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Police: Man Jumps From Balcony, Misses Pool

Darwin Award." Jul 10, 14 10:56 AM

Cyril's Fish House Liquor License To Be Cancelled

Get a grip.The Boardy Barn has a lot of history.Not everyone who go's to the Barn does what you say people do.I went to the Barn for 11 years straight and I NEVER destructed property or puked all over the place.The Barn has been open for 44 years.Tony and Mickie run it well.It could be open more then it is.They have the right to do so.Tony is an active person in the community.The Barn is well operated and their are bouncers everywhere.HB is a party town.And it always will be.I lived there and had a blast.It is people like you who do not get it.
" Aug 21, 14 11:21 AM

The Hampton's is one big party.People come out to have fun and let loose.It is not the same Hampton's when I grew up.So many place's have closed and that is sad.C.P.I. was the best and look at it now.It is an eyesore.Keep closing places and tourists will go elsewhere and that affect's the local economy.Joe from Uncle Joe's cries the blues every summer about the Barn but he love's the money he makes on the weekends especially Sunday's.You can't have it both ways.People live for the Summer.Do not ruin it more then it already is.
" Aug 21, 14 11:30 AM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

The Klan does not belong in H.B.The Klan needs to go home and call it quits.I am white.We do not need white power and all this other garbage that go's with the Klan.
Some people of minorities and some whites also need to start respecting other people.You respect people and be respectful good things will come your way.Walk around with your underwear showing and acting like a thug or just acting like a thug and expecting people to give you respect gives groups like the Klan the means to survive.It is up to everybody.Like I said no Klan in H.B." Aug 25, 14 9:16 PM

Police: Man Charged With Attempted Rape After Attacking Woman In Hampton Bays

What this guy did is terrible.I hope he gets prison and then he gets deported.He does not belong on our streets.And if he is he will be run out of town.
" Nov 10, 14 11:45 PM

DWI Tasks Force Nets Four Wednesday Night

I agree with your comment watchdog.Every age group D.W.I.'s.If you D.W.I. now days you are asking for trouble.A few years back you got a slap on the wrist.With people getting killed over it I agree with the laws.Think a head before you drink.Take a cab or designate a driver.It is a lot cheaper then paying fines and a lawyer.And I like to party but I want to have fun dong it.Not spending $ and time for being stupid and driving drunk.It is not worth it.Party on but be smart.Happy holidays to all." Nov 29, 14 8:39 AM

Man Charged With Violating Leandra's Law Clocked In At 106 MPH

He did not.his license was suspended after his prior arrest.This guy is facing some time.I would not want to be in his shoes." Jan 1, 15 8:17 PM

Yes it is." Jan 1, 15 8:18 PM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

King Kullen will get this built.If not in this location another one close by.They got the cash and have a good relationship with the town. Yes King Kullen is over priced and is not as good as other supermarkets but they are still family owned and operated and they are a Long Island company.
" Mar 26, 15 10:37 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

The shame of this all is the way the C.P.I. looks.It is an eyesore and it never should have gotten to the point it is.The Inn has a long history.It was once a catering hall and then was turned into a nightclub.And it grew.C.P.I. in the 80's and 90's was the place to be.The owner got tired.He had enough and instead of selling he shut down.Eventually Shaun "Puffy" Combs bought it and it drew the wrong crowd.So he basically abandoned the Inn and it went to crap.It is a shame.
It is time to rebuild the C.P.I. and it be a catering hall again.The Inn is an eyesore and a embarrassment to Hampton Bays.If all the environmental study's pass let the brothers who own the property build.It is time to be away of the eyesore.And make the property vibrant again.
" May 17, 15 10:39 PM