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Throne-Holst Will Lead New Independence-Democratic Majority On Southampton Town Board

“The Democratic Party, the last couple elections, has shown itself to be a major force,” Mr. Herr said. Yes, a major force in getting 3 Independents, 4 Republicans and 1 Dem elected this year. Bravo! Mr. Herr! Your political expertise is astounding.That people not politics stuff is bull, you have to stand for something. Seems the Indies stand for whoever has the most to offer them, while great Dem candidates like Frank Zappone fall by the wayside. Pity.
" Nov 6, 13 2:40 PM

Political Affiliations Among Southampton Town's Regulatory Boards Questioned Again

Mr. Bridge says it all. This new resolution ATH has come up with circumvents the real issue... and I don't doubt she knows it. Things have to change and Fleming's res is the way to do it. Protecting us from the (future) corrupt actions of the few is what our town council is supposed to do, isn't it?" Feb 7, 14 11:45 AM

UPDATE: Fourth Health Aide Charged With Mistreating Patients Pleads Not Guilty; Posts $10,000 Bail

There should be OVERSIGHT in each home, 1 or 2 who are more qualified than the basic staff, and one of whom is always there. This is a no brainer. There should be a registry for dev. disabled abuse; although likely this will follow them for the rest of their lives. Good for you Doc, for the offer....that's alot of work. Someone offering a solution instead of partisan rhetoric (marlinspike) is a rare thing these days." Feb 7, 14 11:57 AM

Southampton Town Board Offers Bi-Partisan Mandate For Party Limits On Regulatory Boards

What if they made this irreversible? Can they do that somehow? I also see this as a ruse. I hope Glinka surprises us all and goes out on his own or allies with Fleming. Didn't he used to be a Dem?" Feb 13, 14 11:59 AM

Southampton Town To Consider New Formula To Reduce House Size

??? Bridget's not from around here??? She's from Noyac, (for many years) her kid goes to school here and she was elected by a vast majority of voters. It's called democracy. AND, as you probably know, it has to be voted on. So hold off on the hysterics.
" Jun 25, 15 12:18 PM

Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

Ditto, ditto & ditto! Calone is the person for this job. Anna has been in the pocket of developers and the people of the East End know that. She has consistently and openly disrespected Bridget Fleming and others who have stood up for our environment, and then has the gall to say that she's an advocate for it.
The truth will out, and Anna will finally be out of our "herr"!" Jul 7, 15 12:59 PM