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East Hampton Town Trustees Win Temporary Stop To Zweig Rock Revetment At Georgica

Got to participate in government - blogging doesn't prove or help any cause -
I regularly speak at public hearings - most times as the only public speaker -
Always seeing the same group of political players - what is the end goal ? To disallow this project of common sense ? To prove trustees have the ULTIMATE POWER? Federal government controls the coastline ...Martitime zone...60' of coast is under their ULTIMATE jurisdiction ... What is the purpose here?
C'mon / let's hear the fact of this matter?? Anyone??" Nov 19, 13 8:51 AM

The East Hampton Star - should no longer be the paper of record ..
It has become to politicized .. Not sure ANY reporters report the REAL NEWS - my point - i can speak (5) times at Public hearings - make factual points / arguments - read the Star - you'd never know I was there ..LOL .. Watch LTV for the REAL version of town meetings- the Star reports on its agendas (Democratic) we get their interpretation of the issues - NOT - the REAL facts as presented in public . The Star failed to publish my letter to their editor ( as official paper) re: a platform of solutions and such .. How many politicians put their solutions in writing? Star buried / lost my letter was David Rattrays' explanation -- politics 101 / CONTROL the media to your advantage .
Participate or accept the outcome of failure to participate .." Nov 19, 13 8:59 AM

East Hampton Town Board To Air Senior Housing Overlay District

Affordable housing credits in the town vault ... Will allow double density ...for the developer .. We know ... PRESERVE IT...instead while SPRINGS / suffers the burden of the lack of affordable housing ... Last I knew .. 1000 housing units were needed 10+ years ago ( ie; Dr. Lee Koppleman ) paid outside PROFESSIONAL ....btw .... TOEH threw his knowledge to the circle file .. Instead owning up to 400 needed .. While maybe 50 units are on the ground .. while Springs is bursting at the seams with overcrowded sngle family homes ..
If the developer is politically denied .. Affordable housing will allow double the normal for density ... Or will this be another ANDREW SABIN deal .. Big payoff when politics $tep$ in to CPF it ? Million$ in profit without building anything ?
If we had a REAL TOWNWIDE PLAN - sending and receiving districts ... We would already know the desired fate of this site .. Roulette anyone?
" Nov 20, 13 9:03 AM

Pat Mansir Resigns Abruptly From East Hampton Town Trustees

The Trustees are another political body -
Bring up Personal Water Craft ?
Defend our rights -- not -- while the newbies takeover here too ..
To continue the environmental takeover of our linerties and freedoms - good riddens - time to get some young blood - people who have alternative lifestyle choices -- Ms Mansir has never followed thru on local issues - to busy taking taxpayer money being a political party player .. Soon we won't know our town anymore - or the lifestyles we grew up enjoying - esp the great outdoor sports now outlawed while the "Trustees " sit i(d)le ... #LawsuitNeeded
" Apr 22, 17 9:43 AM

Mike Wright when will he report on the political corruption running wild ?
Where is our town recreation committee
respect acceptance tolerance assimilition - you know MIKE - the adult words preached so often ..
Peter Van Scoyac is liasion and could care less - now he wants Supe job -
what lies this time PETE - still eaiting on return of the leaf pick up orogram you promised for last wlection ..
Trust non of these FAKE$ - nothing but $ellout$ - to "The Agen(d)a .. start reporting news - REAL NEWS- instead of voicing agen(d)as .via news print -
Political Corruption - would be a start!
Journalist in our town - not -just political writers for a paycheck - to $upport
"The agenda"
Election follie$ can't wait to participate

" Apr 22, 17 9:51 AM

Bridgehampton Gateway Developer Frustrated By 'Misinformation' Spread About Her Proposal

CAC groups offer opinions : they are not to be used as a political blockade -
The owner has "development rights" -
maybe Affordable Housing is a better alternative ? Glad she is a fighter !
To hell with these one way control groups of non sense - I support her
development rights - CAC
-Citizens about collusion - get a life!" Dec 20, 17 9:16 AM