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Bishop fields questions on health care reform

“The intent of the bill is to see to it that people can keep their insurance if they like it,” Mr. Bishop said.

If this were true, no bill would be necessary. People not only can, but will keep their insurance if Mr. Bishop refrains from interfering.

There are several excellent paths to improving American healthcare, none of which are contained in Mr. Bishop's bill. Here's one:

If you're buying insurance for your home, your car, or even life insurance, you can choose from any plan offered in the USA, regardless of where the insurance company is located. Incredibly, this is not true for health insurance! Right now, you can only buy from the state where you live, giving those companies a monopoly.

If that simple rule were changed by Congress, allowing health insurance to be purchased across state lines....

Wherever you move in the USA, you could bring your insurance with you!

Greatly increased competition between companies would force lower premiums!

The giant pool of all Americans would make it possible to create new products to fit individual needs!

More families could afford health insurance!

Expansion of the industry would create jobs!

All without spending a dime of taxpayer money!

For more ideas, please see shouldirun.com

" Aug 24, 09 10:02 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Improvement Society disbands, donates remaining funds to PAC

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people of the Westhampton Beach Village Improvement Society. I enjoy their many contributions to the Village every day! " Aug 27, 09 4:14 PM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

"...they have to lose their homes when they lose their jobs because there is no health care for them”

The obvious reason why the vast majority of people in America lose their homes when they lose their jobs is because they can't pay the mortgage and/or property taxes. The net effect of a government program taking yet another trillion dollars out of the job-producing part of our economy is for more people to lose their jobs and, consequently, their homes.
Richard Blumenthal
shouldirun.com" Aug 31, 09 8:39 PM

Let's Try Freedom First.

If you're buying insurance for your home, your car, or even life insurance, you can choose from any plan offered in the USA, regardless of where the insurance company is located. Incredibly, this is not true for health insurance! Right now, you can only buy from the state where you live, giving those companies a monopoly. If that simple rule were changed by Congress, allowing health insurance to be purchased across state lines....

Wherever you move in the USA, you could bring your insurance with you;

Greatly increased competition between companies would force lower premiums;

The giant pool of all Americans would make it possible to create new products to fit individual needs;

More families could afford health insurance! Expansion of the health care industry would create jobs;

All without spending a dime of taxpayer money!

Richard Blumenthal
" Sep 2, 09 7:38 PM

No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations

Suffolk County (and everyone else) should be free to choose from any health plan in the USA, instead of being held hostage to the few choices we have under the foolish federal regulation that health insurance cannot be purchased across state lines. What we are witnessing is the behavior of a virtual monopoly. It's to be expected. Let free market competition put the pressure on Empire to offer subscibers the best deal.
Richard Blumenthal
http://shouldirun.com" Sep 8, 09 6:09 PM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Since Mr. Bishop can't explain why the Government option is a takeover, I'll attempt to explain it to him. When the Government supplants a function of the free market, in this case insurance, using public funds and legislation to compete unfairly with companies that must turn a profit to survive, customers will naturally be drawn away from private insurers by artificially lower premiums, especially the larger entities that don't always have their members best interest at heart, such as school districts, and large companies. It's ironic that unions support this, since their members would be among the first to be forced into Government-rationed care.

We’re often given the impression that there’s nowhere to turn for poor people without health insurance, yet New York State lists no less than 25 public health insurance programs, whose availability is based on one’s individual situation. See for yourself on their website http://www.health.state.ny.us/health_care/

Also, New York State’s booklet, “Consumer Guide to Health Insurers” describes “Insurance Options for Uninsured New Yorkers” on page 41.

Here’s a challenge: please find a single, actual case of a poor US citizen, living in New York State without health insurance, who is not eligible for health care under one of NY’s many existing programs.

Richard Blumenthal
" Sep 14, 09 7:01 PM

Dear Yearrounder,
Are you suggesting that Mr. Obama's proposal will save money? It will cost upwards of $100 billion each year according to CBO estimates. I guess that's a bit more than emergency room visits. Also, please have a look at what our state already offers people with no insurance: “Consumer Guide to Health Insurers” describes “Insurance Options for Uninsured New Yorkers” on page 41.
Incidentally, thanks for visiting http://shouldirun.com I wonder what you thought of investing in limitless fusion power versus the 195 acres of solar panels it takes to provide power for less than a small village of people. " Sep 14, 09 10:09 PM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

