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Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

According to the records, the Southampton Fire Department repsonded to 924 calls last year. Of that amount, 413 of them were calls involving truck from the firehouse. That means the members were in the houses a little over one time per day for a 365 days a year. OSHA has very strick requirements for spacing between the trucks and the layout of firehouses. Currently the firehouse does not meet these requirements. We are asking our volunteers to not only respond to dangerous fire situations, but we are putting them into dangerous situations just loading the trucks to leave the house. How much are we supposed to ask of our neighbors who are already giving their free time.

Second, we have to remember that building a firehouse is not like building someones home. Since this is a municiple job, the cost is raised because of the wicks law. This means the companies performing the work have to pay their workers wages equal to union prices. This raises the cost by about 30%. This building is not being built for 10 years. The current building has been used for 50 years without renovation. It is old and ready for update. The regulations require the building to be wider and longer to house the fire departments equipment. The residents surrounding did not want to see a large long building. There has to be a roof, so the second floor is partically hidden in the roof line. i feel every effort was taken to minimize the cost and the impact to the public for taxes and appearance.

I propose that all those who feel the current house is suitable, that they come down to the public hearing at the firehouse to see the conditions for themselves. It may change your views. The Village will be posting the date soon." Sep 15, 09 8:29 AM

Southampton Village voters approve bond issue for new firehouse

Pmofo, I do not understand why you are so concerned about this matter. You are not even a member of this community. This new firehouse is a building for the men and women of the Southampton Fire Department. This building will create a safe envirnment for the VOLUNTEERS to respond to their calls. Furthermore, it is not something that one individual thought of and railroaded through an entire village. If you know so much about politics, you should know this. You give too much credit to one person to make all this happen. Lastly, if you had done your homework, you would know that the Chief you are insulting, will not even be Chief when the firehouse is done. How is there any personal gain? The men and woman of the Southampton Fire Department have waited for this for almost 30 years. Must you be rude and rain on their parade right away? Do you not have any sense of community support? Congratulations SFD, you deserve it." Oct 11, 09 12:20 AM

Groundbreaking At Hampton Road Firehouse In Southampton Village This Friday

Actually, the contractors are going to use local suppliers and there are two local trades who have been hired by the general contractor so far. " Nov 2, 10 9:40 PM

Southampton Fire District seeks feasbility of adding fire hydrants, reaches out to neighboring districts

Why is this something that is even being questioned. I have lived here all of my life. I know that if I call the FD, they come. I have looked at my tax bill and can not understand what is so wrong with my tax bill for fire service. I pay $280 per year. This is money well spent. The school taxes are what is killing us. " Nov 2, 10 9:50 PM

UPDATE: Missing Man With Autism Located

He has been found. Thank god. " Apr 10, 11 1:43 PM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

All the back and forth about this is ridiculous. What everyone is forgetting is that the town and village officials have to deal with numerous areas and numerous people. They can not make a house by house decision for the storm. They have to work in areas. If they make the call to allow people to stay and residents get hurt, you will all be critical of their decision. If they make the call to evacuate and nothing happens, you will all be critical of their decision. If all of you critics are so smart about what decisions should be made, why haven't we seen your names on the election ballots? Why not focus your energy on something a little more positive. Who knows what this storm is going to bring. I personally am going to plan for the worst and hope for the best." Aug 26, 11 3:48 PM

You should check into the information in the article about the shelter. The evacuation shelter is being told to first responders as being at the High School in Hampton Bays, not the Intermediate School as printed. " Aug 26, 11 4:00 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

I agree that the crews are working very hard, but it just doesn't make sense. The forecast was for at least a strong cat 1 hurricane, maybe a light two. Everyone was saying the same thing. Six out of eight paths showed it coming for Long Island and NYC. How did they not have crews ready to go out the fternoon after the storm? How did they not have the supplies already stationed where they thought they would be more centrally located. Even if they didn't need the manpower or extra supplies, this is still a part of our LIPA bill every month to pay for these crews. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind the pennies added to my monthly bill to have better service when a storm like this comes along." Aug 30, 11 10:37 PM

Heroes Honored, Victims Remembered At Southampton Memorial Service

It was a perfect day for the ceremony. The Southampton Fire Department did a great job along with all of the other agencies involved. The monument is beautiful and is a great symbol to remind us of those who lost their lives on that tragic day. If you haven't seen the monument, I urge you to drive down and spend at least a few minutes there. I promise, it will move you. You will feel the energy that comes from that steel. " Sep 12, 11 7:48 AM

