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New Location Proposed For East Hampton School District Bus Depot

Less and less kids take the bus. Especially EHHS. These kids drive whether they have licenses or not. But the main point us here is that EH has too many buses. Too many drivers with nothing to do. " Feb 14, 16 8:22 PM

Bilingual Drug And Substance Abuse Forums To Be Held At East Hampton High School

An "uptick"? How about now you have to admit that the rampant drug and alcohol use in the EHHS is at a critical level? You were warned. Parents asked for help. I hope every parent tunes in. it's here. Lives are in jeopardy. Young lives. And for the record, I am glad you finally brought it forward and broke free from those that may have controlled the spin." Feb 25, 16 8:54 PM

Dont make this a racial issue. This is deadly and we need all parents on board. " Feb 25, 16 8:59 PM

Suffolk County Sheriff's Office To Step Up Policing Of Pine Barrens

The scary part here is someone will be killed on one of these chases thru trails and woods. Cops vs kids. Get it together. Have a public meeting and start discussion." Feb 26, 16 11:42 PM

Mr. Amagansett 2016 Is Crowned Saturday Night

Sell outs" Mar 6, 16 9:56 PM

Fourteen East Hampton School District Employees Opt For Early Retirement

14 HIGHLY paid and pensioned. " Mar 15, 16 10:42 PM

New Surfboard Workshop Catches Waves In Amagansett

How much? Need details
" Apr 27, 16 10:57 PM

Southampton Town To Appeal Judge's Denial Of TRO Against Sand Land

Whalebone will have a mass production mining project soon. And bigger than the one that exists on Middle Hwy. Call your Town council now. And land acquisition." May 20, 16 10:40 PM

Residents Want Return To One Truck Access Path At Maidstone Park In Springs

Give one solid reason why trucks should be allowed on this strip of beach. " May 28, 16 9:16 AM

Give one solid reason why trucks should be allowed on this strip of beach. " May 28, 16 9:16 AM

When you go to Maidstone and you see the 12-15 trucks on the beach on a very dirt feeling sandy tiny cove of beach then get back to us here. Go there and look one Sunday afternoon. Dogs are tied up on truck axles or just let loose. No lifeguards no rules I guess but the beach is dirty from all the truck traffic. Park and walk down folks. I should post the pic of the local who got stuck there today.... Hope these folks don't try the ocean beaches. Buried themselves to the axle mid day.. No reason for a truck on the beach at Baby Beach." May 29, 16 10:23 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

It's time to close the bars earlier. 1:00 maybe mid nite realisticly." May 29, 16 10:27 PM

Musicians Decry Music Decibel Level Restrictions In Montauk

And now you can buy alcohol earlier than noon in NYS on a Sunday.! Alcohol is available earlier but music gets cut back??? " Jun 15, 16 10:23 PM

UPDATE: West Point Cadet Dies After Coopers Beach Incident

East Hampton Town does a very good job at keeping its beaches covered, whether In the Village or Town which stretches to Montauk and Springs. Bathrooms are required at a guarded beach. Are ocean beaches in Southampton without lifeguards? The EHV charges for a sticker at three beaches. If you are a resident you may receive a free sticker for bays and IW and Atlantic in Amag and the on to Montauk. Their are a few along Napeague that have no bathroom or guard. " Jun 25, 16 11:08 PM

Toxic Algae Bloom Forces Closure Of Georgica Pond To Crabbing, Swimming

Piping Plovers. They are a delicacy in other parts of the world. Fencing off beaches etc for a couple of birds is destroying the rest of the beach by people driving around anywhere they can squeeze thru..like the dunes. There are bigger issues than this bird population. " Jul 3, 16 10:28 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Remains In Custody Following Heroin Arrest

Jail isn't the answer..rehab these kids, at their very first offense. Get them the mental health help. There is a pattern here. Get to the root of the problem. Our justices quite frankly don't want to be bothered. Then again, do we have Any useful mental health facilities east of Shinnecock? And please don't say FSLtaxpayers waste of money that group. " Jul 27, 16 9:52 PM

East Hampton Families Host Inner City Children For Fresh Air Fund

Happy to hear this has continued through the years. I knew several families in the 70-80's that did this every summer. All the lanes had an extra friend in the neighborhood! We often wonder about the Fresh Air kids of our youth. Wishing all good things! " Aug 1, 16 11:36 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Couple Struck By Car Saturday On Sunrise Highway, Driver Charged With Driving On Drugs

I really happened he.p arrived soon. This season has been Jon stop for or volunteers and out newly paid ambulance staff! Happy to have you" Aug 7, 16 10:42 PM

Illegal Nightclub Busted In East Hampton Home's Basement

We have thought of doing that for yrs. theyll be back. " Aug 23, 16 9:30 PM

Ditch Plains Beach Food Truck Hosts New Energy Efficient Power Converter

Nice work Natural Resource Dept. " Aug 23, 16 9:31 PM

Springs or The Springs? What's In A Name?

Code Enforcement in EHT? Don't hold your breath. They are from all hired from up island. Springs, The Springs, it's really up to their GPS to find you. They don't have a clue. I heard tell that a couple of them were down by Gerard Dr and they thought they were at Culloden in Montauk! By the time they get it together the houses will have sold 3 times over. " Sep 6, 16 11:43 PM

UPDATE: Larry Brown Attends Open Gym Session At East Hampton, And Vasile-Cozzo Announces Addition Of Former Pierson Coach Dan White To Bonac Staff

Our Town leaders have no idea how difficult it is to get a local job year round. " Sep 21, 16 10:53 PM

And of course housing that one can afford. What is affordable now in EHT? Just curious." Sep 21, 16 10:55 PM

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