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Hampton Bays community mourns boy killed by accused drunk driver

Although I understand that, maybe kids should wear Helmets, but also understand that if this girl wasn't being extremely irresponsible and DRINKING AND DRIVING! Thsi wouldn't have happened and we wouldn't be writing about it right now! That's the bottom line here! If you are going to drink, give up your key's as soon as you go somewhere and take a drink! GIVEM UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Don't drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!" Aug 28, 09 9:41 AM

Brookhaven Town Plans Improvements To Downtown Eastport Business District

I've lived in this town for 56 years of my 56 years and what's with the people I have never heard of making decisions about what needs to be done in this town? Why not just leave it the way it is, sidewalks are fine, nothing wrong there. A beer garden restaurant would have been nice at Lloyd's but, hey, not in my back yard right? I personally think that the town looks great and doesn't need 3 months of construction going on, it was done not too long ago....." Apr 30, 18 2:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

Someone please get a grip on yourselves, It's an Ice Cream truck, REALLY? Go buy an ice cream from the man, the stuff on Main Street is too expensive anyway, Leave Mr. Softee alone, what ever happened to the kids running out to stop the Ice Cream Man? It's part of the tradition around here, always has been ans always will be.....GET A GRIP PEOPLE" Jun 9, 18 9:32 AM