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Hurricane Bill waves keep swimmers out of ocean but don't stop surfers; beach erosion a concern

I understand there also was a washover at Pike's Beach where vehicles drive over to access the beach. Maybe it's time to make sure the primary and secondary dunes are protected from folks doing things they shouldn't be doing." Aug 25, 09 11:09 PM

West Hampton Dunes Village, Residents Challenge Authority Of Town Trustees

Goldenrod - how right you are - and the investigative work wouldn't take all that much - it's all a matter of public record and easily accessible.

Everyone does remember that in the settlement agreement the oceanfront was deeded to the public for public access - the village doesn't own the land to the high tide watermark." Nov 25, 10 11:37 PM

In the stipulation of settlement and consent judgement the village agreed to deed the property south of the toe of the primary dune the Army Corp of Engineers to be established as public access. The State of New York has title to this property at present. The toe of the dune is 187.5 feet from Dune Road - any property beyond that point - is the publics - not the village and not the individual home owners - it was meant to be established for public access.

I have family in the village - what happened before the washover and breaches was tragic and a result of irresponsible governments.

What happened after the stipulation was signed during the rebuilding of the area is an entirely different story." Nov 28, 10 10:20 PM

I'll quickly add - an entirely different story that is not exactly pristine, heroic or always pleasant.

" Nov 28, 10 10:43 PM

Clammer for the most part the ocean side of Dune Road was gone. The Army Corp of Engineers through a court settlement rebuilt the dune and the beach. The village property line after this point in time effectively stopped 187.5 feet south of Dune Road - anything else is the property of all of us - the general public." Nov 29, 10 8:21 PM

Irving - It appears the village also conveniently developed amnesia when it comes to the oceanfront - laying claim to property that was duly turned over to NYS per the litigation settlement.

By your same logic - we the people - should be suing the village of west hampton dunes for denying our rights to use the ocean beach the length of Dune Road !!! Based on published reports, over $100 million of our money (not the village's) has been spent to restore and maintain the beach.
" Nov 29, 10 8:35 PM

The houses down by Cupsogue had to be elevated for the cesspools - next time you go out to Cupsogue - check out the level of the driveways until you get down to the last 10 or so houses on the oceanside of the road - they were lifted a couple of feet and their driveways go significantly up hill.

I believe Suffolk County does do everything in their powers - but based on some old Newsday articles - they have had their battles." Nov 29, 10 8:41 PM

Have you read the NYS Office of Inspector General's report - if you google NYS Office of Inspector General Vegliante - you will see a very interesting report on complaints filed by Gary Vegliante against NYS DEC and a lot of very interesting information on the property in question. Check it out ! Really read the report and the footnotes - it goes against the pedestal Irv has put the village officials on.

Its all about the money." Nov 30, 10 4:11 PM

Nature - you commented before that many of the villages have given public access rights from the southern toe of the dune to the atlantic ocean. Is my understanding correct? Is this documented ? (other than the village of west hampton dunes where it is documented in the stipulation agreement).

Just curious." Nov 30, 10 5:23 PM

Thanks for the information !

" Nov 30, 10 7:08 PM