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Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

Nice work all around by the extraordinary members of our Federal Govt. You all ought to be really proud of the fine, fine work you are doing. Glad to see that you all have put party politics aside and banged out a plan that is in the best interest of the country. Golf clap.

" Jul 27, 11 6:34 PM

Are you saying Mr. Obama has not shown leadership? How dare you! Why just the other day he said, "We have to get this done NOW!!!" The emphasis on the word "Now" certainly showed leadership and was an undeniable call to action. " Jul 27, 11 6:41 PM

"The U.S. would immediately have to cut 40 to 45 percent of federal outlays, potentially jeopardizing Social Security benefits"

What ever did happen to that lock box???" Jul 27, 11 6:42 PM

Any plan that doesn't reduce spending and entitlement is not a plan worth considering. The American Ponzi economy has reached critical mass. Simple math, if you spend more than you earn you eventually will be screwed.

To all those who continue to defend the current Administration by blaming GW Bush I propose the following analogy...
If you hired plumber A to install a sink and he created a leak would you fire him? Yes (GW Bush)
Would you hire a replacement plumber based on promises that he would not only fix the leak, but make your entire plumbing system run more efficiently? Yes (B Obama)
If the replacement plumber didn't do what he promised and now your entire house is filling with water would you blame plumber A or the replacement plumber?
Common sense should direct you to the following conclusion... Plumber A was inept and created a problem. The replacement plumber was a fraud, inept and made a bad problem worse.
Next plumber please.

Defend away Liberal Attack Squad. Screaming teabag, GW Bush, or whatever else makes you feel better doesn't hide nor excuse the complete failure of the Obama Admin. Drip, drip, drip." Jul 29, 11 9:16 AM

True to a point, but until the USA gets back to being a manufacturing economy and mandates fair trade (sorry China) then we'll never find stable footing. Americans need to become realistic in what they expect in terms of compensation for their skills. $25.00 hour and 3/4 pension after 20 years for tightening screws just won't fly anymore. You want to be paid like a superstar? Then get educated and bring superstar skill sets to the workforce.

With our resources and labor pool there isn't a reason why we shouldn't be a thriving manufacturing economy. Our largest obstacles are our Govt, Labor Unions, unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitlement of the workforce." Jul 29, 11 10:34 AM

Thanks, Z.
The thing is as govt increases taxes they inevitably increase spending. It's like raising the credit limit and a card that's already maxed out. I think it is time that we demand that our govt spend wisely. I'd love to see a complete audit of entitlement and allocate those funds appropriately and put a nail in the fraud and abuse. Pie in the sky? Probably. However, before the govt puts its hands in the pockets of anyone (rich, poor or middle class), they have to get spending under control. America was not founded on the idea that the tax payer will serve as safety net to the reckless habits of the govt. I imagine that is one of the fundamental issues that the Tea Party focuses on. All the other fringe nonsense clouds the core message... control spending and reduce the size of govt. To me this is more a common sense issue than a political crusade.

I appreciate your posts and intend on reading some of the books you note." Jul 29, 11 1:50 PM

He won't answer that, Captn Amer. Some here are so blinded in their hate for GW Bush, Republicans and The Tea Party that they are unable to see the failures of this president. It's sad. I don't care what party sign is on your front lawn, one should observe and make judgments with an open mind and honest heart. " Jul 29, 11 1:57 PM

Good points. I don't always agree with you, but you certainly make strong arguments. As I wrote above, I intend on checking out some of the reads noted. I wish everyone here had the ability to debate on substance. Good stuff, Z. " Jul 29, 11 8:39 PM

Understood, but you seem to focus and put blame on the wealthy more so than that of the recklessness of govt spending. To me it's not a question of "should the wealthy pay more" than "why should the wealthy have to pay more?" I say it starts with government spending, and a change in philosophy of what America is becoming (ie. what can the govt do for me and how do I get someone else to pay for it.)
I'm not rich, but if I made a couple million dollars a year and the govt was taking half of it and "spreading my wealth" to millions of people who refuse to work and/or are abusing the system, I'd be angry about it. The point is this, America was never meant to be a Nanny state, yet that is what we are becoming. Handing more money the govt will only escalate the pace. So perhaps this is America finally saying, "Hey govt, get your act together before you ask me for more money." I hope so anyway.

BTW - I'm saying their are legitimate reasons and programs to help people out. However, the abuses need to end. Sadly our govt seems to think the solution to fixing these problems is to pump more money into them. That does not make sense at all. " Jul 30, 11 9:18 AM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

"The Republicans have been royally HAD." Philathome, thank you for articulating so perfectly where your focus is and the ridiculousness that triggers your happiness. This isn't a football game where we should be excited by one side or the other winning. These idiots took us to the brink because both sides can't get past their partisan nonsense. We are supposed to be happy about the process and the end result? Sorry, I expect more from those who hold such important positions. The whole thing proves that we are a Nation adrift. " Aug 2, 11 10:01 PM

Who is your source, Kaluss?" Aug 2, 11 10:02 PM

How have I been had? "Economic Terrorism???" You are on some trip, Phil. You have two eyes, no need to keep one closed all the time. " Aug 3, 11 8:31 AM

I wasn't disputing your info, just wanted to know where you got it. I do see that you supplied links to each point.

Yes, as little govt as possible IMO. But let's be honest, we have fed the pigeons so much for so long that we now have an entire species of pigeons that no longer knows how to, or has any incentive to fend for themselves. " Aug 3, 11 8:59 AM

Philathome you certainly are consistent. He's beating a dead horse? That's your answer to the out of control spending by our govt? You have no argument. Your belief set runs counter to the ideals of what the country was founded on. Quite frankly, you are an enabler and cheerleader for a nanny state. What's worse is the sense of entitlement that you and your ilk have. You demand that "the rich" pay for the mistakes of our out of control govt and invite the govt to expand and screw things up more. You never say a word about the abuses in our system. Yes, abuses by the poor and the undocumented and a host of others. If you want to hold people accountable then have the guts to hold all people accountable. " Aug 3, 11 9:14 AM

Razza, your teabag tourettes is acting up again. I know that you consider yourself so much smarter than anyone else, and any differing opinion most certainly makes someone a "teabagger." The Dow is down 150 points already today. Unemployment is at 9.5%. Barack Obama (Mr. Fixit) is the president. So you have a name for all of those who disagree with you. I have a name for those who have blind faith in a party and refuse to acknowledge the failures and ineptitude of this president. I dare not print it though." Aug 3, 11 12:33 PM

Local 84, points are usually taken a bit more seriously when written in a language that human beings can decipher. " Aug 3, 11 3:30 PM

Judging by all the bickering, one-upmanship, close mindedness, and overall disdain illustrated in the posts here it's clear to me that we actually do have representative government after all. " Aug 4, 11 9:59 AM

Your own no doubt." Aug 4, 11 10:01 AM

So it would seem that the emperor is lacking clothes?
" Aug 4, 11 12:54 PM

Phil, are things going well or are they not going well?
" Aug 4, 11 12:55 PM

I'd rather spend my time time trying to get rich than complaining about the rich. I guess in Razza and Phil world that makes me bad. I'm a bad guy. I want to make a lot of money. I feel awful about that. Lucky for me that if my dreams come true and I do get very successful Raz n Phil will be right there to claim what's theirs.
So tell me what else you guys want. Perhaps I'll invest in some new machinery so I can do more work and hopefully make a little more profit so you guys can tax me and fund some book club in Cutchogue or research how the color yellow makes bunnies happy. " Aug 4, 11 10:59 PM

govt should get spending under control before raising taxes on anyone. All Americans should demand an end to wasteful spending.

