cheese. After paying all those taxes I still will need to buy a supplement policy for @3000 annually to fill those gaps unless I get Medicare advantage which is a plan offered by private insurance" Sep 15, 09 8:41 AM

Schneiderman and Hammer win primaries

I am really shocked anyone voted for Guildi with that mes hanging over his head. Well I guess 7 people also voted to keep funding Acorn as well. " Sep 16, 09 9:41 AM

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