Southampton Fire Department's Firehouse Opens Saturday

I think they got a lot for their money. They deserve to have this. They go out at all hours to protect our families. The building they had there before was a garage. Whatever was spent was fair. Everything had to go out to public bid. They were required to take the lowest responsible bidder based upon Village requirements. This was all stated at the meeting before they went out for bond. Not to mention, they also told us at the meeting that the cost was going to be a little hire because of the LEED status of the building. Let's see what they come in at before we judge. Anyway, it's a nice looking building for our community. " Nov 29, 11 6:36 PM

I don't understand why you are so hung up on the irrigation. Isn't that just a part of the overall LEED project? Isn't the architect responsible to recommend to the SFD and the Village what to use and build? Why criticize the firemen? As far as local trades, I had a chance to bid the project too. I didn't want to have to deal with prevailing wages and certified payrolls for a public project. I don't know of too many local trades who would want to. I do know they purchased a lot of items from local suppliers. I have seen local trades working there too. Don't get hung up on one item because you didn't get the job. " Nov 29, 11 9:05 PM

Windmill Lane Substation May Be Eyed For New Ambulance Headquarters

All this back and forth about whether or not they need more space is ridiculous. Of course the ambulance corps needs more space. The issue at hand is where and how much it will cost. When the SFD first spoke about the new firehouse, they were told it was too much and they needed to cut back. Which they did. I think the Ambulance corps needs to look at as many options as possible to bring to the village board to consider. The firehouse on Windmill Lane still houses four pieces of equipment. Even if the district and village worked out a deal about building a firehouse on north sea rd, it wouldn't be done for at least two maybe three years. Then you would have to renovate the windmill lane building to accommodate the SVVA. This would be another year. Now, remember, why did the SFD vacate the Windmill Lane property? The building sites in a category 1 hurricane flood plane. This is not a place you want to locate your emergency personnel in a foul weather situation. Especially a hurricane, when they arre going to be needed the most. I suggest a renovation to the existing barn. Second floor, add a bay to the east and push out the back. They don't need the volleyball net that is behind the building. The village crews could do the finish work to reduce the expense. It does mean it is free, but it is a cheaper expense and they could work on it during the winter months when the work load is less on them. The project leaders just need to think outside the box a little and compromise." Apr 18, 12 7:00 AM

Surf Camp Causes New Conflict At Picnic Area Beach

It's very simple. The Village Board passed a resolution allowing this camp to use the beaches. They just have to regulate the number of campers like the neighboring communities. There are a lot of locations to surf, but few that a camp can operate at. This group was operating in two other locations first, but they were moved because of complaints. They are running out of locations. There is another surf camp that dominates Flying Point Cut. Maybe they should be regulated smaller so that both camps can share the one location. Nobody is complaining about that spot. That camp has the same situation and nobody is saying how unsafe they are. I think the town and village should regulate how the camps operate. All other camps have regulations. These camps are not only for the rich summer kids. There are many local kids who go to these camps. In a time when kids are playing video games more than they are out playing sports, I don't think we should be taking another thing away from them. What does our community really offer to kids? Every time there is something for the younger generation of our community, there is always someone who wants to close it down because it bothers them. Regulation is the solution. " Aug 25, 12 12:10 AM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

Everyone is jumping out to conclusions. If you read the article, the commissioners are only getting site plan approval so that the property can be used for a future firehouse. There is no intension on building a firehouse now. They have been going through this process for a couple years. If they wait until the need is there, it will delay any ability to build right away.

The issue of consolidation can not be done without the public vote. Everyone is getting excited about nothing right now. Talks about what is best for all taxpayers has to start somewhere. Just because the chairman made those comments, doesn't mean the entire board feels that way. Remember, he is part of the old group that was making waves. There are three new members that make up the majority and feel different about the tactics used by the old board. I have spoken to them and know they are not happy about what has been said. If we don't want them to do something, we should attend their meetings and voice our opinions. They meet in the tuckahoe school library on the second Thursday of every month. The meeting start at 7:30pm. We are all guilty for no attendance to these meetings and letting them do what they want. " Dec 13, 12 11:30 AM