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Alcohol Ban At Amagansett's Indian Wells Beach To Be In Effect In August

After 2-3 yrs of discussion on the many trash and drinking parties on this particular beach, the ruling comes down. Its old news now. The crowd has dissipated due to the rumbles of discussion. It has been a quiet summer at IW with cars,taxis more controlled by the booth that checks permits. A small showing of authority has been shown to our day trippers. They got it. That's all that was needed, interested effective enforcement. Hopefully this is over. Now about that trash. More work to be done. Hang in there Montauk
" Jul 20, 14 10:36 PM

Kiteboarder's Body Found In Napeague Harbor On Sunday

Never go out on the water alone.
" Jul 20, 14 11:18 PM

8-Year-Old Girl Airlifted To Stony Brook After Being Hit By Car In Amagansett

Chief Denton,not Mr Denton. For future reference to the writer. Just FYI" Jul 25, 14 10:09 PM

East Hampton Town Dump Shut Down To Commercial Debris

Get with it Steve Lynch ..this is your job." Aug 14, 14 10:16 PM

Case Against East Hampton Town Trustee Dismissed

I won't choke you if you won't choke me....too much paper work I guess." Aug 14, 14 10:19 PM

Nature Preserve Committee Recommends New Nature Preserve On Napeague

What's wrong with another beach where people could enjoy themselves? The crowds have not stopped coming..take some burden off the Montauk and Amagansett beaches. " Aug 25, 14 8:21 AM

East Hampton Town Board Appoints New Airport Manager

Good luck..nice hard working guy!" Sep 3, 14 6:44 PM

East Hampton Town May Consider Purchasing The Former East Deck Motel Property

Waiting to see the appraisal on this one. This isn't about a beach. There isn't much of one there. Too many special interest groups trying to save the world out her. Go to Haiti any help some poor people. That need you. Where are the locals in Montauk? Take back your town ! The power is going to Some peoples head!" Sep 13, 14 8:44 AM

And really..they are asking for the moon here with this development. Getting everyone wound up but have no intention of creating this luxury hotel or resort. They just got everyone's attention and now they will walk away with their millions from EHT as planned. Betcha" Sep 16, 14 9:41 PM

East Hampton Deer Committee Recommends Bow Hunting With Eye Toward Spaying

Wait until the first errant arrow strikes....it could end up on your doorstep..hopefully it won't strike your family pet or CHILD. " Sep 22, 14 9:30 PM

Questions Remain About Proposed Boardwalk In Amagansett's Double Dunes

You have to be kidding? How outrageous that the Town of EH would even hear such a proposal! Rich elderly people want to get to the beach at the cost of blasting down our dunes. The Town is paying people to argue against this proposal when their services could be better used to help find housing for our residents. This should have been a NO . end of discussion. Put town employees to better use.Get a handicap sticker folks like the rest of the people! " Oct 1, 14 9:48 PM

Tug Of War Benefits Boland Family

Great community spirit!" Oct 6, 14 10:40 PM

Southampton Rejects Proposal, And State Grant,To Extend School Day After Parents Express Concerns

Mr Luss, tell us more. Explain to all of us on the EE how this will affect our families. " Oct 6, 14 10:53 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Votes To Reject State Grant To Extend School Day

Good job! Too much at risk here...think about it. My kid will be long gone so Good Luck! I will keep checking in.!" Oct 7, 14 11:17 PM

Former Montauk Resident Sentenced After Illegally Spying On Tenants

And you wonder why we have problems? And last weeks gunman should have gone straight to a psych ward for the safety of himself and the community. " Oct 12, 14 10:43 PM

Without West, Bonackers Fall Short In State Championship

Congratulations young Bonackers! It takes many to make a strong team! Two young men stepped way up to make the goals! How about some pics of them? We haven't heard about them at all! . " Nov 17, 14 10:05 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

So Scott Farina is working out for you? What's the story.? A merger would have been good for the students. .win win..kids need a school. Community needs a school . Keep it real. talk, commmm-munnnn-nicaaaaa--iton. Do it for the future of the kids." Nov 18, 14 10:54 PM

East End Ice Hockey Team Is In The Works

This is great! A long time coming." Nov 19, 14 7:25 PM

Couple Accused Of Stealing Family Member's Jewelry In Springs

Beginning to read the the National Inquirer here. The important articles are not to be seen by those who don't pay for an online subscription and yet this kind of news article about drug addicts stealing is free for all to read in in its entirety. " Nov 24, 14 7:44 PM

Parents, Community Members Question Future Of Sports At East Hampton Athletic Forum

If you have a child in EH you should pay attention to the fall out from this meeting. " Jan 21, 15 8:40 PM

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