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Residents Angry About East Hampton Village Beach Party

Jerry Larsen does Security for these rich people with the help of off-duty Easthampton police; I was shocked to find him parking my pickup truck for a party on Windmill, off Further Lane. How does he turn around and give a ticket to someone who is paying his salary?" Jul 10, 15 12:52 PM

UPDATE: Memorial Services Announced For East Hampton's Stuart Vorpahl

What a great loss, I just saw him about a month ago. He was teaching me about how he raised Crows way back when and how smart they were. What a great storteller he was, the finest kind of bub. May he be a half an hour in heaven before the devil knows he's dead.

" Jan 14, 16 4:49 PM

Sag Harbor Historic Home Sells For $3.7 Million

They didn't mention he wanted to tear down the two seater outhouse in the back yard but the historic review board nixed that idea. Watch this site for more "improvements," like getting rid of those nasty, 206 year old bushes called boxwoods. Just conjecturing" Mar 31, 16 1:13 PM

Sag Harbor Detective Suspended For 30 Days For Undisclosed Disciplinary Matter

Good luck Jeff, I have always known you to be nothing but professional on the job." Apr 29, 16 10:58 AM