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Sex offender bill will be introduced to legislature

"In the text of the bill, the sponsors declare that “the devastating impact of sex crimes, particularly against children, and the alarmingly high rate of recidivism among sex offenders” have caused Suffolk “to enact a series of laws designed to protect residents from the dangers posed by sex offenders.”

Mr. Schneiderman you need to check your facts sir. The US Dept Of Justice study found that sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates amoung all criminals with 3.5% of them reconvicted of a new sex crime within 3 years of release from prison. You should also find out who is commiting sexual assault. Again the USDJ says that 90% of sexual assaults are commited by a person well known and trusted by the victim with over 50% of those being a family member. And also 95% of sexual assaults are commited by a person with NO prior arrest record. You also need to understand that if you keep adding additional requirements to the sex offender law soon the US Supreme court will rule that it is infact ex post fact laws and thus must be overturned. Of course the sound bite and the newpapers reporting has done what you wanted it to; gave you free press that showes you are hard on crime so this turns into votes for you. But when will you be smart on crime? As one who is retired from Law Enforcement I can tell you that most of these sex offender laws are nothing more then feel good laws that do little if anything to protect the public. And many of them endanger the public even more then had they not been writen.
" Oct 7, 08 4:16 PM

Well sorry KAZ the law can not be harsh on them after the fact of doing the time, because they did the crime. This is call ex post facto law and would be against the US Consitiution. Also if you read the supreme court case of Smith V Alaska, the court ruled that sex offender laws can not be used as more punishment. Having said that you may be right the law is more harsh on sex offenders and thus could be taken to the US Supreme court and ruled on. The Smith V Alaska case was before these types of laws were added to the books because the sex offender registry. If states and some local goverments keep going behond the intent of the court in Smith V Alaska the US Supreme court will soon be hearing cases on the imposing of Harsh punishment, they will then over turn all sex offender laws. Is that what you realy want? No I do not think so. You want to know who of the sex offenders is at most risk to re-offend. Given that is our goal then those in office should pass a law that ALL KNOWN SEX OFFENDERS MUST PAY FOR TESTING THAT SHOWES HOW MUCH OF RISK THEY ARE TO RE-OFFEND. And then post only those at the most risk to re-offend on a public sex offender registry. And you are totaly correct some day all sex offenders will get whats coming to them and it will not be on this earth. Oh yes did you know that the label sex offender does NOT = pedophiles. A person can be on the sex offender registry for many things including peeing in public, in many states. " Oct 8, 08 3:43 PM

Forum's focus will be on homeless sex offender trailers

The question that should be asked is; Why are these sex offenders having trouble finding a place to live? Is this problem a result of residency laws placed on sex offenders? If so have anyone in the making of these residency laws read any of the studyes on residency laws? If they have read them they would find that residency laws do not protect any one. They may even make the public at more of a risk, in that they cause released sex offenders to move away from the suport sytem that will help them not to re-offend. Anouther question should be do we place these same types of restrictions on those convicted of Driveing Under the Infulance? Why do we not place these same restrictions and a DUI registry? Given that those that drink and drive are responsable for a death every 6 minutes in this country! They kill and cause injury to more childern every year then any other crime with the exeption of family assaults. Oh yes we have forgotten that 90% of sexual assaults are committed by a person well known and trusted by the victim with over 50% of them being a family member, US Dept. Of Justice. We also have not looked at the facts that sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates amoung all criminals execpt those that comitt murder. The USDJ reports that sex offenders have a 3.5% reconviction rate with in 3 years after release from prison. Oh well lets just keep the public worked up about this issue and then those in office can use this issue to prove they are doing something. And those in office can use this issue to get free press so they will get more votes when the time comes. " Jan 8, 09 1:43 PM

Sex offender arrested at Riverside trailer

First of all what is the reasoning with arresting someone who is homeless but living at a Suffolk County Jail? I find it real interesting that this artical also included the all the information on this criminal but failed to tell us that the persons age or sex who the crime was commited with. Could it be that what the police do not want us to understand that he was arrested for attempted sodomy of anouther male who is also gay? Did those in the public have any idea that being gay and having sex could get you on the Sex Offender Registry? Oh well no one cares about sex offenders anyway. Until you find out that 90% of sexual assaults are committed by a person well known and trusted by the victim with over 50% of them being a family member. Well maybe we will care if the criminal and the victim are a member of our family, but then again probably not. " Feb 4, 09 5:08 PM