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Sandy Hollow Apartments Meet Stiff Opposition Again

I don't believe that all people that want this project to go forward understand what is at stake. The town board has been given a great deal of leeway with the PDD law and they are abusing it something fierce. They are SO many inaccurate statements. For example the traffic report states that they will be no impact on the traffic as there will only be 7 to 10 cars either entering or leaving the development each day. 28 apartments and only five cars go and come in a day. What planet are they from? The environmental report says the lot was a sand and gravel pit so 28 apartments,58 parking spacing, and a sewer treatment plant is an improvement. This lot was never a pit.....just looking at it will tell you that. And those are just two of about 50 errors or lies. So what are they trying to cover up?
" May 15, 14 8:53 PM

Sandy Hollow Apartments Still Topic Of Debate

The town board is VOTING on this matter on This Tuesday!! This is not a issue of affordable housing its a density issue that opens the door for this type of project all over Southampton Township. There is too much money to be made by the developers to let it go and once their foot is in the door it will be very difficult to keep other projects at bay. This affects everyone who lives in Southampton Town and does not want high density apartment buildings ." Jun 7, 14 11:22 AM

Town Could Approve Sandy Hollow Apartments Thursday

Thats another lie. By law they can't pick and chose a tenant and give special treatment to fire fighters and first responders. And the people who do the picking are some corporation somewhere not a local person
" Jun 11, 14 4:34 AM

The meeting was a farce. We were not allow to ask questions of the "experts". What about left turns? someone shouted. The Queen Anna said we could question him later and by then he was gone. When the Baby Bestt guy got up and we asked question we were told we could ask them in the HALL!! not on the record. The guy clearly was reading from a script and didn't know or care about our questions.
The citizens of Tuckahoe have rallied 30 to 50 people each meeting despite the fact that the board has tried to keep them low key. WE HAVE QUESTIONS!!!!! IS ANYON E LISTENING!!!!!!! " Jun 11, 14 4:40 AM

If you understood the project better you would be against it. It is not about affordable housing. Its about the board breaking the laws of this Town and this state. Its about high density construction in SH. It's about developers doing whatever they want now and in the future
" Jun 12, 14 7:04 AM

And it is also about many many unsafe conditions both for the residents and the surrounding homes. And its about lies. The attorney has been served with an affidavit to say everything is true. Do you want to run a bet he won't sign it?" Jun 12, 14 7:06 AM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Approves Sandy Hollow Apartments Plan

This is NOT affordable housing by many people's definition. The basic guideline at this time say they need a five credit history and a $50,000 W2 from the previous year for a 500 sq ft apartment. It's very restrictive. The only reason why it was passed was because the town needed to have something to show that they were not against affordable housing and that the developer is making upward of 9 MILLIION off federal tax dollars. Correction MY federal tax dollars. So it looks like we are getting raped three different ways. " Jun 14, 14 8:14 AM

if you live in the woods you prob don't qualify.. I would stay where you are" Jun 14, 14 8:15 AM

Thank you for you thoughtful comments. One addition....The water is not being offered to those who live downstream or those within 1500 feet of the sewage treatment plant. The people the most at risk are those on West Neck, Swan Hill and Cooper Rd. For these people the cost will run way over the $20,000 mark" Jun 15, 14 9:34 PM

Sag Harbor Residents Concerned About Demolitions Of Historic Houses

Easier to beg forgiveness than get permission. The fine should be 10% the purchase price of the house." Aug 27, 14 6:14 PM

Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments

you should do your research before you make a inaccurate comment. Many many groups have spoken out against this project. In addition to the almost 900 signatures collects throughout SH township I'll name just a few groups .....Tuckahoe CAC, North Sea CAC, SH fire Dept, NS fire dept, Group for the East End, The Lake asso. If you are really interested I will get the other names and tell you exactly why it's a bad idea but I expect you either like being uninformed or you are a "plant" working for the developers" Oct 17, 14 10:30 AM

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

ALL PDD's are a bad idea. I have yet to see one that had local support. The ones approved of in Hampton Bays and the Sandy Hollow subdivison never should have passed. The town board has allowed this to happen.
It's election year......VOTE THE IDIOTS OUT. Get off you rumps and vote for anyone who runs a platform against the PDD law." Jun 8, 15 10:06 PM