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Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

To those of you who question what is being proposed, I would suggest that you do your homework.

The "fertigation" that has colloquially been described is actually phytoremediation. It is in place to try to mitigate and ongoing and perpetual problem which already exists. Not something that will happen in the future. The farm fields to the north-west of the property will forever create a problem to the south-east of the property. Unless, the contaminated plume is intercepted and treated.

For those of you who seem to think this is experimental and has no proven facts, you may want to read this article.

" Nov 2, 17 11:20 PM

You are 100% incorrect and parroting an ignorant sound bite.

Dr Gobler's analysis without phytoremediation still shows that the PDD is better than the AOR. Add the phytoremediation and the bay restoration efforts are icing on the cake.

Go ahead. Ask Dr Gobler. He's easy to contact. " Nov 2, 17 11:28 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Approves The Hills Golf Course Resort In East Quogue

I'm going to echo VOS here. You are either lying or ignorant.

What is your justification for the use of the word "mega"? Repeating one of Dick Amper's favorite terms with no actual meaning?

Catering Center? Where. Be specific. You can't. Because it is simply not true.

And how is it "for sale" exactly? Do you have specific evidence of what you are insinuating or is it just scurrilous figments or your imagination?" Nov 3, 17 9:31 PM

Where are the boundaries of this aquifer that you refer to? How does it differ from any other development that you might care to identify?

You're right that there is no right to a change of zoning. That is why this process is happening. But the PDD is better than the AOR and that is why that route is being pursued. Your opinion is clearly not well researched. The review by AKRF, Dr Petrovic and Dr Gobler clearly conflicts with your fear mongering.

" Nov 3, 17 9:38 PM

Having been on your board for as long as I was, I'd expect far better from you. You need to base your comments on solid science and not scare tactics. If you don't know about phytoremediation, then you should. It is proven and well established.

To add to that, what exactly is the downside of phytoremediation when you have a condition that already exists? How can it possibly make anything worse?" Nov 3, 17 9:43 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

"injecting massive amounts of fertilizer into our groundwater"?

Massive -- no. Look to the plan. Look to the past 15 years of documented results from The Bridge and Sebonack.

Injecting -- no. Why would fertilizer be injected into drinking water? Fertilizer is used in limited amounts onto turf grass where it is used by the plant.

I'm sorry, but your comments truly make no scientific sense at all.

It's not such a complicated word by the way. Google it or split it and google each part.

" Nov 3, 17 9:55 PM

And how could that possibly happen exactly?" Nov 3, 17 9:59 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Approves The Hills Golf Course Resort In East Quogue

Lion brings up an excellent point. Why does the Group For the East End hold events at The Bridge and Sebonack? What scientifically is so different from those two projects and this one that you have so forcefully disparaged?

And please don't trot out the nonsense about Bayberryland being a non-conforming use. The Hills property presents a similar plethora of problems that Baybebryland has that were addressed in a creative way to solve a lot of problems. Clearly you were happy with the results because you have felt very comfortable with subsequently making money for the Group.

" Nov 3, 17 10:07 PM

You have literally answered your own question. 37K for member facilities is perfectly normal. It includes all of what you described plus bathrooms, hallways, and other individual areas described in the floor plans, as well as locker rooms. Pick out the square footage of the dining area which is the only area that could possibly be described as this mythical "catering center". You won't of course, because you never answer any questions posed to you.

24K of condominiums are just that. Privately owned living spaces. Hardly useful for this "catering center".

And why the underground parking? Because the alternative is acres of blacktop as required by code. Building subterranean parking reduces the footprint of the project. A deliberate goal and requirement of proper planning.

One last thing. The as-of-right would have a similar sized facility, minus locker rooms and minus the condominiums. The smaller condominiums would most likely become estate homes." Nov 4, 17 1:56 PM

Long gone? I'm not going anywhere. I'm proud of my legacy from what I built at Sebonack. The monitoring and protection measures there are now into year 12 and have been nothing short of excellent. They will continue to do so as they will at The Hills.