Disagree?" Aug 5, 11 9:04 AM

Love the flat tax." Aug 5, 11 9:26 AM

So we agree. Don't try filling the sinkhole with more sand.
I don't think anyone who is rational would argue against that. I just think that taxation before repair is cart before the horse. There is a liberal thought process articulated by many here that defies logic, ie. don't address spending and tax the rich.
Again Big govt = sinkhole and Taxation = sand.

Not a Republican, Democrat, or Tea Party viewpoint. Just common sense IMO." Aug 5, 11 1:26 PM

Progress, I did not see the post you mentioned above, but before defending poor little Philathome take a look at some of his happy offerings...

Nobody is as American as the far right wing radicals.
Anybody who posts anything opposing their aganda is un-American.
Hw many times have they questioned the patriotism of people just in this thread?
Just like the Bush-loving radicals they are.
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By philathome (1551), Southampton on Aug 3, 11 4:47 PM

You have been had. The tax cuts will expire and revenue will increase.There's no provision to extend the tax cuts so we will be able to pay dow some of our debt once they expire. Boehner isn't talking about it,but once it happens the economy will begin to repair itself.
The idiots who took us to the brink are the ones who are saying that they got 98% of what they wanted by using economic terrorism against their own people.
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By philathome (1551), Southampton on Aug 3, 11 5:46 AM


Economic terrorism against their own people. Bush Loving radicals.
In a prior debate he called me the alternative word for donkey. That hurt my feelings." Aug 5, 11 1:38 PM

If those statements are your opinions then it's not a question of accuracy. Your opinion is your opinion. The point really is whether you have the capability of engaging in a debate like an adult, or if you want to act like a child. So far your record speaks for itself and the result is you are not taken seriously. Quite frankly, I think you are easy to figure out and I have made a few assumptions on whether or not you view yourself as a financially successful and/or a victim seeking compensation from your fellow Americans. There definitely seems to be deep rooted anger." Aug 6, 11 11:24 AM

The Repubs must put up a viable contender for 2012. If not it will 4 more years of Obama. I'm not at all excited or confident about the current offerings. That said, the Obama admin has to go." Aug 6, 11 11:29 AM

The guy who blames all the ills of the world on the Tea Party is calling someone else a hater. Laughable. " Aug 6, 11 11:44 AM

So the entire right is as you describe? Where do the millions of people who don't share your views fit in? Are they radicals and lunatics too?

My voting record in the last election was 60% / 40% Repub / Dem.
I have voted for Dems 6 times in general elections as opposed to 4 times Repubs (as I recall).

I'd bet if we compare voting history yours would be the list that looks considerably more radical. " Aug 7, 11 9:02 AM

The point being you seem to be what you despise... close minded, intolerant, and abusive towards those who disagree with you.
What's the sense in debate when you already have your boots cemented in one place? It actually has happened that I have changed my position based on info or a point of view I didn't consider. You? Doubt it. " Aug 7, 11 9:16 AM

Tea this, tea that. A minority party now pushes around the Dem majority senate and a Dem president of the USA? Where was Mr. Obama's plan? Would Clinton have allowed a nuisance like the tea party to flatten his tires? Where is the leadership? Show us some please Mr. President. Either that or go away.

You guys incessantly screaming about the tea party never question why they could push your party around? If the president had any boots at all he would have stepped on them long ago. Where is the leadership? You guys put this guy on a pedestal and I have no idea why. Not being George W. Bush is simply not reason enough to continue this free pass. Wake up already. Hold this guy to a higher standard. He's the president of the USA and whines about the tea party and the failures of his predecessor every chance he gets. He took the job, now he can either do it right or move along." Aug 7, 11 10:12 PM

B. Obama to D Sawyer
"I can guarantee that the worst thing we could do would be to raise taxes when the economy is still this weak"

So here we are in a weak economy and the Dems #1 target for a fix is... Taxation.

B. Obama to D. Sawyer
"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president"

That would be nice, but I don't see really good or mediocre as a reachable goal for Mr. Obama. It's really a results based business that he's in and based on the results, well... you know.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincey Adams

Do we have leaders? Are the actions of our govt inspiring us to learn more, do more and become more? More likely the actions of our govt are inspiring a great many of us to do the exact opposite." Aug 8, 11 10:16 AM

Public Hearing Continues On Remsenburg Subdivision On Thursday

Yeah, the timing of this seems odd. Where is the demand?" Aug 8, 11 3:27 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

Philat home wrote: A seasonal employer is a parasite,abandoning their employees during the off-season while the employer takes the prfits he made and runs to Florida or the Islands while his employees barely subsist on the unemployment they say the seasonal workers don't deserve.


Do you know where you live? You are in the best part of Long Island. The reason why it's so great is because we have a vacationers visit in the summer. Those vacationers use services. Those services provide seasonal jobs.
Your logic
Dockers, Tide Runners, The Sand Castle, Golf Courses, Bars, Atlantis, landscapers etc.
are all parasites.
Tell me, what job have you ever created and how much have you paid anyone?

Parasites? I hope we never see a day without such "parasites."

Philathome, you are so dead wrong on this it's laughable.
" Aug 14, 11 10:38 AM

Entrepreneurs have the vision, take the risk, put up the capital and work a zillion hours. If things are successful (which odds say they won't be) jobs are created and money is made and shared. The shared part is a wage that is either accepted or not accepted. If the endeavor fails the entrepreneur deals with a world of hurt. Nobody shares that hurt or financial loss.

So to all of those who have risked nothing and complain about your compensation you can either A) try opening a business B) look for another job C) shut up. " Aug 14, 11 10:46 AM

BTW - Philathome
I have been unable to pay myself for about 2 months as I'm struggling to keep my business alive through this terrible economy.
I haven't missed paying my employees once. These are the things that don't go mentioned about the mean and horrible employers.

Parasites? Unbelievable.
Thank goodness I don't have any employees like P.A.H.
I sincerely hope his is the mindset of the radical minority." Aug 14, 11 10:55 AM

And how are you so sure of my financial security? I have 3 months to right a ship that's taking on water. If not, 3 people get walking papers and I get a second job that offers benefits. Simple as that. You think small business owners are all rich? No way.

When I started my business I worked from 6:30-3:30 and weekends trying to build something out of nothing. I also worked 4-12's at a group home making $11/hr so I could get medical benefits. I did that for 3+ years. That's what it took, so that's what I did. I may have to do it again.

