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Rollover halts traffic on County Road 39

yea statistically speaking CR 39 is nothing compared to most roads in the US. Also is this a product of lowering the speed limit? Speed is only a part of the problem. The biggest part is aggressive driving. Has anyone ever driven up island or even the Belt in heavy traffic? Do it and see if you can still tell me CR39 is dangerous and hazardous to drive on....

also Read the other article where an illegal was drunk driving on 39 in the afternoon and caused an accident. " Oct 16, 08 7:29 AM

Hampton Bays condo complex secures final approval

i do agree with you but this complex is in Ponquogue about 20/25 min away from shinnecock hills and in another school district too. " Nov 26, 08 10:05 AM

Group to sue Bulova developers; project stagnates

i guess they are just going to let this building disintegrate and collapse. No use in trying to improve the town by getting rid of an eyesore and making a good looking building. " Nov 26, 08 10:11 AM

County Road 39 billboards defaced

Bravo to whoever did this. We didnt even need the signs but thats all they needed to say. Some common courtesy in saying please and thank you was needed not some aggressive cop in full out gun mode, Saying do it or else." Dec 2, 08 6:43 AM

Suffolk to change signs on County Road 39

now just move the 40+ small 35mph signs alongs the way or maybe remove the 35 mph's written on the road. Just one or 2 signs would suffice." Dec 9, 08 6:59 AM

we arent in mexico or some other latin country. type english please.

oh and who put steve levy in charge of signage in our town? especially when he has no clue on how to govern anything out here or what the census of the people are" Dec 9, 08 9:10 AM

Speaking of English.... What you are talking about is Grammar not English. What I wrote at least resembles English." Dec 9, 08 9:43 AM

New offices will look like potato barns

Potato Barns? Come on now, do you have no imagination? McCaslin and other board members need to grow up we dont live in the 17th century." Dec 12, 08 2:00 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

further west" Dec 12, 08 2:37 PM

Demonstrators rally for worker safety

Most are not Legal therefore they need their own countries to protect them. The US has no reason or place to protect illegal immigrants. That's the risk they take by doing things illegally." Feb 11, 09 11:52 AM

Town expects to cut ribbon on renovated Flanders center later this month

Beatty Harvey and Associates Architects did an awesome job and should be commended as well." Mar 6, 09 2:49 PM

Woman dies in crash; driver flees on foot

no matt, its probably not a dwi. the driver is probably an illegal driving w/o a license and avoiding deportation. I see illegals driving everday most likely without a license. I saw one in a nicer car than most. He was driving an escalade with a woman. they really looked ragged, moustaches, torn up clothes, and looked like your typical spanish couple. doubt they were legal." Mar 29, 09 11:17 AM

Southampton Village impound overflowing

completely whole heartedly pinga. very true" Mar 29, 09 11:18 AM

turn part of the cvs parking lot into an impound lot, and see how fast it gets filled with impounded cars from illegals and watch how fast people complain and start to open their eyes to this problem of illegals here." Mar 29, 09 11:21 AM

Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

should have kept zimbler or kosinski as the coach. they are much better coaches and they are responsible adults to boot." Mar 29, 09 11:25 AM

Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

turn part of the cvs parking lot into an impound lot, and see how fast it gets filled with impounded cars from illegals and watch how fast people complain and start to open their eyes to this problem of illegals here." Mar 29, 09 11:34 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I coudnt agree more with Boomer and Legal Immigrant. Theres the right way to do things and there is the illegal way. Illegal is just that Illegal. Hey I need some help too can the Whitbys give me money for my student loans, car, and a meal to boot. I was laid off due to the downturn and barely have enough to eat. I will stand on the corner for work as well. Can they help me too? I should start our own group standing outside the 7-11, the illegals would be pissed." Apr 1, 09 7:38 PM

