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A Championship Worth Waiting For

Thank you Cailin for taking us all back to a very special time in Sag Harbor. Your high school years, as well as your brothers, were full of so many great memories for our family. From home coming parades, to long trips up to Saratoga Springs and Syracuse for playoff games with your brothers and other fans shirtless in the stands in the freezing cold with PIERSON painted on their bare chests. And who could forget Vinnie Mazeo's tail gate party in Syracuse! What great memories. It is very special that you now are the Sports Editor of the paper and have had the chance to cover the team finally getting this win. We are very fortunate to live in a place like Sag Harbor and to have raised our families here. Our kids had a special high school experience and formed friendships that remain to this day. A special shout out to Miss Jayne who spent may years coaching field hockey in Sag Harbor. The girls still honor you today." Nov 22, 13 9:12 AM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Fire May Have Been Caused By Unextinguished Cigarette

So sad for our beautiful little village. Hope all are safe" Dec 16, 16 10:49 AM

Lubin Hunter Reflects On Life On Cusp Of 100th Birthday

Wonderful story about the older generation. What a blessing and an honor to read about this true American Hero." May 26, 17 1:33 PM

Seal Pup Found On Amagansett Road, Released In Hampton Bays

What is wrong with rescuing a helpless animal?
" Jan 18, 18 10:04 AM

A Love Story On Lake Nowedonah

Great story about a life well lived and an enduring love. The simple thing is life are what matter most. Beautiful story and well written. " Feb 9, 18 8:57 AM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Thank you for this post. People are just out of control with their comments in this paper. The posts are negative and narrow minded 99% of the time. An innocent life was lost and thank goodness at least someone has acknowledged this sad fact. " Apr 6, 18 11:39 AM

East Hampton Resident Has Close Ties To Tree Of Life Synagogue, And Reflects On Life After The Shooting

You can feel the pain and the hope in the words of Mr. Green. Hope will bind us together "man to man" as written here. " Nov 8, 18 9:08 AM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One: The Recycling Myth

Great article and an incredible amount of work and research went into writing it. Great job Cailin" Nov 28, 18 3:43 PM