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DEC Rolls Out New Plan For Dealing With Mute Swans

A bit harsh since "city people" provide most of your economy, martinspike.
" Mar 12, 15 1:27 PM

Not really, but my grammar is a bit better than yours which ain't "to" (sic) great.
" Mar 12, 15 4:12 PM

Town Board Says New Designs, Objections By Environmentalists Should Not Derail Review Of Hills Proposal

Nature (2682) and Obbservant (349), may I suggest you go out to the parking lot and duke it out, ergo leaving me out of this on-going two sided diatribe. My passion is golf, though like Grouch Marx I wouldn't want to be a member of a country club that would have me, but I'm even more passionate about a sustainable environment and this projects looks pretty ominous our environmental future. Then again, if there are points or money to be made by the politicians involved, I am not so naive to think that the "common good" will prevail. " Mar 19, 15 2:43 PM