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East Hampton Town Rescinds Permit For New 7-Eleven In Amagansett

For the record, contrary to what the press reports to-date have mostly implied, not everyone living in Amagansett thinks a 7-11 is a bad thing. Some of us would actually welcome a nearby convenience establishment that stays open when everything else is closed, and is accessible at night without having to drive 10-15 miles. No doubt many of those opposed to the 7-11 wouldn't be making a fuss if instead another upscale, overpriced "Hampton-esque" venue was being proposed. Furthermore, the arguments against "overdevelopement" of Amagansett due to the presence of 7-11 fall flat in this instance since the store will be located in a previously existing structure hat has been vacant for years, and already has its own parking area and entrance from 27. It is NOT new construction or expansion. Far better to add to the economy than maintain empty storefronts while forcing residents to waste gas and time seeking services elsewhere. Anyone know how soon will it be opening?" Feb 20, 14 12:05 PM