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Southampton phys ed teacher McCready resigns post

Around March of '08 I was on my way to work on Montalk Highway and had noticed an erratic driver behind me in the distance. The next thing I knew I was hit from behind while standing stark still in traffic. As it unfolded, Mr. McCready had "fallen asleep" at the wheel AND this was the third time it had occured for him. He explained that it was a tragic sleep disorder and that he'd tried everything to correct it. He called his mother in tears and was worried about his insurance and his job as a gym teacher.
Those of you who take pity on Mr. McCready should realize that he could have very easily killed someone, including a child, by repeatedly getting in his truck high. He needs help, not sympathy.
" Aug 18, 09 12:03 PM

Southampton Boy Will Be Allowed To Play Field Hockey Next Season

Good for you Keeling & parents! Never take no for the answer to something you feel strongly about. I hope you have a great time playing." May 15, 12 1:24 PM