Many differences between you and me. The one I'm most proud of is that I'll never expect anyone to pay my way and will work my tail off to be successful. " Aug 14, 11 9:02 PM

Z - seasonal businesses on the east end are not the problem. College kids are happy to have the summer jobs.

Small businesses are generally not the problem. How do you blame someone for offering a $12/hr job if that job is only worth $12/hr? If the job is filled then at the least it fit into someones criteria for employment.

You want to bash big business? I'm with you. You have a problem with the the greed of some of these CEO's? So do I. You think the separation between the rich and the poor is growing and that the middle class is faltering? The data shows that you are correct.

However, attacks on small businesses and the total disregard for the risks entrepreneurs have to take is where I draw a line in the sand. Guys like Philathome attack everyone that provide jobs. When I was working my tail off and put my house on the line to start a business nobody shared that risk. I didn't see Philathome sitting next to me eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday for 3 years. So blast away all you want at big business, but consider all the good small businesses offer and wonder where we'd be without them. " Aug 14, 11 9:17 PM

You believe that??? How do you hold a job? Man, it must be a blast having you for a colleague. " Aug 14, 11 9:19 PM

No you didn't strike a nerve. It's just that if that there is zero evidence to your claim.
" Aug 14, 11 9:59 PM

"Hey,that's capitalism-sink or swim,you chose to go into business,if you can't make it,fold your business and go on welfare.Become what you hate."


100% right on the first part. I'm glad you know that.
As far as Welfare is concerned I don't hate it, I hate those who abuse it. Using it as a safety net for myself is not part of the equation.

Show me whining. I used my personal experiences (past and present) to illustrate some points to you. Unfortunately they were lost on you and I have no idea how to simplify them.

In the end, if I had to choose on between the mindset of what I can do for myself as opposed to what can others do for me, I think you know which one I'd choose. I also think deep down you'd know which one has the higher probability for success. " Aug 14, 11 10:11 PM


What specifically did you refute? I must have missed that.
I'm a member of the far right wing? I missed that too.
Personal attacks? Didn't you just call me a whiner 5 minutes ago?
You are so funny." Aug 14, 11 10:27 PM

I'll try again... do you really believe that the points in your Anarcho-syndicalism post are the views of those who disagree with you? You made the claim, not me.

Do you have any evidence at all, or can you point to anyone's post here that supports your claim?

Can you answer these questions without hyperbole? " Aug 15, 11 8:06 AM

So we agree on many points then, Z.
I just don't see how attacking small business because "they only pay $12/hr" makes any sense. How many $12/hr jobs have been created by small business? And for people to call them parasites is just completely out of bounds. Should an ice cream store stay open on main street in February? No, they'd lose money. So that makes them parasites for not employing people through the winter? That's what Philathome thinks. Of course his ideology is stymied by economic reality, though he'd never admit to that.

I really do sympathize with those looking for employment. I may actually be in their ranks if I can't pull a rabbit out of my hat. The thing is even a small opportunity is an opportunity. There is something to be said for getting a foot in the door, working hard and doing a good job, and hopefully advancing.

I wouldn't want to be working along side someone that did nothing but complain about his salary, benefits, the boss, the rich etc. This is still America and we are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness. It seems to me that the word "pursuit" has been lost in translation. " Aug 15, 11 8:22 AM

Nope. Cutting and pasting from wiki doesn't make an argument.
Your claim was and still is baseless.
Whatever... these boards have the same same cast of characters (myself included) trading punches. I'll never agree with you, you'll never agree with me. We'll both walk away feeling good about that.

" Aug 16, 11 8:40 AM

I'm touched by your love for the poor. You live in Southampton, right? Why?" Aug 16, 11 9:27 AM

Care for the poor!!! All the injustices!!! The inequalities!!!
All spewed from a computer on a desk in the bad, bad hood that is Southampton.

Being born poor is not a choice and it is sad. Dropping out of school, doing drugs, having children that you can't support, joining gangs, committing crimes are all choices. I had nothing to do with those choices and sure don't want to pay for them. Furthermore, the reason I live in Remsenburg is to be away from such nonsense. I have zero remorse for that. I imagine Philathome lives in Southampton for the same reason. So Phil, please spare us your phony and transparent love letters to the poor and go make yourself and iced chai tea. Either that or move to an impoverished neighborhood and give your speeches on top of a cardboard box. I'm sure your philosophies will be welcomed with open arms.
" Aug 16, 11 9:43 AM

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. My father worked his way out of poverty. Maybe I would have too. No way to know.

Reality is sometimes simple and callous.
I read attack after attack here on success. Since when is success bad? What is happening to America? When did we get so politically correct that honesty became radical thought? Read the posts above and tell me that there isn't evidence of enabling and a desire to create a nanny state.
I'm callous and simplistic, but will never be your burden. " Aug 16, 11 10:36 AM

No kidding, Einstein. So what's your solution? Better question, what's a solution that they will accept and actually participate in for the betterment of themselves and communities? " Aug 16, 11 11:20 AM

Anytime you want to compare who has paid more in terms of salaries and taxes then I'll be happy to do so.

Educational and Employment opportunities will only go so far. You need to fix the completely broken family structure and corrupted values of the poor. Good luck with that. The most resistance you will face will not come from me, it will come from the very people you want to help." Aug 16, 11 11:24 AM

What are you talking about??? Who said anything about not paying taxes? You have zero ability to stay on point and an overwhelming ability to make things up.

True or false?
The biggest obstacles that poor people face are lack of family structure, bad choices and a value set that is not conducive to financial success. All of the above is learned behavior and almost certainly guarantees the cycle of poverty.

" Aug 16, 11 12:48 PM

In order to go to college one must finish HS.
The breakdown starts long before kids get to HS.
Community and Infrastructure investment are broad terms. Exactly what would this investment be and how would it help? How would such an investment win the hearts and minds of the people you want to help? By building a community pool and re-paving roads you are going to keep kids in school and off drugs?
Your digs at the right neither help your point or offend me in the least. I'm not affiliated with any party. I like keeping my options open and my head clear of propaganda. " Aug 16, 11 12:55 PM

Are you familiar with the Timothy Hill Ranch in Riverhead? In my opinion more money needs to be channeled to programs like that. Removing a kid from all of the negative influences on him/her gives the kid a fighting chance of breaking the chain. " Aug 16, 11 1:04 PM

Negative. The causes are the family or lack thereof and the learned behavior that guarantees the cycle.

You tell me the better use of resources
A. Programs like Timothy Hill Ranch
B. Recreation Centers, painted buildings and a community pool" Aug 16, 11 1:12 PM

Lack of opportunity and the decay of the school system are byproducts of what I mentioned in my last post.

However, you want to blame someone (the right) and you don't want people (the poor) to take responsibility for their actions.

Your solution is to pump money into "the community and infrastructure." Big money and how do we measure success?

I say put the money into programs like Timothy Hill Ranch. Direct contact and measurable success rates.

" Aug 16, 11 1:36 PM

Gents, there is theory and there is practice. You are all long on theory.
You offer nothing in terms of practice." Aug 16, 11 2:27 PM

In some cases, yes. More to the point remove a child from all the negative influences of the community. Sometimes community is a bad thing depending on who makes up said community.