East Hampton man arrested, charged with fleeing scene of fatal accident

yea little plains theres a difference. Both 'sides'(illegal and legal) commit crimes, but only one usually gets punished because they are documented and able to be found. If this guy did not turn himself in, I doubt they would have found him. What would they have to go on, color of clothes, race, height? They could change their clothes and mix in with the rest. People who are legal and commit crimes usually get caught and go to jail. Happens rarely with illegals and if so they take up unnecessary space in jail and waste tax dollars by housing them. " Apr 1, 09 7:45 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Carol theres a lttle bit of a difference. the jobless hungry man was a citizen of the US, not someone coming here asking for handouts and demanding respect/equal rights before they even touch foot onto foreign soil tat they are not even supposed to be on. Equl rights/US Privledges are fo US citizens not anyone else. Come here legally and youll get those rights. I dare anyone to go to another country, illegaly, and do what these people are doing and while doing it demand rights and kickbacks. See how far you get. The US needs to end this." Apr 7, 09 8:01 AM

Attorney says hit-and-run driver fell asleep at the wheel

im sure he fell asleep.....if only he knew the laws here" Apr 11, 09 1:58 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

So people that are tresspassing, aka setting foot in another country illegally, get a free lunch and other citizens get arrested and locked up for tresspassing. " Apr 11, 09 2:01 PM

People that have no regard for the system nor the ideals of the country should not be allowed in. There's a process everyone, that came here legally, abided by....ASSIMILATION. Illegals are blatantly disrespecting us and our country by not learning our laws, not taking responsibilty, not learning any of our customs, nor the language, forcing us to cater to them so they can throw their weight around and make life easier for them. For example, I have my way of doing things and have done them for as long as I can remember, all of a sudden some outsider comes in and forces me to do it their way or else. I have no problems with people of hispanic/latino descent, illegal is illegal, no matter what color or race you are. So no pulling the race card. Everyone else that immigrated here respected the US and learned the customs, why is it so difficult for them to learn too." Apr 11, 09 2:16 PM

lets gt some facts straight. I know a ton of immigrants and all of which had to take an aptitude test and PAID their dues to get into the country. They assimilated and took the proper route. They are being cheated most by the people who are here illegally. Yea assimilation isn't an overnight thing but they do it for promise of a better life.
Secondly, I have traveled alot, been to over 15 countries. I have almost been mugged/jumped in France because I was an American and witnessed a crime.
I lived in different areas other than long island as well and witnessed many things.
Thirdly, My familiy was one of the Original families that started this town in the early 1600's. And other parts of my familiy came from germany. My great grandma wasstraight from germany and learned the language quite fast as far as I remember.

There is no ignorance nor predjudice on this side of the table. I coud care less what race or color they are. I know there are other illegal immigrants other than hispanic and they should be deported too, if they are illegal. Illegal is illegal. We shouldn't be blamed for anything. Thse people creatd their own situations. They knew the risks and they took them anyway. While in college I took a ton of courses based on subjects like these. I know the facts and aren't blind to them like you are HB. The ignorance is on your side.
" Apr 12, 09 11:35 AM

hey by the way I was forced in grade school to learn spanish from 4th to 8th grade. At the time, im not sure if they still do it, the school only offered spanish and it was a school in the area." Apr 12, 09 11:38 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

why desnt the illegals go to the farms to "get a job" like you say, instead of committing crimes and complaining about their situations. The illegals created their own situations and have to take the consequences of them. When the came here illegally they knew the consequences and that things that may not go their way. So illegals suck it up and deal with it or go back home." Apr 15, 09 9:44 AM

im going to go down there for a free meal too, i could use one. Matter of fact ANYONE that needs a free meal should go there and ask. If they deny you, then thats biased and you could have a lawsuit." Apr 15, 09 9:46 AM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

well whats new...way to go illegals, this is a small crime for them. why does everyone turn their backs and condone this sort of activity just because they are illegal. Regardless, people have their right to free speech and the ability to protest. How would eveyone like southampton to turn into tijuana? They are putting a huge drain on they system and I have the numbers. Illegals should be deported before more crimes are committed." Apr 15, 09 9:57 AM

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