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Hurricanes Fall Short In Near Upset Of Miller Place

Unable to brows down on any article after the word "more". Carol" Jan 28, 14 6:50 PM

Quogue And East Quogue School Boards Adopt Spending Plans

I noticed that last year NYS star program figure was $614.00 off my school taxes . This year the figure is estimated at only $540.00. This is $74.00 less. So in October we will get a rebate of say up to $100.00. Better save it as you will be giving it right back. Looks like some juggling of numbers with the state.. Budget looks good for this year but put on your safety belt you will be in for a bumpy ride next year. Carol Combes" May 19, 14 8:15 AM

UPDATE: Two injured In Double Car Accident On County Road 39

Ever feel guilty because you make complete stops and obey the speed limit?????
Carol Combes East Quogue" May 31, 14 10:51 PM

Southampton Town Drafting Comprehensive Deer Management Plan

Don't forget East Quogue village. Between Walker and Weesuck Ave. the count is now 17 with this years new ones. They even have meals at the East Quogue Post office. They look in my windows and door as if to say I was here before you. Oh no you were not. I have live in the village since 1945 and never saw Bambi until the last few years. Carol Combes" Sep 23, 14 9:25 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

My son was going to work. 5 a.m. 3 drunk standing in the road this morning. Refused to move and stood their looking at him. Police and ambulance on the scene. What time are Bars suppose to close. Thought it was 2 a.m. His mom who has a computer. Hysterical

" May 21, 16 5:46 PM

Frank, So what is closing time for bars in the Town of Southampton? I'm so happy the Town purchased the Turtle Club,/Mad Hatter along Weesuck Creek, East Quogue, The drums from bands were still beating at 4 a.m.. Would vibrate right into ones pillow. Hysterical." May 22, 16 8:49 AM

If they are illegal I hope the US returns them back to wherever they came from. Where does one get $250,000. What a joke...Hopefully all don't have wives, whatever and children here we have to support. Wake up America. We do need Uncle Donald. Hysterical" May 22, 16 5:45 PM

So before you blast me signing my name Hysterical. I am really a Historian on Long Island.....HistericaL" May 22, 16 5:49 PM

William 'Bud' Kavan of Westhampton Beach Dies

Over 60 years ago Bud Kavan taught my first husband the carpentry trade right out of high school. After we married whenever Charlie would want a day off from work he would call Bud and tell him the same untrue story. This being his uncle died. I have to go to the funeral....Last month I met up with Bud Kavan in East Quogue. He remembered from over 60 years ago Charlie and his untrue uncle stories. Carol Hulse Combes " Dec 7, 16 8:22 AM

East Quogue Community Notes, December 22

I know Chris Chomicki is a Syracuse University cheerleader. He was selected for his strength from many years of football, lacross and wrestling at Westhampton Beach High School. He travels and cheers at both the football and basketball game for Syracuse. His Freshman year he played Rugby for Syracuse. He maintains a 4.0 average.

carol" Dec 29, 16 11:58 AM

Valenty Joseph Kurosz Of Sandown, New Hampshire, Dies November 25

Karin and family, I am so so sorry. This is not the way life is suppose to be. My sincere sympathy to you , your family and his many friends. Carol Hulse Combes" Jan 1, 17 8:56 AM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

The year 2014 my single son's Silver plan cost $210.00 monthly. The following year $319.00 monthly. This year $397.00 monthly.. Additionally cost were added onto his Income tax at years end for any increase in salary.. Two years ago his private insurance was $412.00 monthly. With the Silver plan a Dr. visit costing $130.00 he is responsible to pay the other $100.00. Hopefully he will never have to use the Obamba Plan the Emergency room or be hospitalize. He has to pay the first $12,000 for any future deduction.....One cannot convince me that this is a good plan. I really feel those who can pay have to pay for those who basically are getting the freebies in this Obama Plan. Histerical" Jan 11, 17 10:15 AM

Dr. Gobler Says Luxury Golf Course Resort Would Leave Larger Nitrogen Footprint Than Subdivision