My record is there for anyone to check. My commitments that I made in developing Sebonack were made in 2001-2003. You won't find a single infraction or failure to live up the the commitments made in that project. " Nov 4, 17 2:04 PM

Seriously Bob, when have I ever pushed back on any understanding on contaminants in the source water? Why on earth would I want to ignore that? If this is a pre-existing condition, and will be there in perpetuity, what on earth can be done about it? Has anybody ever proposed a solution for this particular problem? If additional contaminants are there, then I'm all for finding a solution to them. What is particularly infuriating is this narrative that phytoremediation can worsen the problem. That is absolutely impossible and wiser minds need to be more open and honest about that. By all means take it out of the nitrogen balancing and analysis, but to dismiss its value is irresponsible.

While we are talking here, didn't it ever occur to you that this was an incredible opportunity to work collectively for the good of the future? If there is one person who knows how I genuinely feel about these issues, it is you. We had an opportunity to work together to come up with great solutions together and it was squandered. To a far lesser extent by you admittedly, but the squandering was enthusiastically embraced by Mr Amper and his acolytes and allies. Of course, that was enthusiastically embraced by the ignorant and corrupt within my own Democrat Party, and as a result the environment, the economy, infrastructure and people's pocketbooks get harmed by this short-sighted selfishness.
" Nov 4, 17 2:27 PM

I guessed you might duck the question. It's an impossible one for you to answer without destroying your own argument. If you were to answer the question, you'd be wringing your hands every time you drive by any construction in the whole of Long Island.

This "common sense" and not science that you rely on is a dangerous belief. " Nov 4, 17 2:35 PM

The profound and astonishing arrogance of George Lynch strikes again. It's fine though. Your opinion of my politics is completely irrelevant to me other than the fact that I wear it as a badge of honor. It is your brand of arrogance in the party that helped get that evil moron in the White House.

Of course, your haughtiness is nothing new. Do you recall the early meeting when you had the gall to disparage your fellow veteran, Ron Campsey? That his opinion needed to be corrected by you as if this genuine war hero was a naughty schoolboy.

Or when you assured the public that DLC didn't own the land and that we merely had options on it that we would walk away from. Well, you got that one dead wrong.

Or on the many occasions that you said that the as-of-right will never happen. That I was lying in my public statements to the contrary. Your assurances to the public oozed with confidence. Yet, you got that wrong too. I predicted that you would go on to your next piece of political titillation without any mea culpa and I stand by that.

And then there was your prediction that the environmental impact statement would show so much that is bad about this project. Just like you are insinuating in the post above. Yet, the findings statement clearly and unequivocally shows otherwise.

" Nov 4, 17 8:52 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

You are a voice of reason Ms. Schaefer.

I sincerely hope that calmer minds embrace your view." Nov 5, 17 1:00 AM

Chet Zelenski Of Southampton Dies October 27

An absolutely wonderful man. RIP Chet. You will be sorely missed. Your stories about this area from years ago were incredible. You will forever be immortalized in the mural on the wall of the Links Club." Nov 6, 17 3:22 PM

Lost Artwork Is Returned, And Memories Are Rekindled

There is no better than Bill Hughes. He's an absolutely wonderful guy." Nov 7, 17 8:43 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

The level of paranoia and conspiracy theory talk here is absolutely hilarious. Theorize away everyone.

Lion seems to be a very level-headed, sensible, knowledgeable and dilligent person. I'd love to meet him/her one day. What I can assure you is that your forensic efforts between Lion and me are totally off the mark.

Debate away TB. I won't spend much time on you. I'm confident that Lion will give you a run for your money because h/she does deal in facts and not in illusions and partizan hackery.

Are you still confident in your irrational, non-fact based arguments? Are you sure about your property-rights deprivation strategy?" Dec 13, 17 12:43 AM

Mackenzie Tyler Of Hampton Bays Girls Basketball Reaches 1,000 Career Points In Upset Victory

Great job Kenz!! Very, very proud of you." Jan 28, 18 12:42 PM

Community Divided On New East Quogue Golf Course Proposal

I will be happy to provide you with any documentation and support that you need should you wish to pursue this.

I can be reached at mhissey@discoverylandco.com" Feb 24, 18 2:35 PM

Westhampton Beach Boys Soccer Defeats East Hampton, Creating Logjam In League V Standings

Nice work Andre! Making a mark as a Freshman already!" Sep 23, 18 1:10 PM

Injured Bald Eagle Stolen From Quogue Wildlife Refuge

Absolutely disgusting. I really hope that Sam comes back safely. " Jul 18, 19 12:22 AM

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