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UPDATE: Lockdown Lifted At Hampton Bays High School

Lars, I just want to thank you, your staff, and all the outside agencies involved for taking the necessary action to protect my daughter and the other children attending school yesterday. It may have seemed like overkill to some. But I am sure the other parents are as grateful as I am that our children's safety was given the utmost priority. And I thank GOD is was "just" a tire on the traffic cone cart!

As for chief1 and marlinspike - why are you so worried about Hampton Bays? Surely there must be enough scandal and drama within your own school district to keep your minds and fingers engaged? And I suppose serving your community is out of the question as it would require you to get off your, ahem, couch?

" Mar 13, 14 10:13 AM

UPDATE: Kardashian Family Rents North Sea Home For Summer

And the dumber get richer... Disgusting." Jun 2, 14 8:44 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

Never condoned the behavior, never welcomed it... And I think you need to get your nose out the air and take a look around your own town, buddy. " Jul 17, 15 9:22 AM

UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

Remorseful? Remorseful is when you make ONE bad decision because you're in some kind of financial emergency - a ONE TIME kind of situation due to circumstances beyond your control (sudden illness in the family or a critical repair to the home). He stole that money, nearly $55,000, over a FIVE YEAR period. And, let's be real here, if the bank hadn't blown the whistle, the scholarship fund would STILL be paying for all his "little" extras in life. He's a serial thief and a liar - and obviously a VERY poor decision maker. This was not a "mistake," this was a CRIME of opportunity. He's only sorry that he's not nearly as smart as he thought he was. What a fool.
" May 6, 16 10:50 AM