Having lived in E. Q over 75 year.I now have up to 14 deer, 2 dozen turkeys, raccoons and possums living in our small area near the village. Never have we ever seen a deer in town until the last 5 or 6 years....It will get worst if this development happens.
In the 1950/60 we had well water. Our well was down15 feet. We picked up our neighbors cesspool in our home drinking water. It was gray and bubbled in the bath tub.. We had to drill over 300 feet before the Health Department would pas it. Today we have S C Water.
Growing up in a baymans family I know Shinnecock Bay and Weesuck Creek well and what it once looked liked. In the 1970/80 I worked for the than owner Mrs. Zoe deRoppr on her 68 acre estate on Weesuck Creek. It is now preserved by Southampton Town and the Nature Conservancy.. I remember her telling me that the land Discovery is now wanting to developed held our water and should never be developed. I will always remember her words.
My words, "NOT IN MY BACKYARD." Carol Hulse Combes" Jan 11, 17 2:15 PM

Woman Upset After Piebald Deer Is Killed Near Her Hampton Bays Home

Dead female deer found in my neighbor yard last week under his deck.. The stomach was loaded with maggots' and the stink was unreal. Must of been laying there several day. Someone came and remove it within hours.

Heard 3 gunshot this past Wed. night in area around 9 p.m. There are several deer in this area. They are so domesticated and never run unless chased. They even go to the local post office and eat the flowers. They walk around day and night and eat everything down to the ground.... Spraying is a thing in the past. They seem to have adjusted to the sprays.

The acorn crop again this year is plentiful. My yard is full of all size deer poop. No need for anyone to fertilizer as the 22 turkeys also leave their calling card as well as the raccoons.
The several dog in the area can no longer by loos to chase the deer so all are safe here.

Until about 8 years ago I never had any deer in this area. Now about 14. Don't come to shoot. Sanctuary protected area. Nothing big enough to brag about being a trophy.
Carol Combes" Oct 20, 17 10:01 AM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

VOS, your comment sis the best down to earth telling it like it will be.

" Nov 11, 17 7:30 AM

Southampton Town Administrators Prepare For Federal Tax Bill Implications

Question? New tax reform. If an individual get $12,000 a year deduction.. Does one get an additional property tax deduction or is property taxes included in the $12,000.. If self employed will one be able to deduct medical premiums? I see no advantage to pay property taxes ahead if ones taxes are in the area of $6,000 depending on when you last paid. You than may only deduct one half in Dec. 2019 unless you pay in full. This for sure will be a learning experience.

" Dec 25, 17 6:40 AM

UPDATE: East Quogue $8.4 Million Bond Vote Passes Wednesday

Most important to us as Senior lifetime residences is the safety of all children rather than the almighty $$$$$$$.Carol Hulse Combes" Mar 22, 18 7:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Farmers Market Will Have New Home This Year

Will shoppers have to bring their own nickle bags? Are vendors responsible to charge per bag.? Consider dogie bags available especially in grassed areas.
. Remember the days when stores asked will that be cash or credit .Now , Do you need a bag.......Carol Hulse Combes

" Apr 17, 18 8:20 AM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

. My Randall Lane well was polluted in 1962. My neighbor to the north west cesspool was flowing into our well being down only 15 feet. The water was gray, filmy soapy looking. The health dept. got involved. . After drilling down another 100 feet or so said it was safe to drink.. In the 1980 we finally got street water when 10 homeowners agreed to pay the $50,000 to bring the pipe here...Now there are many more home with cesspool since the 1960's and frankly we are all guilty of polluting in some way..
Carol Combes" Apr 17, 18 10:43 AM

Ruth Ann Odom Of Quogue Dies September 14

I met Ruth Ann in my Freshmen year at Westhampton Beach High School. We became very close friends. We played all sports. Our only one difference was I was musical and played the trombone. Ruth played records...... i stayed over at her home several times a week with her family. We trained at the local telephone company in our Senior year and worked together after graduation. Than we became bridesmaids for one another in the following two years...

We remained friends after our marriages and our children spend many hours together in the 1960's.

Years passed by so ever quickly. Now we had grandchildren to brag about..
Ruth Ann took on that Texas accent from Arlan. I also notice it in daughters Robin and Donna.

Unfortunately their son Cletus past away. Throughout the years Clet would stop in to visit our home. He stay in contact with my son Jiim his childhood play pal....

We all have to face life and death daily. My friend Ruth Anne will all missed. But our memories will continue on till.............

Carol Hulse Combes
" Sep 17, 18 1:23 PM