If you were a recovering alcoholic would you remove the booze from your home and stop hanging out with other alcoholics?
Or would you build a pool and blame the right for not taxing Budweiser enough?" Aug 16, 11 2:32 PM

Hat, East Quogue is a nice place. Why do you live there?" Aug 16, 11 2:32 PM

Build your new schools. Fill them with new computers. Build some strip malls and offer tax breaks to the people who are willing to invest in those stores. Hire some people to work in those stores.

Your theory states that this is the solution.


Will the drop out level decrease?
Will there be less crime?
Will gangs just go away?
Will the family unit become stronger?
Will families put an emphasis on education?
Will the mindset change?

" Aug 16, 11 2:57 PM

I read it. You want a point by point rebuttal to a 5 paragraph post?

All of these questions are still appropriate and you can't seem to answer

Will the drop out level decrease?
Will there be less crime?
Will gangs just go away?
Will the family unit become stronger?
Will families put an emphasis on education?
Will the mindset change?" Aug 16, 11 3:35 PM

Define "culture of poverty"

Hint... I already did." Aug 16, 11 5:52 PM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

The filling of bathtubs with water would only pertain to those with wells, correct?
Am I mistaken about this?" Aug 26, 11 12:22 PM

Thanks" Aug 26, 11 1:05 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Nah, it's not the small caliber ornamentals that do the damage. The limbs of the maples and oaks are the real culprits. Most of what I'm seeing laying around are broken off maple limbs. " Aug 30, 11 10:41 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

Finally!!! And it is about time the hedge issue has been addressed. Now, on to lawn fungus legislation. " Sep 9, 11 8:21 PM

Wait. Wait one minute. White flies and spider mites are announcing a challenge to the hedge law. Oh this could get ugly." Sep 9, 11 8:26 PM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Yay big govt! Way to go! Why don't you just light our businesses on fire and get it over with. Ask not what your government can do for you, ask what it can do to you. " Sep 27, 11 9:05 PM

Who screams about legal immigrants? The new regulations would more than likely create a void that will be filled by off the books hiring of undocumented laborers. So you do think this is going to hurt? Answer = those who want to play by the rules. So once again govt steps in and makes it damn near impossible to play by the rules. Glad you support it. I'd hate to ever agree with you. " Sep 28, 11 2:46 PM

And what have you ever run? Give me a break with your liberal ideological nonsense. Go start a business and see what reality is like. You have no clue at all.

What's better... 50 jobs at $12 / hr or zero at $18 / hr?
You really have no idea of what it takes to run a business. I read your post and wonder why those of us who take the risk ever hire people like you. We are not talking about huge firms here. We are talking about small businesses that can't afford doubling salaries. Unreal. "Rules shifting towards the working people" yeah ok. When there is no profit there is no company. When there is no company there is no job. Welcome to the unemployment line. Hope the rules shift swiftly enough for ya." Sep 28, 11 10:07 PM

Some jobs are only worth $9 / hr.
Why can't you understand that?" Sep 28, 11 10:23 PM

The ideas expressed by many here are rather scary. You want to harpoon the big bad business owner because of false assumptions that they are all rich. New flash, you are wrong. You may find a few cases of abuse, no one will justify it. That said, many small businesses barely get by. You use examples of $100 labor rates for pool digging. You ever think that the profit making season for pool digging is about 4 months long? Ever take into consideration overhead, taxes, insurances? No, of course not. Keep whining and complaining and maybe the big bad business man will go away. Then what? Ghost towns and unemployment. Bravo! If I had workers that showed such contempt for me and my business I boot them out the door so fast it would make your socialist heads spin. " Sep 28, 11 10:31 PM

Negative. I assigned value to a job, not an individual. Rake my leaves, it is worth $9.00 per hour. Do assembly in my shop, it's worth $12/hr. If you do well you may advance or you may leave. That doesn't change the fact that an assembly position here is worth $12/hr.

Why are local businesses here importing labor (legally)? Because the job is only worth the wage. The wage is worth it to someone from Ireland. The govt thinks that there is a labor pool waiting to jump on these jobs. The govt is wrong. Still they insist that you take a $9/hr job and make it an $18/hr job. Congratulations, you have just created an underground economy that is usually filled by undocumented laborers. " Sep 29, 11 8:19 AM

Can you tell me how any of this equates to real world, small town economics? A wage is assigned to a task. We are not importing brain surgeons. " Sep 29, 11 8:20 AM

Where are these Americans lining up to fill these jobs? Your liberal ilk insist on sucking more tax money from the working class to subsidize a welfare class to sit at home. Then you freak out when nobody shows up to actually work. You created this yet you blame job creators. Nice trick.
" Sep 29, 11 8:25 AM

I've paid more taxes then you'll pay in a lifetime. I create jobs. You complain and want your govt to hold your hand through life. Well done." Sep 29, 11 9:13 AM

Wrong again. Greed has nothing to do with smart fiscal responsibility. You'd never see the difference because you don't run anything. You just complain. I provide jobs. You provide, well... nothing.

Philathome. Me at work." Sep 29, 11 9:16 AM

Apple is sitting on 70 billion in cash. My guess is that many of the complainers here have an iphone / ipad or a mac. Why are you not boycotting Apple? Are they doing the right thing by clogging up so much cash? Nah, it's easier to attack small businesses on a message board. Why? You hate the success that you can see and put a face too. Why not try to open a business? You all seem to be masters of how things work. I want to see your small business that is filled with $18 hr workers. Maybe you'll bake pies. Maybe your pies will be $50 each. Maybe you'll go out of business and go back to being angry and jealous of those who are successful. " Sep 29, 11 9:58 AM

Yes. An the alternative is that I lock the door and close the lights and put a few people on the unemployment line.
You have no clue. Go to work. " Sep 29, 11 10:07 AM

They are. And if they don't pick up the pace I will eat their children and light them on fire. That's the way business is. I have someone fanning me and feeding me grapes right now too.

Go to work." Sep 29, 11 10:40 AM

I'm sunning myself on a beach. My workers are monitored by cameras and GPS. Right now I am lighting a giant cigar with a $100 bill. I like your version of business ownership. It is working out well for me. Gotta go and yell at someone now for being 8 seconds late." Sep 29, 11 11:11 AM

Maybe. Sometimes I let them wash one of my Mercedes.
Is that what you mean?

What characteristics would make a dish washer or check out person worth $18/hr?

" Sep 29, 11 1:46 PM

Yes, yes... and you forgot my house in Hawaii.
Phil, you have no clue about me, economics, or what it takes to run a business. Your assumptions are so wrong that I check in for a good laugh. You never disappoint. So by your logic all jobs should start above $18/hr. That means a pizza would cost you $30. Your grocery bill would probably double. An ice cream cone would be $10. You conveniently forgot about the impact on payroll taxes.

