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Developers Are Now Looking To Build 118 Luxury Homes, 18-Hole Golf Course In East Quogue

Discovery Land is trying to sell us by saying there will be restrictive covenants so no new students will flood our school. Once Discovery Land is out of the picture and the homeowners association takes over then what?? Will the homeowners association that doesn't even exist yet stick to the covenant?? Sounds like a bunch of bull to me! " Feb 12, 14 10:30 AM

Town Officials, Environmentalists Still Reviewing Draft Study For 'The Hills'

I find it interesting that the developers have been saying from the beginning that "No"children will be attending the East Quogue Elemtary School because the residence "Will Not" be full time. Why now are they stating children " Are Not Expected " to attend the school since they " Will Likely stay only 60 days a year" ?? So they are admitting it's possible children could be attending the school. Developers don't play on words to persuade the public. Be honest up front." Jan 7, 16 12:19 PM