This bill once again expands government at the expense of private industry. The bill promotes "direct " lending, ending the role of local banks in the administration of student loans. That means that the Federal Government bureaucracy will take over the student loan industry, exchanging private sector jobs for government jobs. Government takeover is a theme of the incumbent and his party. The bill also establishes a new $3 billion fund for the government to dole out for new programs in colleges deemed worthy. That's $3 Billion we don't have and would have to borrow. More debt. Another trademark of the incumbent. So, deprive local banks of an industry to attract customers and create jobs and spend money we don't have. This is the exact opposite of what is needed to cultivate jobs in America.
Richard Blumenthal
shouldirun.com " Sep 15, 09 5:23 PM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Dear dagdavid,
The Government is out of money. There is no money to fund this trillion dollar program. Here are the facts: $2 trillion is collected in a year, the Government spends $3.5 trillion in a year, and it owes $12 trillion and counting. There is no money. When the treasury bonds don't sell, the Government prints money to buy their own bonds. If this reckless policy doesn't stop, the economy will be destroyed and very few of us will have health care. We need to look for answers to our challenges that don't include new trillion dollar programs.
Richard Blumenthal
http://shouldirun.com " Sep 15, 09 5:45 PM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

"$117 million and $148 million to build, and about $44 million a year to operate." How could this immense investment possibly be justified? There is hardly money for the necessities of government, yet career politicians continue to offer up ever new ways to spend taxes and incur debt as if there were a surplus of funds. It is this unrealistic attitude that permeates government at all levels and will hopefully cause voters everywhere to examine whom they elect not by how much they promise to spend, but how wisely they will look after the people's treasury.
Richard Blumenthal
shouldirun.com " Sep 29, 09 4:38 PM

East Hampton GOP announces financial action plan

It's gratifying to witness a team of dedicated candidates willing to apply sound financial management and see it as a measure of good government. Mr. Thiele's remark that he would have provided the same assistance to Mr. Zwirn is revealing in that Mr. Zwirn was evidently not interested in obtaining Mr. T.'s cost-cutting advice.
Richard Blumenthal
shouldirun.com " Sep 29, 09 5:11 PM

Fishermen hope to prove federal data is wrong

Here Here! At last some real action to help solve this horrendous situation, though, in truth, it should have come from our Federal representatives who have turned a blind eye for years while the fishing industry suffered. What more important task is there for a Congressional Representative than to assist an industry so vital to the District." Oct 27, 09 9:33 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate John McGann (C,R)

I am thoroughly impressed with the breadth of Mr. McGann's knowledge and his genuine concern for the welfare of the public. Here is a person who can walk right into the job and get it done from day one. John McGann has my wholehearted support and I thank him for wanting to take on the job!
Richard Blumenthal
shouldirun.com" Oct 29, 09 7:14 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Challenge: Please show me the case of an uninsured adult citizen in the First Congressional District who can't afford coverage and would not be served by one of the 25 existing Federal or State programs! This bill will leave us poorer, in more debt, ration our health care, and rob more capital from creating jobs. The single payer system in the UK celebrates hitting the target waiting time for cancer treatment in 85% of cases, which is to start treatment 62 days from diagnosis. While waiting 62 days for treatment, people die or pass the point of no return. The Government agenda is to stay within budget, which means a finite amount of service, which means rationing. Hence the waiting periods. Canadians, by the way, regularly visit Northern US hospitals to avoid waiting periods. No thanks.
Rich Blumenthal

" Nov 10, 09 9:23 PM

New tax credits for homeowners

In Suffolk, the average home price is $559,434 and the median home price is $379,000. Forgetting for the moment that the Gov't can only spend borrowed money, the $8,000 giveaway does not push too many over the threshold to buy when they wouldn't already. Stil, the extra money could keep you from going to jail because you didn't want to buy the health insurance Peloshop (Pelosi/Bishop) wanted you to buy in the last bill he voted for. I guess Peloshop giveth and Peloshop taketh away.
Rich Blumenthal
shouldirun.com" Nov 12, 09 1:19 PM

Bishop visits first-time homebuyers helped by tax credit

If the house has cost 331 instead of 323 they wouldn't have bought it? So, we all chipped in and gave them $8,000 toward their new house. A bit far-fetched. This giveaway is more public relations than anything." Nov 16, 09 2:28 PM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

Perhaps Mr. Bishop could find a way to keep the Federal Government from spending so much borrowed money that he had to vote raise the debt ceiling for more trillions of debt on top of the 12 trillion the Feds already owe. I have an idea. He could stop voting for every spending program Mrs. Pelosi dreams up! Maybe the free enterprise system will get to keep enough money to actually grow and create jobs." Dec 14, 09 6:38 PM