You are angry because you have to work 2 jobs. Well I work 14-15 hour days here and have to deal with a mountain of stress too. We have chosen these paths, nobody has put a gun to our heads. Deal with it or change it. Just don't expect to turn a $12/hr task into a $20/hr task. Show me the businessman who does that and I'll show you the business that won't last. You don't care though because you only see it through your eyes, the eyes that only see injustice and let you play the part of the victim. Until you learn to place a value on a task and see how it fits with what the market will pay for it I suggest you be quiet. You are talking about things that you clearly have no understanding of. " Sep 29, 11 3:10 PM

Nice attitude. Tell me why you live here again?
How about we build a giant K-Mart and put it on Main St Southampton?

What have you done or what do you do to contribute? Have you ever created a job? If not, why not? You seem to have all the answers so I'm sure whatever venture you create will be a major success. Please tell us how because we clearly don't get it. " Sep 29, 11 4:42 PM

You have been arguing all day with people who supply jobs. You assume your own answers and then state that nobody has defended a point. Here's the point, If I could pay people $20/hr I would. I pay people what I can afford to pay them and stay in business. Your attitude towards business owners is comical in how misguided you are, and sad because you believe what you write. I hope your boss doesn't think as low of you as you do of him/her.

Your claim that we can not afford the wages you speak of somehow equals a lack of care or respect for our employees has zero merit. How do you know how anyone here operates or treats people? You don't.

Again I ask... what have you done and what will you do?
Ignore it again and I'll ask again." Sep 29, 11 10:08 PM

Someone... anyone... tell me how you would turn a $12/hr task into a $20/hr job and stay in business. I'll let you know that business is uh, difficult in 2011. So raising prices is a non-starter.
Phil / Z / YesYes, tell me how and I will consider implementing your plan.

What is your plan?" Sep 29, 11 10:17 PM

Z - how does this equate to kick in the teeth that our local businesses are about to take? Drive down Main St in our local towns. See all those vacant shops. You are about to see more. Philathome is pleased by this because there are less "theives rape us with your overpriced garbage." And less stores that "peddle your trash to the tourists."

The assumption that all small business owners out here are filthy rich is false. " Sep 29, 11 10:24 PM

And still no solutions offered by Z and Phil.
Just false accusations and assumptions.

I employ 5 people PT wages ranging $13 - $17 per hour.
1 college student happy to have a flex sched
2 gents as second jobs in the evening happy to have a flex sched
2 moms working around school sched that I am sensitive to.
Of the 5, 4 like their work and are grateful. 1 of the moms is unhappy that she has to work, but she does a decent job.

I can't afford to pay FT salaries w/ benefits and stay in business. I make about half of what I mad 4 years ago. Last year my personal salary was around $70k and my wife is working FT again.

Nothing would please me more to give these good people more money.
Right now I can't.

Philathome and Z see me as the problem and the bad guy. That's too bad. I think the people who work here are grateful to be employed. They do what they have to as do I. So I'm the bad guy and simple and whatever else you have to say. At the end of the day I have helped 5 people get by and you have don't nothing but complain and scream "injustice!"" Sep 30, 11 11:10 AM

Apologies for grammatical and spelling errors. " Sep 30, 11 11:13 AM

Phil you hate successful people and you are angry about your own situation. Only you can fix that. Stop blaming and start problem solving." Sep 30, 11 11:19 AM

Kaluss, there are a few, very vocal victims here that have a lot of anger focused at business owners. My guys is that it's jealousy and insecurity issues. From what I've seen this minority attitude, though loud, isn't really all that large. Thank goodness for that.

My favorite approach is when they throw out the false accusation and continue to bring it up as if it became fact. It's a little funny." Sep 30, 11 12:53 PM

should read "my guess"
Too much coffee today." Sep 30, 11 12:57 PM

I am aware that I still make a good salary as compared with the rest of the USA. You ignored the point though that I can not raise wages and I do what I can do for my workers.

I lease my vehicles - both small, good on gas, low payments. I'm sorry if that is offensive to you.

I own a home. A nice modest home that I purchased well before the explosion. I would not be able to afford my house if I were to buy it today. I'm sorry if you are offended by that too.

Again though, I don't see how offering jobs and paying what I can makes me a the bad guy. If I was potting $250,000 / year and playing the same game then I'd be the bad guy. Painting everyone with that some broad brush makes you guys come across as angry, jealous and foolish. " Sep 30, 11 4:59 PM

Z, posting on boards like these with anonymity allows us to sometimes be callous and insensitive. I'm guilty of this and not overly proud of it. It's easy to forget that a screen name is attached to a person. I'm sincerely sorry about your situation and hope things get better for you. We can disagree on many issues, but I really do wish you well.

Regarding the topic, I hope this economy turns around soon. As a business owner I can honestly tell you that giving someone a raise is a wonderful feeling. Letting someone go is an absolutely horrible feeling. " Oct 1, 11 8:42 AM

Summer Rental Horror Stories

Common decency should tell you to treat another person's home with respect. Common sense should tell you never to expect common decency. " Oct 9, 11 4:09 PM

Mourners Pack Vigil For Mom And Son Killed In Manorville Crash On Saturday

Please, please, please drive safely. Put the phones down, slow down, the text and email can wait, don't blow that red light. What can be so important that you are willing to risk killing someone?" Oct 15, 11 10:50 AM

Troopers Charge Man With Baseball Bat Attack In Riverside

Are we allowed to ask the legal status of Mr. Galindo? If they ever catch the 2 Hispanic males that fled the scene of the Country Heros crash, will we be able to ask if they are here legally? As these crimes continue to be committed are we going to continue to make pretend that certain trends don't exist? " Oct 24, 11 3:52 PM

No doubt that we have domestic criminals and that's bad enough. My point is that as more and more illegal immigrants have made their way out here we hear about an ever increasing amount of crimes committed by them. It's difficult to find criminals who for the most part have no paper trail.
I'm not a "deport them all" guy. I just don't see the logic in allowing people (in this case latino's) into our communities without knowing who they are. We are so afraid of insulting the latino community that we compromise ourselves, our families and ultimately our towns.
The time has come to find out who is here, keep those who are contributing, and remove those who are trouble.
Or we can just ignore it all. Seems to me that ignoring it isn't working out so well though.
So I ask, is Mr. Galindo here legally? If not he should be deported. If the 2 who crashed into Country Heros are ever caught and found to be here illegally then out they go as well.
" Oct 25, 11 10:47 AM

Winter Concert Song Selection Sparks Debate In Remsenburg Speonk

Seriously??? Give me a break." Oct 25, 11 9:51 PM

It's a bunch of kids singing cute and happy songs. If you are offended by that then you need a real problem in your life." Oct 25, 11 9:52 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

Gun + School grounds = bad idea.
The crime he's being charged with states that a person knowingly
possesses any (list of weapons.)
Is having the gun in the car considered possession?
Not sure if he'll be found guilty of the crime. He's certainly guilty of lacking common sense. " Oct 29, 11 11:23 AM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

Yep. Obamacare did nothing but make a new problem out of an old problem. The fact that it was forced through with deem and pass makes the bitterness of this pill worse.

