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Report: Hampton Bays School District Did Not Follow Purchasing Protocol

Maybe Lars can explain the $34,500 gravel parking lot next to the high school. Amazing how it was under the 35k limit for projects that need to be competitively bid. Amazing how a drain and some gravel can cost 35k. Oh wait the company that did the work does work on some of the school faculties homes. The district didn't even get one single competing bid, and they over paid 15k just as a favor to a local landscaper. I heard there are other stellar contracts with an electrician, and a sprinkler guy. Way to waste money Lars. Why don't you address these issues instead of a crack at the front door? By the way don't tell us that you need the states approval to fix a tripping hazard, because that is pure laughable crap. I question if you even know what your talking about." Jan 20, 14 10:14 PM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

Mr cop of the year caught a pedophile at the rest area. Maybe he was meeting his 20 year old girlfriend for some sexual escapades at the rest area, and found the perp. By the way nature those union rules exist to protect crooked cops. If this was a private citizen their name would plastered on the police blotter" Jan 22, 14 8:23 PM

East Quogue Golf Course Development Gets Green Light For PDD Application

The funniest part about the PDD meeting was that most speakers live in Shinnecock Shores where most homes get flooded, and the septic systems sit in bay water. Where does Turkey Boy Live? On the water in East Quoque with his septic emptying into high lying bay water. The residents of East Quoque are some of the biggest hypocrites around. I got mine your going to get crucified for yours! " Jan 24, 14 8:00 PM