MTA to hold public hearing in Riverhead over service cuts

It's ironic and shameful that many billions of dollars are being spent on the development of unwanted so-called high speed rail projects, when ordinary rail service to real people is being cut. What's wrong with this picture? Why isn't our Congressman screaming about this to Mrs. Pelosi? Oh, I forgot, their conversations are all in one direction - she tells him what's what and he votes for it. shouldirun.com " Jan 30, 10 8:23 AM

East Hampton looks to create climate change action plan

"aren’t yet inundated by the sea" Yet implies that it will happen, but the wild, baseless claims that Al Gore and others have made about the dire consequences of too much carbon in the atmosphere have been proven by reality to be utterly without merit. In fact, a new article just published by Dr. Schwartz of BNL seeks to explain why the predicted warming simply hasn't happened. The computer models have been wrong. The data is inaccurate. The UN report is full of misleading, out and out false statements. Spending one more penny on this nonsense is a crime." Feb 12, 10 4:27 PM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

There is no money. The current federal budget, that doesn't include this new entitlement is already at a $1.5 Trillion deficit. The money that to pay for this will come from new taxes and more debt, extracting free market/free enterprise capital from America and further stunting the growth of the economy. More people will lose their jobs and their homes. By the way, does anyone actually know someone who died because they we uninsured? I had occasion to accompany someone to the emergency room recently. I was there for several hours and I didn't see anyone turned away for any reason. Saying that this will save lives is simply false. If ruining the economy will hurt people, this will hurt people." Mar 19, 10 6:54 PM

Westhampton Beach man receives GOP nod for assembly; Thiele gets Democratic endorsement

Thanks for all the interest! Actually, I do have a very specific plan for cutting property taxes through legislative changes that would reduce education costs, while helping kids with a better education. I spell it out in detail on VoteForTaxCut.com. I've worked in education for 27 years and I think it's a plan just about everyone can agree on." May 21, 10 5:32 PM

The cost of underground immigration in social services is just starting to be felt in our part of the country, but has decimated the border states for some time. People there are outraged and we enable the continued law-breaking by ignoring it here. Is it really wise for us to choose which laws we will enforce and which we won't? It should be known that we will not be complicit when people illegally enter the United States. In fact, such a porous border and complicit populace is a serious security issue.
" May 23, 10 11:56 PM

Despite the focus of these comments being about immigration, which is mostly a Federal issue, the centerpiece of my campaign is about property taxes and how we can cut them by making adjustments to NYS education law, part 100 in particular. For those of you who are interested, I've described in detail how this is possible. Please visit votefortaxcut.com/proptax.html and I think you'll find that what I plan should have done a long time ago. When I show them the real numbers involved, most people are quite shocked, even people who work in education." May 24, 10 4:34 PM

Court upholds Thiele Independence nomination

There are many irregularities on Mr. Thiele's Independence Party petitions and I would have been remiss to let them go unchallenged, however, I agree that my election should be based on solid ideas for helping our community and our state, like my plan for cutting property taxes. I worked as a guidance counselor for 27 years, serving 14 years in Connetquot High School and 13 years in Oakdale Bohemia Middle School. Over the years, I’ve seen initiatives and action plans come and go, but one change that has had a remarkably negative impact is the loss of the General Diploma.

At the time, my colleagues and I wondered, what will happen to the kids who need non-regents courses and RCT exams to graduate? Where will they be placed? As the new requirements were phased-in, it was clear that the go-to strategy for these kids would become special education, an unintended consequence for lack of a viable alternative. Today, with Regents level work in the middle and high school levels considered the “norm” in New York State, we label between 10 and 15% of our students “disabled” and classify them into the world of special education. For many of these classified kids, their self esteem and motivation hang in the balance. Some frustrated parents even resort to giving their children medicine, in a desperate effort to make them live up to New York’s expectations.

Of course, there’s another casualty of replacing the General Diploma with special education, exploding school budgets! Those special education mandates are incredibly expensive, costing 2, 3, sometimes almost 4 times as much to educate a special education student as it does to educate a general education student.

Re-introducing the General Diploma, which simply means amending Part 100 to allow students to graduate with a combination of Regents and RCT exams as needed, alongside the existing Regents and Advanced Regents Diplomas, would help more kids graduate, reduce stress on frustrated families and save every school district in New York State big money.

To be sure, special education is a wonderful, necessary option for some students. The best way to protect special education is to reserve it for those who are truly disabled and not just in need of a non-regents general education alternative." Aug 25, 10 11:19 AM