Repeal Obamacare. " Nov 4, 11 9:07 AM

Bingo. We have an Oxford HSA plan through Healthy NY. Tiny network, lots of out of pocket expenses. 18% increase 2012.
Lovely. " Nov 4, 11 9:10 AM

C'mon Captn, isn't your life so much better than it was in 2008? Don't you see the progress? Don't you feel warm and cozy with the hope and the change?

18% rate increases for an Oxford HSA program. I can't hire people because I can't sustain the insurance hit. Isn't Mr. Obama out there pushing a jobs bill? Perhaps he should spend a day outside of his ideological bubble and see how the real world works. " Nov 4, 11 9:20 AM

Obamacare is not a matter of not going far enough, but more a matter of going the wrong direction. Calling people wingnuts won't help that. Obamacare is an enormous disaster.
Insurance companies are horrible. Obamacare is new horrible. In the end it's all horrible.

A wingnut accepts a pile of garbage for another pile of garbage and defends it as progress." Nov 4, 11 9:31 AM

Did you just play "I'm rubber and you're glue" on a message board debate? " Nov 4, 11 9:43 AM

Yep. One size fits all healthcare is a joke. I don't smoke. I exercise and I'm not overweight. I go to the doctor once, maybe twice a year. Yet my premium is exactly the same as Sam the 300 lb smoker. Why can't I purchase healthcare based on my needs? I'll pay for doctor visits. I need insurance to protect me if me or a family member needs long term or hospital care. The liberal approach of "insure everyone" sounds great in theory. It's not so great when we have to pay for it. You have a cold? Sorry to hear that. If you go to the doctor for it then you pay for it. You have cancer? Sorry to hear that. You should be taken care of and still have a house to live in after treatment. You smoke? That's a bad choice. Your premium is 20% higher. You are obese? That's a shame. Your premium is 15% higher. See, if liberals want fairness then we are in agreement. Fair is fair. " Nov 4, 11 7:49 PM

Show me where I said that. I never said that. You choose to ignore which you can't defend (as usual) and attack a position I never took. Your idea of healthcare is fiscally unsustainable. Obamacare is fiscally unsustainable and ultimately bad for the economy. The result will be fewer or lower paying jobs. You will see a rise in PT employment opportunities (we already are.) You can disagree, that is your right. We can revisit the discussion in 3 years and decide who was right. If I am wrong I will admit to it. How about you?" Nov 4, 11 8:23 PM

Mr. Z -
"Maybe it's not the system, but the people who run it, and those who are abusive participating in it that are the problem? "


Absolutely. And the abuses run from insurance co's to doctors to lawyers and participants as well. How is that fixed? Who knows... maybe evolution. And I agree that healthcare should not be a for profit enterprise. I wonder how much of our insurance premiums go to actual care? I'd be willing to guess a very small amount.

My argument here is not that we don't need healthcare reform, because we do. I simply do not believe Obamacare was a fix." Nov 4, 11 9:02 PM

That's not an option when you are part of Healthy NY. I want to offer coverage, just can't continue to afford it. Healthy NY was great for those small businesses that wanted to offer coverage to employees. It isn't a "Cadillac" plan, but it protects people. Rates are jumping 18% in 2012. That's an enormous jump. If I had to raise my prices 18% I'd be out of business. As it is my customers are looking for ways to save money. Healthcare costs are really going to torpedo small businesses." Nov 6, 11 11:20 AM

Please enlighten the masses, Razza. We'd love to hear from someone who has it all figured out." Nov 6, 11 11:23 AM

If we all dropped our healthcare coverage on the same day how long would it take to put the insurance co's out of business? Before we occupy Wall St we should shut down "Big Health."

I'd be all for STATE plans where we all contribute to the insurance fund, all networks are the same, universal compensation for care (ie. flat fee x-rays / blood work), an end to the referral system. Doctor visits will have increased out of pocket expenses (ie. co-pay), everyone is protected against long term care costs. Common illnesses are treated by PE's (the flu, a cold), blood work is done in-house and sent to labs. Etc, Etc...
In our case, if you are a legal NY state resident then you are covered under the NY State Insurance program.
Some ways to help pay for it are through employer contributions (dues), a slight increase in sales tax, higher co-pays, increased taxes on cigarettes and alcohol.

What I describe is social medicine (there, I said it) and unfortunately it is pie in the sky because it takes an overly complicated and bureaucratic system and simplifies down to addressing needs and reducing costs.

An overly simplistic view, I know. To accurately describe it would be impossible on a message baord. However, I think we need to take it apart right down to the core and just start over. As another poster mentioned (Mr. Z?) healthcare should not be a for profit enterprise. The premise of universal healthcare is not the problem, the approach is the problem.

We can fix this if we really want too." Nov 6, 11 11:49 AM

Riiiiiight, Phil. Care to look at the facts of how Obamacare will premiums go up, put more burdens on business, reduce hiring?
I like how you ignore facts that are uncomfortable to you ie. Solyndra, the actions of the ultra-inept Mr. Holder, the Obama admin's attack on state rights. The list goes on and on. Go on and keep your blind support and attacks on the right.
" Nov 11, 11 9:03 AM

Well you throw out blanket statements "Facts have no place in right wing world." So I challenge you to take a look at who and what you defend with such passion.

Obamacare is a disaster and will be proven so in the not so distant future. Healthcare is still broken, it just has a new name. You applaud that. I find that funny.

You seem to hate puppetry from the right and yet you are a puppet for the left. Your hypocrisy is transparent and comical.

When America realizes that Obamacare has done more harm than good I hope you will be man enough to admit to it so we can finally get around to really fixing things." Nov 11, 11 9:33 AM

It's a bad plan regardless of who penned it. That is exactly the point. It's not a Dem vs Repub thing at all. However, to you it is. You see it as some kind of liberal victory, I see it as an epic fail.

Hypocrisy is attacking one side and ignoring the faults and failures of another. Or perhaps that's blind faith. Maybe that's being a party puppet. Whatever... as long as the shoe fits.

Did you vote on Tuesday? If yes did you vote for a single republican? Do you already know who you are voting for in 2012?
I bet you didn't and I bet you do.

" Nov 11, 11 11:04 AM

Phil speaks in code. He's for open boarders, open spending, open healthcare, closed businesses, vacant buildings and empty wallets. " Nov 14, 11 1:02 PM

Repeal Obamacare. Vote out those who are for it. Ignore the talking heads that refuse to see the damage it will do because they can't defend it without trying to spin facts and avoid economic reality. Put pressure on lawmakers to find a real solution, and don't accept a new "solution" that is equally bad or worse and call it progress.

Repeal Obamacare." Nov 15, 11 8:16 AM

Yeah, nice offering. When you have a point to make, or can tell us Obamacare is going to make things better for the majority, or how it isn't going to hurt us financially, let me know. Until then carry on little party puppet. " Nov 15, 11 10:25 AM

Liberalism will be defeated in either of 2 ways
1. It will be rejected by the majority and voted to its death.
2. It will be accepted at the polls and the subsequent policies will destroy the economy. End result is it dies.

