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UPDATE: PSEG Completed Tree Trimming On County Road 39

So here what they should have done. Trim trees on Westbound side from 9AM to1PM and trim trees on Eastbound side from 11AM to 3PM. And my IQ is only 100!!" Oct 7, 14 1:11 PM

Community Criticizes East Hampton Town's Proposed Rental Registry

I, as a tax payer in the Town of East Hampton, am against this would-be legislation. Enough laws already!! " Oct 25, 14 1:13 PM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

What's wrong with her?? Nobody uses that word anymore. She doesn't deserve to be on any board." May 26, 17 6:24 PM

Sam's Beverage Place Opens For East Hampton Community And Owners' Son

What a great thing to do ! Hope it 's a smashing success!!" Jul 19, 17 7:48 AM

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

Sounds great but too many partners! How can 7 people agree to anything??" Feb 5, 19 10:57 AM