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East Hampton's Hook Pond Suffers From Its Surroundings

I walked the Village Nature Trail last week and was very surprised to see that storm water from Huntting Lane and Fithian Lane is directed by gutters into Hook Pond Dreen. In this day and age, storm water from streets should be captured in dry wells, not directed into surface waters." Jun 2, 15 8:04 PM

Truck Hits LIRR Overpass in East Hampton Saturday Morning

I think TTTTrina was making the point that most trucks can't cross OVER the railroad tracks in East Hampton Village because the Village has banned thru truck traffic on its streets. It's the usual Village snobbiness; the Village doesn't want to share the burden of traffic and has used its geographic location to force trucks to go around." Jun 6, 15 4:16 PM

Southampton Town Officials Talk Immigration Concerns, Plan To Clarify Policy For Public

Really? A five year old kid who came here 12 years ago with his family "knowingly" broke the law? I don't think so. " Mar 10, 17 1:21 PM

Fear Fear Fear. Hate hate hate. " Mar 10, 17 1:27 PM

Yes. Lets continue to make distinctions between "native born" and other citizens. That is the only way that we can properly defend the honor of Der Vaterland. PURE BLOODS ONLY. Mudbloods GO BACK...errr... home?!" Mar 10, 17 1:31 PM

Honestly, I think the problem is that there is a complicated web of laws that intersect on this issue. ICE is a federal agency that is constitutionally separate from local law enforcement (for important reasons) and all of those agencies run up against Fourth Amendment issues in dealing with potential undocumented individuals. How a local police force positions itself vis-a-vis ICE takes in all sorts of factors. Ultimately the "old-school" republican in me is very happy to see local police enforcement asserting itself separately from Big Brother. " Mar 10, 17 1:58 PM

hahaha. Yeah that comment started off as just your standard low level racism until it jumped the shark completely into a whole new level of crazy. " Mar 10, 17 2:38 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Makes Statement On Immigration Enforcement

For the record, Rich's point above is thoughtful and kindly put. By all means disagree... but the mean-spirited playground insults neither advance any substantive point nor reflect well on you. " Mar 13, 17 12:38 PM

Paddle Diva Clashes With East Hampton Town Officials Again Over Operation Of Springs Paddleboard Business

If you can get a Supreme Court Judge to overturn a ZBA decision and allow you to do it then by all means go ahead. Until that time, maybe dial back on the ridiculous comparisons. Running a paddle board company out of a marina is exactly where we want it to be run. " Aug 31, 17 11:41 AM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

hahaha. infowars not misinformation. hahahahaha. This is the source that claims the Newtown school shooting was a hoax. 20 6 year olds were murdered. And he blames their parents for perpetrating a hoax. So classy. Says Obama is "literally a demon from hell" that house flies are more prone to land on. Totally respectable. Says the Las Vegas Shooter was a hoax. Cause why not? Says the government is using juice boxes to "make children gay." But yeah what were you saying about enlightening information? " Apr 17, 18 5:03 PM