Obamacare will be repealed or it will fail. " Nov 15, 11 10:35 AM

Nothing to do with tea party or whatever party you want to bring up. Bad economics is bad economics. If you approve of what's going on then good for you. I'm quite sure that 2-3 is negative one and that is how our govt runs business. Now we have them forcing a bs healthcare system down our throats. It's going to cost more and we are going to get less for it. If that is progress to you then I'd challenge you to demand more." Nov 15, 11 2:24 PM

You bet your --- I'm insured and I insure employees as well. If you had any idea what this is going to do to business you just might look at it differently. As to you attempts at insult (ie. Fox News, Teaparty) they hurt me so deeply I don't think I'll ever recover.

Look at the results. Look at where we are going. Keep convincing yourself that it's worth supporting. Put Obamacare to a general election and it is history. " Nov 15, 11 4:58 PM

Bingo! " Nov 15, 11 5:05 PM

Deem and pass the biggest piece of garbage ever. I can't believe that people think healthcare is fixed with this. Obamacare = new, very expensive garbage pile. Well done." Nov 15, 11 5:09 PM

Here you go, bro.

Higher Premiums. Over the past decade, we have seen the insurance premiums double. Unfortunately, introducing an additional 30 million people into the insurance pool will result in much higher insurance premiums for the 80% of Americans that currently have health insurance. The average person could see a premium increase of 8-12% each year due to the healthcare reform bill.

Higher Taxes. Most businesses and high net worth individuals and families earning over $250,000 per year will see their Medicare taxes increase in an effort to support some of the costs of this health care reform law. Apparently, one will be punished for being successful while most illegals without insurance continue to fill the emergency rooms as they find convenient. Medical device makers will face a new 2.9% excise tax.

Medicare Cuts. Seniors will see their benefits change dramatically. Congress is reducing Medicare benefits by $500 billion. This is particularly concerning for about 76 million baby boomers about to hit retirement over the next decade.

Individual Mandates. Beginning 2014, the U.S. government will require each individual to purchase basic health insurance or pay an income tax penalty. The people who do not carry health insurance will pay $695 as fines every year with the exception of some low-income individuals. Many states have filed lawsuits stating that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to require individuals to purchase insurance

Excise Tax on Cadillac Health Plans. Many large employers offer the so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans -- those with a value of $10,200 or more for an individual and $27,500 for a family. Beginning 2018, these employers will be forced to reduce these benefits as they will be charged a 40% excise tax for offering these plans. This will lead companies to reduce their insurance offerings to avoid these taxes.

Employer Mandates. Many employers are concerned as by 2014, employers are required to offer health plans to all employees who work more than 30 hours per week, or pay a $2,000 per employee penalty to the government. Many companies I work with have been telling me that they will not be able to afford this and may end up closing locations or laying-off people.

HSA Withdrawal Tax. For the past decade, Health Savings plan have gained popularity. Government has decided to increase the penalty from 10% to 20% for any withdrawals made for non-health expenses.

" Nov 16, 11 12:38 PM

Phil did you liken the Repub candidates to the kkk? Do you even take yourself seriously? Nobody else does. Go to work. " Nov 16, 11 2:52 PM

Where are the people loving and ultra-caring liberals now?

Philathome - "They won't get it,5351.They rail against liberalism while their own party is collapsing around them.I'll admit that Obama is vulnerable,but he looks like teflon next to this klown karload of kandidates. "

Nobody is going to say anything about that, right? Question Obamacare and you are a racist, and idiot, and a the list goes on....
Yet ignore something so ridiculous as the post above. What a group.

" Nov 16, 11 3:08 PM

Yeah right. You have zero credibility. Keep running with your hard left gang of victims and malcontents. I'm sure it will serve you well in life.

" Nov 16, 11 6:12 PM

You should be more motivated about not looking like a buffoon and posting such nonsense instead of "striking a nerve with me or anyone else."

You know what you posted. You are backpedaling now because it shows your true colors. Note that each of your subsequent posts added an end line that validated your kkk reference.

Oops." Nov 16, 11 7:03 PM

Ride it like a what? You post that on a public message board? Comparing Repub candidates to the kkk, falsely claiming that certain posters here want to bring back Jim Crow, and comparing me to a "cheap hooker." Is this liberalism? This is how you make your points? Why can't you defend Obamacare without such bitternes and anger? I thought liberals were supposed to be nice and considerate. Jeesh!" Nov 16, 11 8:26 PM

I know. How do you try to debate with someone that likens the Republican candidates to the KKK? I mean, really... do you even bother? If you disagree with Obamacare you must be a racist (in the eyes of Phil.) He really believes this garbage too which is the most tragic thing." Nov 17, 11 3:24 PM

or maybe he believes in hard work, accountability, and responsibility.
Maybe, just maybe, he isn't afraid to walk through life with mama govt holding his hand. You know... America. Maybe he's an American.

The more you give, the more they take, the more they waste, the more you have to give.
" Nov 17, 11 3:40 PM

I'm fairly certain it will take us all a while to decipher whatever code you are attempting. Seriously, Summer - what are you talking about?
Are you going to defend Phil's kkk remark or not? Just say it. What's on your mind? Be clear and concise.

I'll go first - Phil likened the republican candidates to the kkk. He sort of backpedaled, but not really. Read his posts.

Now you go." Nov 17, 11 8:54 PM

Thank goodness you are out there to attend to the more progressive topics. I'm not a Republican so your rant above was directed at who??? However, you just articulated your beef with Republicans that somehow coincides with your kkk error. It was an error, right?

You seem angry.
It wasn't really an error was it?" Nov 17, 11 10:50 PM

Did everyone here have their minds changed by this healthy debate? I sure did. I learned that Obamacare is going to be great for the economy. It will never rain again. "More progressive issues are going to be attended to." All the problems are caused by the rich and all the solutions come from the government. Misspelled words that substitute 3 c's in a row with 3 k's in a row don't mean what you think. Apparently that's a common error. Sweeeeet!
We should all go out to lunch and argue over who's going to pick up the check. Who do you think will offer and who do you think will expect you to offer?" Nov 17, 11 11:00 PM

Oh indeed. I hope we all learned that learning isn't the be all and end all. At some point we need to apply that knowledge. Right, Z? Being ambitious and working hard has its rewards. There is virtue in being a responsible and accountable adult.
And most of all if someone puts a shiny "New and improved" sticker on something like, uh, healthcare, it doesn't mean I have to believe that it is new and improved. It just means that there is a new sticker on it. Is that too black and white for ya? " Nov 17, 11 11:29 PM

"To add: no one is disputing that problems exist. The problem is, Obamacare won't fix them."

Yet the radical liberal group is convinced that it will and that if you question it you are some kind of evil, corporate monster.

