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Deer Kill Faces Permitting And Funding Obstacles

This is just perfect! Really?

So much misinformation is being shoved down our throats from this so called, "cull".
How ironic is it that the state gains revenue from sportsmen that obtain licenses and tags, yet, they want to pay " riflemen" who don't, pathetic!
As a avid bowhunter for over 22 years, 15 on Long Island, let me tell you first hand, the " riflemen" will kill deer in the fields, in the parks, in the Land Trust lands, however, Whitetails live in and on estates, near homes and in residential areas, fact is, they won't put a dent in the doe herd.
More than likely, someone will get hurt, or property damaged.

I've said it over and over, a earn a buck program who pay big dividends along with a few more weeks of seasons, it's common sense.

How dare you take the very substance that provides for me and my family?
What gives government or committees the right to ruin the very resource that provides the challenge of the outdoors recreation?
Ticks don't come from deer, they are merely a host, just like pets and humans.

Folks too bad we are not like the mid west states, outdoorsmen donate thousands of pounds of fresh, healthy protein to food banks and to feed the hungry.
This will be a slaughter, not a cull, so sad, very sad." Jan 11, 14 3:35 PM