Since the comparison has been made, how many of these same angry libs here would defend Obamacare if it was penned by Romney? Yet, the knock on Romney is Romneycare. Healthcare has become a political debate, and that is just plain stupidity. " Nov 18, 11 11:48 AM

Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

Anyone who is surprised by this hasn't been paying attention. There are consequences to actions and this case non-action. The non-action was the failure to enforce immigration laws and protect the border. The argument of "They will work and then go home" was ridiculous. Finally, and let's be honest, the people sneaking into the country are uneducated. So why would you expect their children to be prepared for school? The burden and subsequent lower test scores were inevitable. What's worse is we will have to allocate additional funds to educate these kids, thus taking away from other kids, then offer the children who sucked up the addition funds the benefits of The Dream Act. Soooooo... legal tax paying Americans get to pay more for less. Awesome! " Nov 28, 11 8:11 AM

I don't know if you are being serious or not, but I think birthright citizenship has to stop.

" Nov 29, 11 7:41 AM

You miss the point, Progressnow. Your argument ignores the resources taken from children of legal citizens and assigns those resources to Latino children. In the end the decks begin to stack in favor of the Latino children. The end result - incentive to enter the country illegally, strain on limited education resources, compromised education for the children of legal citizens.
Again, look at the Dream Act and tell me how on Earth it isn't a slap in the face to legal US citizens.

" Nov 29, 11 7:53 AM

Well I agree with you and have been called a racist here on more than one occasion for voicing that very point of view.
I don't blame the kids, nor do I harbor any resentment for them. My ire is directed at the govt for allowing it to happen, the parents who entered the country illegally, and the enablers that have planted their heads in the sand.
Read the article and then read the subsequent attacks on the school, teachers and the system.
The equation is rather simple... if you want the benefits and advantages of America, then embrace America. Embrace the language, our values and our rules. America has become the enabler country and look how that is working. Failure after failure." Nov 29, 11 1:32 PM

'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

Really? We need to raise awareness of the high level of foreclosures? I'd like for Mr. Cranston to define "normalized situation." The occupy movement should direct its attention to the banks who gambled with the financial security of the country and the sleaze who lined their pockets in the process. The foreclosures are a symptom. Focus on the cause. " Dec 11, 11 4:54 PM

And a note to my fellow Americans. Live within your means and be responsible and accountable. Simple math should tell you that if you make $70,000 or $80,000 a year then you can't afford a half million dollar mortgage. If you allow someone to talk you into that then I suggest you purchase a calculator. " Dec 11, 11 4:57 PM

Bigfresh - there is enough greed to go around.

Greed - I want a 3000 square foot home on an acre and I'm willing to buy the bs that is presented to me in order to get what I want. "Honey. What does interest only mean?"

Greed - I will take advantage of this customer and tell him/her what they want to hear in order to close a deal. I will skew numbers so they actually think they can afford this home. If they foreclose we take the property and spin it. That's what my manager says and the bank thinks it is a win/win (As long as the market stays at an unsustainable level.) Ooops! Uh oh. Hello American tax payers. How are ya?

2 guilty parties. The rest of us pay the bill.

Occupy accountability." Dec 11, 11 6:42 PM

I don't know if anyone with half a brain would disagree with you. The point is just because someone is dumb enough to allow you to take advantage of them doesn't mean that you have to. The banks were all to happy screw a lot of people over. Should the borrowers been more savvy? You bet. But again, the banks did take advantage too. 2 guilty parties here." Dec 12, 11 11:18 AM

Golf clap to Phil for the obligatory attack on the right. Tell me, Phil, if you go into a car dealership ill-prepared and spend more money than I do for a car is that another "right wing wet dream" or you just being an easy mark?
I'm not saying it's right for someone to spot you as an easy mark and take advantage of you, but it's not going to kill you if take the time to assess your situation and finances and make smart decisions. If we need Mommy government to hold our hands through everything then we are screwed." Dec 12, 11 8:42 PM

I still don't see this as a right vs left issue. I see it as a large amount of Americans living above their means and caring more about keeping up with the Joneses than keeping their finances in order. I see banks enabling the addict and telling them that everything will be ok when they knew damn well it wouldn't.

If Occupy wants to go say "shame on you" to the banks, then go for it. I think that's healthy. But it's about time we all occupy our own homes and become responsible adults. You know why I never moved up to a McMansion? Because I knew that there was no way on Earth I could afford a half mill mortgage. JP Morgans ghost could visit me and not convince me otherwise. " Dec 13, 11 7:56 AM

What has changed? People calling out greed and inequality isn't exactly a game-changer. I'd say the Tea Party has had the larger effect to date (see the 2010 mid terms.) I'm not even a member of the Tea Party, but you have see results for what they are.
Your problem is you see things as us vs. them and a me vs. you with everything. Drop your party garbage and judge things on an issue by issue basis. Either that or believe the nonsense you just wrote above if it brings you comfort." Dec 13, 11 5:35 PM

I don't know, Z. I really don't. Sometimes I wish I could buy into party politics. I just don't see how how one basket holds the right answers. Nor do I see any evidence that either party cares more about country than party.
Look at these boards and witness the ugliness that is party politics. Do you see an attempt at consensus here ever? I don't. It's a competition where neither side admits to the failures of their side. It sucks and it's becoming who we are. So I guess in a sense we do have representative government. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me profoundly sad and concerned about our future." Dec 13, 11 7:19 PM

Riverside Man Charged With DWI Following Two Accidents In Hampton Bays Friday Night

Hey EastEnd86 we have enough domestic drunk drivers so we don't need any imported ones. " Jan 1, 12 12:35 PM

If Cardona-Lopez is here illegally then the victims should file suit against the Fed Govt for negligence in not enforcing our border laws. No, instead our govt attacks border states for attempting to enforce our border laws. If Mr. Cardona-Lopez has any prior convictions then the victims should also file suit against the state.

What a mess. How long will we continue to deny that illegal immigration is decaying our quality of life and putting an extraordinary burden on our resources? Hell of a price to pay for manicured lawns and clean dishes.

Cowards in govt continue to sell us out for a vote while liberal enablers make excuses and scream "racism" when the obvious is pointed out. In the end we pay the price and take the bruises.

Close the gates.
" Jan 1, 12 12:45 PM

Shhh... you may let the cat out of the bag. " Jan 1, 12 3:18 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

Wait. Wait one minute. People actually think the owner of a business should share the proceeds of a property sale with his employees? That's insane. Do you know how many businesses fail? Tell ya what... from now on all employees get to share the losses for any venture that fails. Fair enough? No? Not willing to take a risk? Ok, then shhhhhhh...." Jan 29, 12 8:16 AM

Mr. Z is actually quite intelligent. I just think he's off the mark on this one. Everyone of us is free to start a business if we choose to do so. Most of us will fail. A few will succeed. Some might get very wealthy. It's the lottery of business, life and capitalism. " Jan 31, 12 8:33 AM

Not to be a stickler, but it's actually "you're."

" Jan 31, 12 9:16 AM

Yes, it is clear by your comment that you possess a wisdom and sense of enlightenment that we wimpy Long Islanders envy. Thanks for checking in from CT. Don't hurt your toeses on the rockses.

" Jan 31, 12 2:09 PM

'Rednecks' Vacation In The Hamptons

Ignorance sells. Pretty soon we'll have a 24 hour fart and burp channel to keep us entertained. " Feb 11, 12 8:44 PM

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